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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Side Quests

Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

The Corruption of Sahrnia

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Scout Harding Be in Emprise Du Lion None

This is really just the intro quest to the area. Head down from the camp and talk to the townspeople. Simple enough. The first person is Mistress Poulin , in the yellow house on the left. She’ll tell you how she sold the quarry to the Templars. Lovely. The next person to talk to is just beyond the houses, out on the outskirts of town. Michel . Despite being disgraced, he is here to track down a demon named Imshael . He’s not about to do it along, though. Talk to these two people and this quest will be complete.

Take Back the Lion

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Scout Harding Be in Emprise Du Lion Experience, 2200 Influence, +4 Power

Our first target is to drive away the templars from Highgrove, which is just southwest of our starting camp. Easy enough to do: you will encounter a group of templar by the frozen falls to the west (look for Red Lyrium to smash here, chests, and the Crystal Cascade Landmark ), then head southeast and find the steps leading to the main camp. Kill the guards here and take over the camp when you are done.

Next out objective will change to Drakon’s Rise , to the east. Follow the path out of camp to the southwest and follow it as it winds around, leading up and east. You’ll have to kill templars along the way, but you’ll also come across a lot of Dawnstone , so pick that up as you go. Once you get to the cliffs overlooking the valley, look for a ton of elfroot and a journal on a body by the cliffs (loot it as well… he won’t need that ring).

You’ll be at Drakon’s Rise soon. Slaughter the templars there. Pretty much more of the same, but they do have a Behemoth this go around, so be ready for him. Once you have killed them, take the camp and the objective will change to killing the enemy at the Tower of Bone . Heh…

This is actually the last location we’ll be taking over (for this quest anyways). Head east and then south down the slope when you can. There is a small opening on your right-hand side through the rocks you can get through that leads to a small area with tons of elfroot and a ramp leading to the Tower of Bone camp. Defeat the Red Templar Behemoth here. You could claim the camp now, but we’d advise continuing on and scouting the area. There are some Red Templar Horrors down below with some normal enemies. May as well wipe them all out (Archers can benefit from the range on the ramps here). Once you are done go ahead and claim the camp to complete this quest.

You will get the Capturing Suledin Keep and Rocky Rescue quests after you complete this one. We aren’t done exploring this area after all! Also, don’t forget to climb the nearby ladders around the tower for the Ocularum and the Tower of Bone landmark!

Rift on Frozen Water

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Scout Harding Be in Emprise Du Lion 1324 Experience, 600 Influence, +2 Power

ONE rift? Really? Well, okay! This quest is to close the rift on the frozen river nearby, and is complete after a single rift. I’m still amazed by that. Still, this rift is close to the city and has been causing trouble. Approach it and be ready for a ton of Greater Shades . Six of them will charge at you, so have some area effects and attacks ready for them. The second wave will also have Greater Shades , but will throw in two Greater Terrors as well. All in all not bad. Take them out and close this rift to help out the local town.

Rift at Drakons Cleft

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Exploration None 1324 Experience, 600 Influence, +2 Power (Per Rift)

Once you take over Drakon’s Rise during the Taking back the Lion quest, you will get this quest. Two more rifts to close nearby. Expect to find Greater Terrors here as well as Pride Demons . You may even face off against multiple Pride Demons , so be sure to burn one down before the other to save yourself time and hassle. Clear both rifts to complete this quest.

Rifts in the Springs

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
None Take over Suledin Keep 5076 Experience, 600 Influence, +2 Power (Per Rift)

Once you take over Suledin Keep you’ll get this quest, but you can’t complete it until you fix the bridge by Tower Camp (Judicael’s Crossing). Two more rifts to take out, but a nice bump in experience.

The western one has a ton of Greater Shades and at the end a Fear Demon . You have likely fought this thing before, so not really a big deal. Take the shades out first so you can stun the fear demon.

The eastern one has a Pride Demon , a Despair Demon and some Wraiths . The second wave adds in two Pride Demons . Watch out for their lightning whips and burn the Despair Demon when you can. Stun the Pride Demons . Once you have sealed both rifts this quest will be done.

