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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

The below details all approval options for Cassandra throughout the main story, side quests, cut scenes, and other prompted dialogue. Where ‘N/A’ is stated after a quote, this indicates that your response has no consequence to approval ratings. As with all companions, your approval rating with Cassandra starts at 0. This is altered by specific choices in the following ways:

Slightly Approves / Slightly Disapproves:

  • Slightly Approves (+1 to approval rating)
  • Slightly Disapproves (-1 to approval rating)

Approves / Disapproves:

  • Approves (+5 to approval rating)
  • Disapproves (-5 to approval rating)

Greatly Approves / Greatly Disapproves:

  • Greatly Approves (+25 to approval rating)
  • Greatly Disapproves (-25 to approval rating)



It may be the key to stopping this, but there isn’t much time.

  • “If I can help, I will.” - Approves
  • “Will helping save me?” - N/A
  • “Do I have a choice?” - Disapproves

Drop your weapon. Now.

  • “I don’t need a staff.” (Mage) - Slightly Disapproves
  • “All right, I’ll disarm.” - Approves
  • “You need to trust me.” - Disapproves
  • “I need this weapon!” - N/A

How do you think we should proceed?

  • “Take the mountain path.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Charge with the soldiers.” - Approves

The Breach is stable, but it is still a threat. I will not ignore it.

  • “I did what I could.” - Slightly Approves
  • “I’m still a suspect.” - N/A
  • “I’m your only hope.” - N/A

Providence. The Maker sent her/him to us in our darkest hour.

  • “I am not a ‘chosen one’.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “What more do you want?” - N/A
  • “Are you serious?” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Are you sure?” - Slightly Approves
  • “You want my help. Again.” - N/A

But we have no choice: we must act now. With you at our side.

  • “I want to help.” - Slightly Approves
  • “This is rather strange.” - N/A
  • “I agree. For now.” - N/A

Did I do the right thing?

  • “You’re impressive.” - Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “Are you all right?” - N/A
  • “You need stronger dummies.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Was that supposed to be me?” - N/A

One day, they may write about me as a traitor, a madwoman, a fool. And they may be right.

  • “You had to do it.” - N/A
  • “It’s too late to turn back.” - N/A
  • “It was foolish.” - Disapproves

I cannot afford to be so careless again.

  • “You had cause.” - Approves
  • “Glad to hear it.” - Slightly Approves
  • “No, you can’t.” - Slightly Disapproves

I’m curious. Do you even believe in the Maker?

  • “I believe in Elven gods.” (Elf only) - N/A
  • “I’m Qunari, remember?” (Qunari only) - N/A
  • “I’m a Dwarf, remember?” (Dwarf only) - N/A
  • “Yes” - Approves
  • “No” - Disapproves
  • “I don’t know.” - N/A

Return to Haven’s Chantry

Cullen: You think the mage rebellion is more united? It could be ten times worse!

  • “We should meet the mages.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “We should find the templars.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You must choose soon.” - Approves

Deal With It

A toast to you.

  • “A pathetic display.” - Greatly Disapproves
  • “What’s wrong now?” - Disapproves
  • “You’re angry at me?” - N/A

And I’m the one who raised you up.

  • “The Maker chose me, not you.” - Disapproves (Requires belief in the Maker)
  • “I didn’t ask for this.” - N/A (Requires non-belief)
  • “We don’t need you.” - Greatly Disapproves
  • “Yes, you did.” - N/A
  • “I’m doing my best.” - Slightly Approves

Fight with Varric

Varric: You kidnapped me! You interrogated me! What did you expect?

  • [Intervene.] - Varric Approves
  • [Stay out of it.] - Varric Disapproves

“Varric: Look at her! She’s finally lost it!”

  • “Stop this Fighting!” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “This is funny.” - Disapproves
  • “Leave me out of this.” - Slightly Approves

Cassandra: Hawke would have been at the Conclave! If anyone could have saved Most Holy…

  • “Cassandra, back off!” - Disapproves
  • “Varric’s not at fault.” - Varric Approves
  • “Varric, you bastard.” - Varric Greatly Disapproves
  • “What’s done is done.” - N/A

Cassandra: We all know whose side you’re on Varric. It will never be the Inquisition’s.

  • “We need to work together.” - N/A
  • “Varric’s earned his place.” - Disapproves
  • “That’s unfair Cassandra.” - Disapproves
  • “I’m well aware.” - Approves

Cassandra: I am such a fool.

