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Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Despair Demon

Despair Demons are common to Fade Rifts and will attack from range using their icy projectiles to deal damage while putting up a Barrier of their own. Use Fire spells like Immolate to set them ablaze and Fear them.

Info Description
Location All
Level Range 12-30
Health Modifer 1
Armor Very Low
Resistances: Cold
Vulnerabilities: Fire
Immunities: Freeze/Sleep/Chill
Elemental Attack: Cold

Fear Demon

They rule over Terror demons.

Info Description
Location Many
Level Range 12-30
Health Modifer 1.75
Armor Average
Resistances: None
Vulnerabilities: Electricity/Spirit
Immunities: Fear/Freeze/Sleep/Weaken
Elemental Attack: Spirit

Pride Demon

Pride Demons are usually part of the second wave at Fade Rifts. You can prevent them from spawning by using Dispel on the summoning locations. If you must face a Pride Demon try using Fear to keep it away while you focus on the lesser demons.

Info Description
Location Many
Level Range 12-30
Health Modifer 2
Armor Very High
Resistances: Electricity
Vulnerabilities: None
Immunities: Physical Effect/Freeze/Sleep/Paralyze/Shock
Elemental Attack: Electricity

Rage Demon

Rage Demons inflict heavy Fire Damage upon their enemies and are some of the more powerful demons youll encounter. Freeze them in place and pour on the Cold attacks to really set them back. Dispel their Barrier if they put one up.

Info Description
Location Many
Level Range 8-30
Health Modifer 1.5
Armor High
Resistances: Fire
Vulnerabilities: Cold
Immunities: Burning. Physical Effects/Fear/Paralyze/Sleep/Taunt when enraged.
Elemental Attack: Fire


Shades essentially the Foot Soldiers/Prowlers of the demon army. They will break rank and attempt to reach your Archers and Mages. Lock them in place then take them out, they lack any ability to avoid the damage.

Info Description
Location All
Level Range 1-30
Health Modifer 1.1
Armor Low
Resistances: None
Vulnerabilities: None
Immunities: None


Terrors have a nasty ability to dive into the ground and emerge near your ranged allies. This causes a knockdown and is followed up by a slowing area of effect spell that inflicts damage. It’s a tough thing to deal with so you need to Freeze/Paralyze the Terror when it appears.

Info Description
Location All
Level Range 1-30
Health Modifer 1.5
Armor Low
Resistances: None
Vulnerabilities: Spirit
Immunities: Fear


Wraiths are like the Archers of the demon army. They sit in the back and fire projectiles that can whittle your health. Some Wraiths can cast Barrier and have resistances based on the other demons around. Take them out first when encountered in groups of other demons, they die fast.

Info Description
Location All
Level Range 1-30
Health Modifer 0.35
Armor Very Low
Resistances: Fire if Rage Demon nearby. Cold if Despair Demon nearby. Electricity if Pride Demon nearby.
Vulnerabilities: None
Immunities: Physical Effects/Poison. Weaken if Fear Demon nearby. Burn if Rage Demon nearby. Chill if Despair Demon nearby. Shock if Pride Demon nearby.
Elemental Attack: Spirit


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