Mamas Ring

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Ring Box None 332 Experience, 300 Influence

Once you enter the area for the first time head down into Sahrnia and enter the house on the left. A woman will be talking to herself about a ring here. Examine the ring box once she’s done and BAM, there’s a quest for you. While you are here, be sure to read the nearby Common Curses note as well for a codex entry.

This quest will then wait awhile until we push further south. Once you take over the Tower Camp you can head west across the bridge into the town. Here look for a broken blue house where your search scan will start beeping. There are notes in the house, and in the corner nearby is the ring. Once you search the corner you’ll get it automatically and some influence. Now, head back to Sahrnia and give the ring to the owner to complete the quest.


Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Journal None 150 Influence

Another instance where we must look into other people’s lives! This quest starts when you find a journal near a camp to the northwest of Sahrnia (nearby is a logging stand and Elfsblood Tower, for reference). Read the book on the ground and the quest will start.

A hunter is after some elusive prey. We of course have to follow. We want to go southwest from here, but once you are on the ice the small rocks will be enough to block a straight shot, so head further south and climb the rocks when you can and head north. You will very likely find Black Wolfs and Great Bears in this area. Fight through them to the Elven Ruins and search by the statue to find another journal. Hmmm, the most dangerous game? Once you read the journal the quest will be over.

Valeskas Watch

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Exploration None 150 Influence

East of the Drakon’s Rise camp is a Grey Warden camp. Near red lyrium, you can find charred bodies and even a codex titled In Death , which has the Warden motto on it. Around here though your search beeper will send you to a bit east to find the Valeska’s Watch key , which gives you this quest.

Enter the tower door nearby to complete the “ quest “.

Head further in to claim the Valeska’s Watch landmark and the Valeska’s Watch codex entry as well. Inside you’ll find Darkspawn to kill, which is always nice. Where in the hell did the warden’s go? There is a locked door down here that requires the Deft Hands perk, but you can still go deeper in to fight more darkspawn at a giant breach, claim the Deep Road’s Entrance landmark, and even seal the breach up with a mage. In War, Victory.

Capturing Suledin Keep

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
None Complete **Take Back the Lion** Experience, Suledin Keep

Suledin Keep is fairly close from the Tower Camp, which is where you’ll be once you get this quest. Travel west over the bridge to the nearby town and head beyond it to the front of the keep.

Here you will find Michel battling the demons (don’t worry about his health). Help him kill the enemies out here and talk to him. He’ll give you a new quest called Call Me Imshael (Moby Dick reference!) and head off to protect Sahrnia .

Bust down the door and enter the keep. Slay the guards you find and move away from the objective, up to some giant (literally) cages. Kill the guards here. Once they are dead you can read a note nearby. Note that they only lost ONE giant… yeah.

Search around for some rare foliage called Felandaris . You can get some by the giant cage and another by going through the broken wall nearby and looking around the open area there. Up ahead is (as you can likely see), a giant… an Infected Giant . Yikes… he has a good guard of Red Templar too. This is a good time to use any special skills you may have saved up as well as area of effect magicks. Heck, even both. Try and take out the templar escort so you can focus on the giant, then take him down. He isn’t much different than a normal giant when it comes to his attacks, so treat him as you would any other giant.

Continue to the left and stick to the right hand side of this area. You’ll discover a small corner with some knocked-down trees and your search beeper will begin beeping. It leads to a wall. Funny right? Well, this is actually where you need to use the nearby tree leaning against the wall to climb up to it. This is a bit tricky actually, but once you get on the tree go slow and stead and get up to the broken wall for a Bottle of Thedas . Heh.

Nearby are some red tents. Be sure to check inside them for the Suledin Keep Documents . Head past the arch and get ready for another fight with a group of Red Templars and a giant. You’ll only fight templars for a short while but the giant will soon jump in. Lay out the templars quickly so you can focus on him. We are near the keep itself now: nearby you can enter the lower part of the keep where they keep provisions. Here look around for books including updates to the keep documents and The First Blight: Chapter Four . There are also Chest x2 down here: one that is easy to get by the stairs and one up on the higher shelves. You can reach it with some tricky jumping by using the railing by the first chest. Don’t fall!

Head up the stairs further into the keep to find some Templar Horrors in the courtyard. Take them out. The narrow space here may seem ideal to holding, but they pose a big ranged threat, so rush them and thin their numbers. Loot the Chest in the corner nearby and press on.

