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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Bottles of Thedas

  • “Grey Whiskey/Ritewine/Conscription Ale” (Vintage: Warden Tontiv. Home.) - Found in a house south of the Riverwatch Camp. Hidden next to a chest.
  • “Bottles of Thedas” (Alvarado’s Bathtub Boot Screech) - Found inside a tower on the northern edge of the Eastern Ramparts. Look for it in the back on the ground floor.
  • “Grey Whiskey/Ritewine/Conscription Ale” (Vintage: Warden Korenic. Notes of Fruit and Anger) - Found in the Ville Montevelan, in the ruins of a yellow house.
  • “Bottles of Thedas” (Finale by Massad) - Found while doing the “No Word Back” quest. Search after destroying the rift.


  • Guardians of the Path (Right outside the Path of Flame Camp).
  • Memorials of the Second Exalted March (Right outside the Path of Flame Camp).
  • Guardians of the Path (Number 2! Right outside the Path of Flame Camp).
  • Memorials of the Second Exalted March (Number 2! Off the main road to the west of the Western Ramparts).
  • Ruined Arches (Climb up to this landmark at the top of the arches west of the Western Ramparts).
  • Val Bellanaris (South of the Dalish Camp, it is on the way to the “From the Beyond” quest).
  • Memorials of the Second Exalted March (Number 3! North of the Western Ramparts).
  • Andruil’s Messenger (Northwest of the Western Ramparts, in the valleys).
  • Fort Revasan (Find this at the fort itself).
  • Ville Montevelan (The village to the northwest of Fort Revasan).
  • Memorials of the Second Exalted March (Number 4! In the village of Ville Montevelan, to the northwest of Fort Revasan).
  • Pont Agur (North of Ville Montevelan, by the bridge).
  • Riverside Garrison (Found during the quest “No Word Back”).
  • The Dead Hand (Southeast part of The Fens)
  • Broken Dog (Found in The Crow Fens)
  • Offering to the Dread Wolf (Found in the northern part of The Crow Fens)
  • The Raven (Found during “For the Empire”)
  • Citadelle du Corbeau (Found during For the Empire“)

Mosaic Pieces

  • “Freed Are Slaves” - Found while doing the very long “Scattered Glyphs” quest, located inside the Lost Temple of Dirthamen
  • “Freed Are Slaves” - Also found in the Lost Temple of Dirthamen
  • “Invasion” set - Found north of the Oculara, north of the Western Ramparts, by a small campsite in the mountains.
  • “Invasion” set - Found near “The Dead Hand” Landmark….in the hand.
  • “Invasion” set - Found inside The Dead Hand Crypt, in the main room, along the left wall.
  • “Invasion” set - Found during the quest “The Spoils of Desecration”.

Oculara and Shards

South of the Western Ramparts, near the forest:

  • Directly below you, on the arches.
  • To the left, below the wolf/dog statue.
  • To the left, past the archway (by the tree branch).
  • To the right, between the branch and the cliff, in the distance.
  • Barely to the right, at the base of the tree trunk on the right.
  • To the far left, at the base of the rocky spires.

North of the Western Ramparts, in the mountains:

  • Down and slightly to the right, in the house.
  • A bit northeast of the house above, on a rock.
  • To the far right, just past the tree, in the distance (below the leaves).
  • To the far left, in a tower.
  • To the left, at the base of one of the trees.

On the Northern Edge of the Eastern Ramparts:

  • To the right, in the foggy distance by a tree (above the cross on the hill).
  • To the left, at the bottom of a dead tree.
  • To the left, on the side of the nearby mountain.
  • To the left of #3, perfectly to the left and off in the fog.
  • To the left of #4, again perfectly to the left. It is to the right of some stacked lumber, but off in the distance.

Logging Stands and Quarries

You can find two logging stands in the Exalted Plains. One can be found by locating Olafin and the Dalish outpost southwest of the Western Ramparts. Head south from him and past the arch turn left to find the stacked wood. The second is found close to the Dalish Camp, head north across the river and slightly northeast. You can find it by a tree.

There is a quarry northeast of the main Dalish Camp, look north of the river. Another is in the northern part of The Crew Fens. Best done after taking care of the very large enemy nearby, but if you are daring enough you can stick to the walls and claim it.

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