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Dragon Age Inquisition
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Author(s): Greg Boccia, Greg Wright, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth, Lynette James, Greg Wright, Greg Boccia
First Published: 18-12-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 09-07-2020 / 15:35 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 09-07-2020 / 20:29 GMT


Constellation: Judex Location: East of the camp in The Outskirts

Constellation: Draconis Location: North of the Forest Camp atop a hill

Constellation: Peraquialis Location: North of Redcliffe Farms in Dead Ram Grove

Once all three Astrarium's are solved, head to Witchwood through the mages camp to find a Chest in the back with a Rare Weapon .

Bottles of Thedas

  • Vint-9 Rowan's Rose - Inside Dennet's house on the shelf.
  • Carnal, 8:69 Blessed - In Winterwatch Tower, second floor of the tavern
  • Butterbile 7:84 - In the house during "Blood Brothers" sidequest
  • Grey Whiskey/Ritewine/Conscription Ale - In the wheelhouse at Redcliffe. You will need the Deft Hands perk to unlock the door.


In the northwest corner of the map, a dungeon in Dead Rams Gorge. Light some Veilfire and go in. Defeat some Outlaw Archers; one drops a Rare Ring . Grab the Mosaic Piece then go down the steps. Head down the way into the larger open area and examine the wall to learn Frost Rune Schematic .

East side of the map above the Astrarium in the Dungeon Cave. You can pick this up when doing "Measuring the Veil" with Solas. The glyph is the Fire Rune schematic.


Finding all Landmarks nets 500 Influence and 2 power. Explore every corner of the Hinterlands to find them.

  • The Gull and Lantern
  • The Hero of Ferelden
  • Redcliffe Windmill
  • Dragon Nest
  • Maferath Repentand
  • Tyrdda's Lover
  • Hendir, Dwarf Prince, Friend of Tyrdda
  • The Burial of the Beast
  • Fort Connor
  • Broken Bridge
  • The Departure of Her Lover
  • Templar Camp
  • Thelm Gold-Handed, the Dreamer
  • Tyrdda Bright-Axe, Avvar Mother
  • Tyrdda Flying to Her Lover
  • Thelm Gold-Handed the Tempter
  • Grand Forest Villa
  • Lornan's Exile
  • The Tempter Burns

Mosaic Pieces - The Fall

Collect Mosaic Pieces scattered across the landscape. As you gather them together you will notice them put up on Skyhold's walls. Once you complete a set you can talk to Gatsi in Skyhold about it.

  • Inside the ruins of Fort Connor
  • Leaning against the shack where you find Blackwall
  • Inside the Druffalo shack at Redcliffe Farm
  • Inside the Dungeon in Dead Ram Grove
  • On the lower level of the Dungeon in Dead Ram Grove.
  • At the highest point in Winterwatch Tower, across from Hyndel
  • Atop a tower on the Redcliffe Road north of the Crossroads; there is a Rift at this location
  • In Valammar's Hall of the Elders, it requires a rogue to lockpick the door to enter this room.
  • In Valammar's Vaults along the wall.
  • In one of the burned down homes along the West Road, East of Fort Connor.
  • In a small alcove in Wolf Hollow littered with skeletons. This is the same location used for "Trouble with Wolves" quest.

Oculara and Shards

Look through the Oculara to discover hidden shards across the landscape. Move the camera around and when you find one, it will glint with light and the shard location will be placed on the map.

Oculara near Redcliffe Farm:

  1. Near haystack outside of Bron's hut.
  2. On a hill north of Redcliffe Farms Camp.
  3. Near the Astrarium in Dead Ram Grove.
  4. Through Dead Ram Grove near a note for "Bergit's Claws".
  5. West side of Redcliffe Farms.

Grand Forest Villa Oculara:

  1. Atop the hill between the Grand Forest Villa and Forest Camp.
  2. Near a single tree in the river outside the Grand Forest Villa.
  3. Cliff to the north of the Grand Forest Villa.
  4. On a large rock east of the Grand Forest Villa.
  5. Off the side of a tower in the Grand Forest Villa.

Upper Lake Camp Oculara:

  1. East of Fort Connor inside a burning building
  2. North along the West Road, east of Fort Connor, upon a hill.
  3. Just south of a Fade Rift on the edge of Witchwood from the West Road.
  4. Amidst the ruins of Fort Connor, right of the interior entrance.

Lady Shayna's Valley Oculara:

  1. At the entrance.
  2. Up the cliff to the south.
  3. Climb the rock pillar at the entrance.
  4. Atop a cliff to the north of the entrance.

The Outskirts Oculara:

  1. North East of the Crossroads along the way to the East Road.
  2. Just south of the Outskirts Camp along the cliffside in some bushes.
  3. South of the Outskirts Camp on the ledge of an abandoned home.
  4. Broken bridge at Calenhad's Foothold.

Treasure Maps

There are three treasure maps that you can discover that have a sketch showing a location where some loot is waiting to be found:

  • Map to a Waterfall - Just outside the Upper Lake Camp
  • Sketch of Calenhad's Foothold - South of the Outskirts Camp
  • Map of a Farmland Cave - In Hafter's Woods, east of the mercenary fortress.

Logging Stands

There are two hidden amongst the lush landscape: One just south of the Forest and the other East of the Forest Camp along the way to the Upper Lake Camp.

Aquiring the Forward Scouts perk will mark Logging Stands and Quarries on your map.

Song Lyrics

Collect song lyrics from the Tyrdda Flying to Her Lover Landmark and from the codex in Redcliffe.

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