Several doors later you’ll find a Red Templar Behemoth with some horrors and templars. This IS a good spot to use the narrow paths and stairways to corral and protect weaker team-mates, especially as the behemoth starts up the stairs when you find him. Separate and challenge him with your tank while everyone else slaughters the other enemies, then focus on the behemoth. Easy. Continue to the right now and you’ll run into Imshael.

Here Imshael will tempt you into making a deal rather than continuing all of this tasteless violence. You wouldn’t make a deal with a demon… would you…?

BOSS - Imshael

Name Stats
Health 87021
Defense 59
Vulnerabilities Varies
Immunity Varies

Imshael is a rather shifty demo…er, SPIRIT who having failed to bribe you will no attempt to destroy you. Good luck with that, Imshael!

Still, Imshael can put a hurt on you. At the start of the fight there are two Red Templar Horrors to your left and right which we recommend you take out as soon as possible. Let your tank challenge Imshael and hold him while you take them out (we don’t need them bombarding us while we fight).

Imshael himself will spawn Fearlings to pester us and has a tendency to warp around attacking people. Aside from the burst damage (which is easily covered with a barrier) this form isn’t much of a threat. Note that he has no resistance or vulnerability here, so go wild.

After chipping away about a third of his life (or less), he will switch forms to a gigantic Rage Demon . This form inherits the vulnerabilities and strengths of a normal Rage Demon , so if you can freeze and shatter him for major damage. Watch out for his fire attacks here and stat spread out. He will use a barrier move in this form as well that dispel won’t work on, so attack through it.

After you’ve gone through roughly another third of his life he’ll move onto his last form: a Pride Demon . Again, this form inherits all of the Pride Demon’s traits, so cut out any lightning attacks. He has all of the Pride Demon moves here including the whip and lightning orbs. However, he can also give himself a full bar of guard, so you’ll have to eat through that before you can finally get to his last remaining bit of health and put him down. Not a big challenge with a good tank as you can keep him occupied the whole time, but the guard guarantees he lives for a little while at least!

Once he is dead your Call me Imshael quest will be updated to talk to Michel and report back to him. Also be sure to loot him for Pure Spirit Essence x3 , an Amulet of Power for Cole, and the unique shield March of the Everlasting . Very nice.

Back to the quest!

Continue on up the stairs after your battle to meet a dying Red Templar . You can learn a bit about Imshael here, if you wish. After that, plant the flag to claim Suledin Keep for the Inquisition and finish this quest.

Rocky Rescue

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
None Complete **Take Back the Lion** 1324 Experience, 600 Influence

From the Tower Camp, head south to find the quarry. You will soon see that the Red Templars are on guard here. Just seeing this gives you the Red Captors quest down below, which we’ll be doing with this quest since we are of course going to be liberating villagers while killing their captors.

Kill the guards at the front of the quarry and then head in. The first villagers are in a cart just ahead here. You’ll have to use a rogue to pick the lock here to free Villagers 1/7 (we are numbering these).

Note that to the right is a white tower. Pay it a visit and look around with your search bar as the corner here has a Bottle of Thedas . There’s a note nearby and a Chest at the top.

Head back out and from here take the right path leading up. We’re going to take a small detour. Follow the cliff wall as it leads down to a cave opening, then follow the cave to the end to find a Veil Fire Brazier . Light this and take the fire back through the cave keeping an eye on the left hand wall and you’ll find the Superb Frost Rune on the way. Sweet.

Head back to the entrance and then keep going downhill to find the first (our first) Red Templar Lieutenant . Kill him and his cronies for Lieutenant 1/5 (we will number these too, for the Red Captors quest). Be sure to hit up the Chest nearby and then continue down the path to reach another open area with another lieutenant. Kill him off. Watch for the archer up above. Once Lieutenant 2/5 is done, free Villagers 2/7 from the nearby cage. There is also a Chest nearby. From here, climb the ladder to the right and enter the hut. Your search beeper will be active! Use it when you are close to the table to find some notes to read. This actually gives us the quest Quarry Quandary . We’ll handle that later though. Grab the Chest here. Don’t worry about climbing further up as there is nothing there.

