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Dragon Age Inquisition
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia, Greg Wright, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth, Lynette James, Greg Wright, Greg Boccia
First Published: 18-12-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 14-12-2019 / 03:17 GMT

Dragon Age Inquisition Guide

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Main Quests

The Threat Remains

Codex Entries
Letters & Notes #57 - Patient Observations
Tales #19 - Andraste's Mabari
Tales #5 - "Nightingale's Eyes"
Places #30 - The Fade
History #1 - A Chant for the Departed
Chantry Hierarchy
Founding of the Chantry
The Children of Andraste
The Maker

Find Cassandra in the Chantry

After the short scene you can loot an item from the middle of the floor. Check the paper on the desk for Patient Observations . You’ll also find some special items in the box nearby. Head outside when you are ready.

From where you awaken head behind the building to the northwest. Here you’ll find two Elfroot and a Chest . Continue behind the house you came from for another Elfroot . Continue to the left of the starting place to find more Elfroot and a Pot that can be looted. Head up the steps to find a note on the left pillar, Andraste’s Mabari . Check the pot to your left then go behind the house to find two Elfroot . Inside the house you’ll find a note that updates the Patient Observations.

There’s plenty to loot in the tent area, including a Chest that gives some Song Lyrics for Patron of the Arts. To the right of the Chantry you’ll find two Elfroot and on the left another with a Sack and Pot as well. There are a number of houses to the right of the Chantry, as well as loot. Inside the houses over there is another Patient Observations as well as The Randy Dowager Quarterly . You can also find two Elfroot around the houses if you look. After nabbing these things head to the Chantry.

Head inside to the left to spot a sack and a note on the counter that details The Fade . Check the scroll on the barrel nearby for A Chant for the Departed , then take the first door on the left. Down the hallway you’ll find a pot and two notes containing Chantry Hierarchy and Founding of the Chantry . At the end of the hall you’ll find prison cells that a Rogue can open and a Small Chest that has something good inside.

Head back up and into the next room on the left. Here you’ll find a note covering The Children of Andraste as well as a Research Station and Minaeve. Go across the hall and read the book on the bed for The Maker entry then head into the main door for a cutscene.

Report to Havens Chantry

Feel free to explore Haven a little bit because there’s quite a few things you can do before you head to the Chantry. Visit the Chantry to trigger a cutscene where you’ll have plenty of chances to respond. From here you’ll enter the War Table where you can pick Orlais or Ferelden. You’ll need to choose Ferelden and then Scout the Hinterlands . From here you must spend 1 Power by using Secrets. You should start by sending some people out to locations in Ferelden; most of them are on a pretty short timer:

War Table

  • The Fallow Mire (Lost Soul)

  • The Storm Coast (Vigilance on the Coast)

You can visit the various crafters to make potions, armor, weapons from things you have collected (left). The War Table is where you can complete timed missions for new items or to open up new areas (right).

Travel to the Hinterlands to Speak with Mother Giselle

Head to the Crossroads at the Hinterlands when you are ready to proceed. Do take some time to set up camps and the like. Here you’ll need to defeat a few apostates. Take the time to claim the landmark here, Saga of Tyrddar Bright-Axe, Avvar-Mother then focus on taking out the mages. Once you do this you will have a wave of four Templars come in from the west so take some cover. The Defender and Knight can be brutal. Try to keep one of them Feared or Frozen so you can take out the Templar Archers quickly. Once you defeat them you’ll gain control of the Crossroads.

Travel to Val Royeaux

Power is necessary to complete a lot of quests and operations in the game. It is obtained by closing Rifts and completing various quests (left). Camps can be set up throughout the various areas and are used to change party members, restore potions and rest (right).

Talk to Corporal Vale; he asks for help along with a myriad of other activities. These will gain Power allowing you to travel to Val Royeaux. You will need at least 4 Power to do this. You enter in the Main level. Be sure to check out all the plaques along the way to the center. Turn left to find another plaque then check the bulletin board. You’ll want to inspect the numerous plaques around the central pillar because it’s a lot of experience. Address the Templars in the central area to advance the plot.

You’ll want to return to the Chantry in Haven to progress the story but Val Royeaux offers new companions and lots of exploration! As you move around, Grand Enchanter Fiona will address you at some point. You now have two paths: – " Champions of the Just" and " In Hushed Whispers" .

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