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Dragon Age: Inquisition


Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Seeing Red

Quest Giver

You gain +1 Approval for each red lyrium vein you break when Varric isn’t in the party, it becomes +2 Approval if he is in the party.

  1. In the Emerald Graves near the Villa Maurel.

  2. In the Emerald Graves, Veridium Mine to the east.

  3. In the Emerald Graves, head to the very north to find a camp nearby.

  4. In the Hinterlands, Lady Shayna’s Valley

  5. In the Hinterlands, check inside the ruins of Fort Connor.

  6. In the Hinterlands, at the back of the Ash Warrior’s Refuge.

  7. In Emprise du Lion, north of the Highgrove Camp.

  8. In Emprise du Lion, through Highgrove’s nearby cave on a ledge to the east.

  9. In Emprise du Lion, atop Drakon’s Rise near the Behemoth.

  10. In Emprise du Lion, east of Drakon’s Rise next to a Fade Rift.

  11. In Emprise du Lion, atop the structures in the second area of Sahria Quarry.

  12. In the Western Approach, inside the Sand Rock Mine.

  13. In the Western Approach, inside the Forgotten Mine. Must use Energize.

  14. In the Western Approach, just above the Shimmer Stone Mine landmark.

  15. In the Storm Coast during Red Water, next to Daerwin’s Mouth Landmark.

  16. In the Storm Coast during Red Water, further in Daerwin’s Mouth near a bridge before the docks.

  17. In the Storm Coast during Red Water, at the docks in Daerwin’s Mouth.

  18. In the Storm Coast after Red Water, in Daerwin’s Mouth behind the locked door. Unlock with Red Lyrium Key.

Well, Shit

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Varric Speak with Varric after the quest **Here Lies the Abyss** 400 Influence, +3 Power

Varric’s friend Bianca, who is totally not a crossbow, has visited him to share her knowledge on where Corypheus is getting his Red Lyrium from. We have the option to shut down his operation. Choose to do so for this quest.

Dialogue Choice

Well, this is a surprise. You’re the Inquisitor, right? Bianca

Davri, at your service.

  • It’s a pleasure. ( Varric +1 )

  • You two look nervous.

  • What’s going on?

  • Bianca? Like the crossbow?

  • You’re a friend of Varric?

  • We should shut this down. ( Varric +5 )

  • We have other priorities. ( Varric -1 )

  • Is that their only way in?

  • Who leaked the location?

  • And Bianca knows where it is?

  • Wasn’t the thaig in Kirkwall?

Once you have the quest, put Varric in your party with two others and head to the Upper Lake Camp in the Hinterlands. Travel south from there to the door behind the waterfall… Valammar, and enter.

We’ll have a scene here. Answer however you like and push onward, killing the Carta members on your way to the Upper Terrace. Take a right there and then down to find Carta fighting Darkspawn. Fairly usual. You’ve likely seen this already if this is your second trip in here.

What is unusual though is Bianca! Nearby is our objective: a door we couldn’t open last time we were here. Turns out Bianca built them. Wow… enter in and slay the Carta members. Loot what you can and grab the A Different Darkspawn? codex from the book nearby.

Continue to the next door to reach the final fight here… several Carta thugs, enforcers, bowmen and an elite Warden Mage. Kill them all. The mage is the strongest here and poses a serious threat with the mines he can put up, so watch your approach to him when you fight your way to him.

Afterward gather up all the loot and head forward. Save the key in the middle for last, as when you pick it up a scene starts. You’ll find out the source of the info soon enough (you can say “It’s not your fault” here for a Slight Approval from Varric). Exit Valammar after you are done.

Dialogue Choice


  • They had your key.

  • You were the leak.

  • Varric?

  • Did you?

  • You’re not saying everything.

  • That was stupid. ( Varric +1 )

  • It isn’t really your fault. ( Varric +1 )

  • You put this on us. ( Varric +1 )

  • You’ve done a lot of damage. ( Varric -5 )

  • Varric, you know this person?

  • Why did you come with us?

Talk to Varric again at Skyhold to complete the quest. For approval points be sure to use the top remarks (No one does. Of course you have.). Once the talk is done so is the quest.

Dialogue Choice

I let this mess happen. I gave her the thaig. And I am not good at dealing with shit like this.

  • Nobody is.

  • Talk your way out of it. ( Varric -1 )

  • Just confront it.

  • No, you wouldn’t. ( Varric +5 )

  • Nothing’s stopping you. ( Varric +1 )

  • She did you a favor. ( Varric -1 )

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