Head down and continue on. At the path split head left to find Villagers 3/7 as well as a dying woman. Talk to here to get the Words Not Hollow quest before she passes, the loot the Chest . From the cage, head right, but down the path (not up). This leads to another quarry work area, but you are above the guards and Lieutenant 3/5 this time. You can lay traps for them as they climb up to you if you wish, or use this height to your advantage. Kill them off and free the Villagers 4/7 here.

Now, nearby is another secret note. Or at least a note with secrets! Head east up the hill and once you get past the wooden door, turn around and use the rock to jump onto the roof. Follow it back the way you came to reach a set of boxes with a note on them. This gives you the Caged Confession quest, which again we’ll handle once we’re done with the quarry (so many quests!).

Head back east and follow the path to another group of templars. Kill them all for Lieutenant 4/5 and then you can free Villagers 5/7. Getting close to being done here! East there is a boarded walkway to the last lieutenant, but head north a bit and aim for the landmark nearby, up on the rocks overlooking the quarry, to get the Sahrnia Quarry landmark (may as well while we are here). You can also fight some templar trash to the north if you wish. They are guarding a Chest up there.

Head back to the last cage and east to the wooden walkway. Drop down here and fight the templars and kill the last Lieutenant 5/5. That will complete the Red Captors quest. You can free Villagers 6/7 here too. Also, climb the ladder you came from and your search beeper will go active. Look up the ramp here to find a hidden note for the Letter about Lyrium codex entry.

Head north now through the ravine to some more enemies. Take them out and then free the Villagers 7/7. This officially completes this quest, but before you head off climb the eastern ladder and your search ping will go off. There is a note nearby, but we’re not done. Go up the ladder and follow the ramp to the end to find the Letter of Confirmation codex at the very end.

Red Captors

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
None Start **Rocky Rescue** 600 Influence, +2 Power

This quest is done in conjunction with the quest Rocky Rescue , up above. In it, you have to kill off five Red Templar Lieutenants . We cover where they are in the Rocky Rescue quest though, to streamline things for you, so follow that quest and you’ll finish this one as well.

Sifting Through Rubble

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Note None Superb Lifeward Amulet, 150 Influence

After you take the Tower Camp, head west to the town. Here, look inside the nearby yellow house on the left to find a note. Read it to get this quest. Seems like we’re going to go treasure hunting.

This is going to have to wait a bit though… or at least until we repair the bridge with the Judicael’s Crossing operation. Once you have repaired the bridge, cross it and at the end, explore the left side. Your search beeper will be active here. Use it near the rubble to find the Superb Lifeward Amulet and complete the quest.

Turning the Tables

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Note None Experience, 150 Influence

Once you take over the Tower Camp, you can get to this quest. From the camp head west over the bridge and into the nearby town. Just after the bridge, take a right and go to the boulders. Jump over them and search for a note by a tree, overlooking the gorge. You will get this quest after reading what the poor huntress is enduring…

The second location we need to visit is near the quarry. Best held off until you decide to do Rocky Rescue . Once you do, be sure to stop by and do this quest as well. Right past the entrance head right, like you are going to the nearby white tower, then head south. Look for the huntress’ camp among the trees out here to find a second note. Reading this ends the quest and lets you know what happened.

Call Me Imshael

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Michel Talk to Michel about Imshael at the Sahrnia Camp Agent: Michel, 150 Influence, +3 Power

This quest is important to get for the Agent waiting at the end of it, but most of it is done during the quest Capturing Suledin Keep . So, to best serve you, make sure you get this quest by talking to Michel when you do that quest and carry on with that quest until Imshael is taken care of.

Once he is gone, head back to Michel and report his passing. In doing so you will gain an agent and a small little cutscene, as well as some minor power and influence. Whee!

They Shall Not Pass

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Baron Desiardins Take over Suledin Keep Access to new area

Talk to the Baron after taking over the keep and explore all of his dialog options to get this quest. A nearby bridge called Judicael’s Crossing has been destroyed, restricting our access to the area. Lovely.

This bridge is just to the east of the Tower Camp . Go inspect it to get an operation in the War Table room to repair it. It will cost 10 power to do, but takes no time and can be done ASAP. Once it is done this quest is over.

Quarry Quandary

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Note None 150 Influence

This quest is gotten by finding a certain note in the quest Rocky Rescue . It… makes a certain someone look bad. Once you find the note, hold off on the quest until you are done at the quarry.