  • “I still like you.” - Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “Don’t blame yourself.” - Approves
  • “We’re all fools, Cassandra.” - Approves
  • “We need to do better.” - Disapproves

Swords & Shields

It’s… one of Varric’s tales. Swords & Shields. The latest chapter.

  • “You don’t need to hide it.” – Slightly Approves
  • “So you’ve read them all?” - N/A
  • “Why waste your time?” – Slightly Disapproves

Whatever you do, don’t tell Varric.

  • “I should read it.” – Slightly Approves (Romance)


Writing does not come naturally to me, as I’m certain you can imagine.

  • “Love poetry, I assume?” - Slightly Approves (Romance)

I was there, I saw it with my own eyes. It must be recorded./ I wasn’t there, but others were. Their accounts must be recorded.

  • “That could be used against us.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “That’s a good idea.” - Slightly Approves
  • “I don’t care about historians.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Just be careful.” - N/A

Missing Seekers

(Sighs.) I can keep staring at this, but I won’t get any closer.

  • “Can I help?” - Slightly Approves

I’ve a growing suspicion Corypheus has imprisoned them.

  • “This is important to you.” - Slightly Approves
  • “They might be his allies.” - N/A
  • “Whats the point?” - Slightly Disapproves

On Being Divine

Mother Giselle: Talk to her, Your Worship.

  • “Is she bothering you?” - N/A
  • “Having fun?” - Slightly Approves
  • “What’s this about?” - N/A

So now the Chantry bandies our names about without even asking us first.

  • “So refuse.” - N/A
  • “Who cares about the Chantry?” - Disapproves
  • “You’d be perfect.” - N/A

The Chantry should provide faith. Hope. Instead, it cannot veer from its course, even in the face of certain death.

  • “The Chantry has failed.” - Greatly Disapproves
  • “These are extreme times.” - N/A
  • “So do better.” - Approves

It needs to change. Perhaps I must be the one to change it.

  • “I like your determination.” - Approves (Romance)
  • “I can help you become Divine.” Approves
  • “We have other concerns.” - Disapproves
  • “Maybe the Chantry should end.” Disapproves
  • “A new crusade for you?” - N/A

Prompted Dialogue


Not entirely. I’m just curious as to your motivation.

  • “I’d like us to be closer.” - Slightly Disapproves (Romance)
  • “Just being friendly.” - Approves
  • “Suspicious, aren’t you?” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Just tell me.” - N/A

Cassandra: That’s all there is to know, my lady/lord.

  • “Is that why you left Nevarra?” - N/A
  • “So you’re not on good terms.” - N/A
  • “Others would be thankful.” - Slightly Disapproves

It took many years to let go of my drive for vengeance.

  • “I understand.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You blamed all mages?” - N/A
  • “You didn’t let it go.” - Slightly Disapproves

“Yet I became the Right Hand, and they are forgotten.

  • “You’re delightful.” - Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “You’re still a hero.” - N/A
  • “Impressive!” - N/A
  • “Typical of the Chantry.” - N/A

But what are Seekers?

  • “So you led the templars?” - N/A
  • “They did a bad job.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Then who watched you?” - N/A
  • “Could that be fixed?” - N/A

Why did the Seekers rebel?

  • “You disagree?” - N/A
  • “It was inevitable.” - N/A
  • “Mages should be free.” - Disapproves
  • “I agree with you.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You care deeply about it.” - N/A

How do you become a Seeker?

  • “What is the vigil?” - N/A
  • “It does sound wonderful.” - Approves
  • “Was it magic?” - N/A
  • “You were delirious.” - Disapproves

It is passion. It is being swept away by the pursuit of an ideal. What is not to like about that?

  • “I like that you like it.” - Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “Nothing at all.” - Slightly Approves
  • “It’s just unexpected.” - N/A
  • “You’re wasting time.” - Disapproves

So I look upon this as an opportunity. I owe it to myself and all of Thedas to seek the Sunburst Throne.

  • “You’d make a good Divine.” - Approves
  • “Perhaps there’s another way.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Forget the Chantry.” - Disapproves


“I’m… not sure. Where are you from?”

  • [Tell her.] - N/A
  • [Make something up.] - Disapproves
  • “I hated it.” - Approves (only for non-mage Trevelyan)
  • “Eventually, perhaps.” - N/A
  • “Home is wherever I am.” - Slightly Approves
  • “None of your business.” - Disapproves
  • “I’d go now, if I had a choice.” - Slightly Disapproves

No one is dealing with these matters. I was hoping we might, before they get worse.

  • “Of course.” - N/A
  • “It’s not our job.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “We have a lot to do.” - Disapproves
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