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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Side Quests

Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Welcome to Skyhold

Quest Giver : N/A

Requirement : Enter Skyhold

Reward : 50 Experience

This is a simple welcome to Skyhold. Visit the War Room and the Blacksmith in the Undercroft.

Inquisition Trappings

Quest Giver : N/A

Requirement : Enter Skyhold

Reward : Customize Skyhold

While you are finding your way around Skyhold you’ll enter the Undercroft. Here you can customize the appearance of the castle to your liking.

A Greener Garden

Quest Giver : N/A

Requirement : Construction in Skyhold is complete

Reward : Garden

You may choose Chantry Garden, for more resources and gold, or the Herb Garden which allows many more herbs to be harvested. Both of these require 30 Spindle- weed, 30 Elfroot, 30 Blood Lotus, and 1 Logging Stand – you may only choose one of these upgrades.

A Better Courtyard

Quest Giver : N/A

Requirement : Construction in Skyhold is complete

Reward : Improved Courtyard

You may choose to prepare an area for training or medical triage station. This requires 30 Elfroot, 2 Quarry, and 2 Logging Stands – you may only choose one of these upgrades.

A Superior Tower

Quest Giver : N/A

Requirement : Construction in Skyhold is complete

Reward : Improved Tower

This upgrade requires 10 Spirit Essence, 3 Quarry, and 3 Logging Stand – you may only choose of these upgrades. Your choices are the Templar Tower which yields the Templar Banner and shows strength and prepartion, or the Mage Tower which yields the Mage Banner and shows cunning and influence.

Promoting Barris

Quest Giver : N/A

Requirement : Complete Champions of the Just

Reward : Barris is Knight-Commander

Once the upgrades to Skyhold are complete you may sit on the throne to promote Barris to Knight-Commander.

Scattered in Skyhold

Quest Giver : Man on floor near Dorian

Requirement : Construction in Skyhold is complete

Reward : 200 Influence per book

You need to find copies of the Hard in Hightown series. Talk to the mage on same floor as Dorian to start. You can find the books in the following locations, just be aware you can leave Skyhold and most of these will respawn:

  • In the same area as Leliana in a corner.
  • On the couch of Solas’ room.
  • Balcony of the Inquisitor’s Quarters.
  • 3 are grouped together in the hallway to the Inquisitor’s Room.
  • Behind Cabot in the Tavern.
  • 3 more in Sera’s part of the Tavern.
  • Behind the Inquisitor’s Throne.
  • 3 are near Vivienne on her balcony.
  • Cullen’s Tower, climb the ladder.
  • Along the blockades there is a book amidst the rubble of one on the east.
  • High shelf in the kitchen.
  • Table in the secret library near the kitchen.
  • In Josephine’s room.
  • In the wine cellar
  • Second story of the barn house where Blackwall is located.
  • Right of the main gate. Go in through the side door.
  • Next to Cole in the Tavern.
  • In the tower connected to the Tavern.
  • 3 in the third floor of the northern tower.
  • 3 in the Chantry room with the statue of Andraste.
  • Chantry Garden near the steps, on a barrel.
  • In the gazebo of the Chantry Garden.
  • In the prison.
  • In the Blacksmiths on a table.
  • 3 on the second floor of the Quartermasters.
  • Top floor of the Quartermasters.
  • Behind the tavern and infirmary is a tree, behind the tree is a book.
  • On the bridge out of Skyhold.
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