Once you are done there head back to Sahrnia and talk to Mistress Poulin . Here you can choose the dialog you wish. Whatever sounds right to you. Your current companions may or may not agree (Blackwall and Cole at the very least will slightly approve the “ how dare you! “ / “ nothing makes that right! “ reply).

Once you are done talking to her, this quest will be complete.

Words Not Hollow

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Infected Woman None 331 Experience, 150 Influence

This quest is also gotten when doing the quest Rocky Rescue .

Once you are done with everything in the quarry, head back to Sahrnia and head outside the town into the wilderness. Just to the west, on the edge of the frozen lake, is a dead tree. Go place the woman’s letter here to keep your promise and complete this quest.

Caged Confession

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Note None None

This quest is found when doing the quest Rocky Rescue … just like the two quests up above were…

Once you are done playing around at the quarry, head bach to Sahrnia. Here you will find Louis and Linette , both chilling at a campfire, glad to be freed. You have a choice here: give Louis back his confession or tell Linette what really became of her brother.

Either way the quest will be complete, so what you do in the end is really up to you. Which is more important to you? Your current companions may either disagree or agree with you (Blackwall at the very least slightly disapproves if you tell Linette but slightly approves if you give the letter back to Louis).

Choose what you feel like to complete this quest.


Quest Giver Requirement Reward
None None See Loot table below

This is a High Dragon of Emprise du Lion. It is found easily after repairing the bridge near Towers Camp . In fact, it is on top of the coliseum-looking building and you can climb your way up to it. Much like the Greater Mistral, the Hivernal is an ice dragon.

As always, your party should be around the dragons level before you attempt this (the higher the better of course - class specializations are helpful). Any ice resistance items you have should be worn, and everyone should be stocked to the brim with potions before you take her on.

Are you ready? We are! Let’s go slay us another dragon!

BOSS - Hivernal

Name Stats
Health 207873
Defense 59
Vulnerabilities Fire
Immunity All Disabling Effects
Immunity Slowed
Resistance Greater Cold Resistance

The Hivernal is an ice-based dragon , and as such she will have many of the same “breath attacks” that we’ve seen other dragons do, just in ice form. She is also vulnerable to fire , which helps a ton if you have a mage with fire skills and a fire staff (equip before you go it!). Warriors with Earthshaking Strike will also appreciate this. This dragon is very similar to the Greater Mistral Dragon that you may have already fought (or if not, you will find it will be similar).

Hivernal has many dragon attacks (other than the breath) that you have likely seen. These include swiping any one of its four claws at us (and anyone who happens to be nearby), swinging its tail in a large arc, and flapping its wings to bring us in closer and damage us with the wind (mostly annoying for ranged and/or mage characters as warriors can stay in the middle with the dragon and be safe).

The previous two paragraphs up above are rather bland “dragon” descriptions and to be perfectly honest that is because Hivernal is quite bland. Most dragons have guard and/or special tricks to their arena… not Hivernal. She will use her breath and claw/tail attacks on you like any other dragon but that is it. She is fairly unremarkable! Like other dragons She will often leap around the arena when She takes a spike of damage, which will make you chase her and waste good area of effect abilities. She will also fly off when at certain points in the battle and shoot ice balls at you before landing to continue the fight. Again, very normal things for a dragon…

Like we’ve said before: Keep your fighters spread out, use potions smartly and use fire attacks when you can. Use your most powerful skills and focus attacks. Despite her increased level, Hivernal should pose less of a problem than any dragon you’ve fought with up to now (Provided you are dragon-experienced and of a comparable level! This is even proven given the reduced XP amount below!).

As a side note, we were disappointed that the small like here didn’t freeze over whenever Hivernal breathed on it. That seemed like a wasted opportunity to make the fight and area that much cooler…

Rewards: 1,324 Experience, 3600 Influence, +5 Power, Superior Grenades Belt, Amulet of Power (Iron Bull Only), Staff of the Void, Emerald x2, Masterwork Battlemaster Armor, Pure Dragon Blood x7, Dragon’s Tooth x2, Dragon Webbing x18, Dragon Scales x14, Dragon Bone x14


Quest Giver Requirement Reward
None None See Loot table below

This is a High Dragon of Emprise du Lion. Yes there is more than one. Exciting, I know! After Hivernal, head north and you can find this dragon on top of the second coliseum-looking building.

