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Dragon Age: Inquisition


Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers
Name Type DPS Level Requires
Yavanalls Staff 125 20 Level 20
Pyre of the Forgotten Staff 113 21 Level 18
Staff of the Void Staff 107 20 Level 17
Staff of Corruption Staff 102 19 Level 16
Grand Enchanter’s Staff Staff 96 18 Level 15
Bloodwake Staff 81 15 Level 12
Tempest Staff 81 15 Level 12
Staff of Aidahn Allied Staff 79 7 Level 3
Deathward Staff 76 14 Level 11
Fade-Knocker Staff 66 12 Level 9


How to obtain: Randomly sold by the Suledin Keep merchant in Emprise du Lion for 17148 Currency (Inquisition), requires The Short List Inquisition perk.

Pyre of the Forgotten

How to obtain: Randomly sold by the Griffon Wing Keep merchant in the Western Approach for 21433 Currency (Inquisition) (requires The Short List Inquisition perk).

Staff of the Void

How to obtain: Randomly sold by Pierre-Marie in Val Royeaux for 16488 Currency (Inquisition), requires The Short List Inquisition perk.

Staff of Corruption

How to obtain: Acquired from Calpernia during the main quest What Pride Had Wrought.

Grand Enchanters Staff

How to obtain: Looted from the Fereldan Frostback high dragon in the Hinterlands.


How to obtain: Looted from Overseer at the Venatori camp in the Sunstop Mountains in the Hissing Wastes during the quest Sand and Ruin. Rewarded upon completion of the main quest Here Lies the Abyss.


How to obtain: Found in the last room of the Still Ruins in the Western Approach. The staff was used for the blood spell that stopped time within the ruins (see A Stranger Rift in the Ruins quest).

Staff of Aidahn Allied

How to obtain: Complete the Quest for the Red Lyrium Reapers minigame on the Dragon Age: Inquisition website. Once the war table operation Acquire the Arcanist is completed, the staff is in a Special Supplies chest in Skyhold’s Undercroft.


How to obtain: Found in a chest in the Astrarium cave at the end of the side quest Astrariums in the Graves.

Blizzards Path

How to obtain: Looted from a chest at Echoback Fort in the Western Approach.

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This guide for Dragon Age: Inquisition offers a detailed walkthrough of the main story and all side quests associated with each region, detailing easily missed features and hidden lore secrets along the way. The guide also covers all three main DLC: Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser, and all dialogue choices throughout the game.

Inside this guide you will find:

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  • A Walkthrough for all main story quests, detailing the consequences of your choices along the way.

  • Walkthrough for all DLC content, covering Jaws of Hakkon, The Descent, and Trespasser.

  • Exploration sections for each region, including side quests, requisitions, collections and companion quests.

  • Comprehensive section on Dialogue Choices, covering both approval and romance options for companions.

  • Breakdown of Specialization Trainers, including where to find them and how to complete their missions.

  • Crafting section covering key locations for potions, tonics, grenades, and other materials.

  • An Equipment section, detailing where to find some of the best weapons and armor.

  • A Mounts section with descriptions of how to acquire them and when they become available.

  • Overview of Multiplayer including basic starting tips, coverage of characters, challenges, and loot.

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