As always, your party should be around the dragons level before you attempt this (the higher the better of course - class specializations are helpful). Any ice resistance items you have should be worn, and everyone should be stocked to the brim with potions before you take her on. The usual!

Here we go!

BOSS - Kaltenzahn

Name Stats
Health 245457
Defense 65
Vulnerabilities Fire
Immunity All Disabling Effects
Immunity Slowed
Resistance Greater Cold Resistance

Whereas Hivernal was, well… a disappointment, Kaltenzahn does her best to make up for it (she is an ice dragon too, after all… someone has to make up over Hivernal!). Kaltenzahn not only looks way cooler, but is also quite a bit tougher. To start off with, she has all of the basic dragon attacks: she will swipe at you with his legs and tail, hitting anyone that happens to be nearby. She also has the wind attack that sucks ranged characters in (warriors still love this attack). And of course there is the breath attack. Kaltenzahn will of course use ice breath and spit ice balls, but her ice breath attack is longer and more impressive than Hivernals…

What really sets Kaltenzahn apart are her extra moves. Like other dragons we have run across, Kaltenzahn will use guard to give herself a huge chunk of extra life to wear down, and of course she’ll do it multiple times throughout the fight. The other thing that caught us off guard (that we’ve seen before, but not often) was that Kaltenzahn will actually screech during the fight and summon several Dragonlings to come assist her.

The screech will stun the party for a few seconds… just long enough for the dragonlings to appear. Assuming you are playing a non-tank character, you should immediately focus on the dragonlings and kill them as soon as you can, only going back to Kaltenzahn once they are dead. The last thing we need is a Dragonling killing someone when we aren’t aware!

Other than that this fight is pretty standard. Kaltenzahn doesn’t do a lot of leaping around, preferring to do the twist-motion that we’ve seen some other dragons do before (which is still rather odd… but works to get her out of area of effect spells and abilities easily enough). She will also leave and fly around the area at certain points during the fight, but that is farily normal. The biggest thing to watch out for is her dragonlings. As long as you can keep yoru fighters spread out and take the dragonlings down fast, you will triumph over Kaltenzahn eventually.

Once again we were disappointed that the small like here didn’t freeze over whenever ice attacks hit it. We’ll give Kaltenzahn props for using the archway nearby to land on once during the fight though. Very classy!

Rewards: Experience, 3600 Influence, +5 Power, Caliban, Superior Potions Belt, Amulet of Power (Varric Only), Pearl x3, Masterwork Prowler Armor, Pure Dragon Blood x8, Dragon’s Tooth x2, Dragon Webbing x17, Dragon Scales x18, Dragon Bone x14

Highland Ravager

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
None None See Loot table below

This is the THIRD High Dragon of Emprise du Lion. Don’t worry, this is the last one. Still, dragons are a great thing, right? Right!?

To find this dragon, head to the very northern (northeastern part of the map, north of the 2nd coliseum, up to the third! You may be tempted to go through the easy-to-reach archs but it is quite the drop! You are fighting down below, so do yourself a favor and go counter-clockwise around the structure to find the ground entrance.

As always, your party should be around the dragons level before you attempt this (the higher the better of course - class specializations are helpful). Any fire resistance items you have should be worn, and everyone should be stocked to the brim with potions before you take him on. The usual!

Third time’s the charm!

BOSS - Highland Ravager

Name Stats
Health 286187
Defense 72
Vulnerabilities Cold
Immunity All Disabling Effects
Immunity Slowed
Resistance Greater Fire Resistance

If you barely lived through Kaltenzahn, Highland Ravager will destroy you. Just a friendly heads-up. If you got through Kaltenzahn fairly easily, this should be a good challenge.

The Ravager switches things up by being a proper fire-breathing dragon. Weird! Ravager has (surprise!) every move you’d expect out of a dragon. EVERY move. The basics are of course all in place: swiping with all four paws with long, sweeping strokes. Well-telegraphed ahead of time. Tail lashing. Wing flapping. You know the basics by now of course. Ravager also doesn’t care about either twisting or jumping around. She’ll do both to get out of trouble if she has to. One thing Ravager won’t do that you may be used to is leaving. Usually dragons tend to fly away during a part of the fight but not Ravager. It may be because she really has nowhere to go!

The Ravager will also use guard during the fight. Of course she does! This is rough to eat through, but do-able. She’ll do it multiple times of course. The Ravager also has a special (NEW!) move: multiple circles of fire (let’s just call these fire rings!). Throughout the fight, you’ll see the Ravager rear its head up and three good-sized circles appear on the ground. After a few seconds those circles will become engulfed in flames! They actually don’t hurt very much, but will burn you and knock you down. Best to move when you see it coming of course. Later on in the fight, once its health gets low, three circles will turn into four circles, so be ready!

One last trick the Ravager has up its sleeve, as if everything above wasn’t enough, is to call its minions to the battle, much like Kaltenzahn. These minions will always show up from the entrance, and if not met will do ranged attacks for a little while before engaging. Since you know where they are going to show up every time, it is wise to go meet and kill them when you can.

This fight is undoubtedly the hardest of all three here. Due to the increased level / HP / defense, it may be wise to bring two mages to this fight. Speaking from experience, double mages with barrier/revive and ice attacks can make all the difference here. The barrier and revive overlapping alone can really buff up your group. This is especially potent if you are playing casually and not micro-managing every move.

Like always, keep your fighters spread out, use potions wisely and use cold attacks when you can. Use your most powerful skills and focus attacks. No need to hold back here! Once you take her down you will get the loot below. Congrats on slaying the toughest dragon in this map zone!

Rewards: Experience, 3600 Influence, +7 Power, Duke’s Mane, Keeper Robe Schematic, Superior Guard Belt, Walking Death, Masterwork Battlemage Armor, Pure Dragon Blood x10, Dragon’s Tooth x2, Dragon Webbing x19, Dragon Scales x19, Dragon Bone x15

Ruined Blade

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Journal None 10152 Experience, 2500 Influence, +3 Power, Sulevin Blade

This quest will guide you through the area called the Cradle of Sulevin .

You get this quest (and new area) by doing the Rumors of the Sulevin Blade operation at the War Table, which unlocks this area. This this area is all for this quest, we are adding it to this section.

The quest we are doing here is called Ruined Blade, and we need to find four pieces of it. Head forward and examine the statue. Need Veil Fire. Continue forward to the back of the area (watch out for the holes!). You may need to kill a poison spider on the way. At the back is some loot, Chest x2 to the left, and Veil Fire! Light it up and light up the nearby statue!

A Revenant will attack here. Kill it off and loot it for Sword Piece 1/4 . Now, head back to the beginning and light up the first similar statue you ran across. Yep, another Revenant, this time with corpses! Take them all out for Sword Piece 2/4 .

Next up head to the left-side of this area where you’ll find some stairs that lead down to the Hall of the Dead . Take the Veil Fire with you and light the brazier down here (this area looks SO cool). Down below are corpses wandering around, so kill them all and search around for various loot, then head to the area you lit up to find a third statue. Light it up and take out the Revenant and corpses for Sword Piece 3/4 .

Head back up to the main area now and then up the stairs nearby in the middle. On the wall is something you can read for the Vir Taandhal: The Way of Three Trees codex entry. There are more entries to be had up here, as well as loot. Grab them all and go across the way, to the other side. This is the Sunlit Chamber area. Up above is loot, but down below is much more loot and another statue. Hold off on the statue for now and explore the edges of this lower area with your Veil Fire to find a TON of rooms with loot and chests. Seriously, a ton (we aren’t even going to list the chests here). There is one room that does require a rogue to unlock, and it is the most important room. This is because it has the Superb Spirit Rune inside of it as well as a Mosaic Piece from the Freed Are Slaves set. Be sure to visit THAT room at the very least.

Once you area ready, go hit the statue with the fire and take down the fourth Revenant. Easy as pie. He drops Sword Piece 4/4 . So… what do we do with all of these pieces? Take them to someone who can use them of course! From here you will get a 500 Influence reward, but we need to travel back to Skyhold and go see Dagna. Talk with here to officially finish the quest and collect your rewards, including the awesome Sulevin Blade.

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