Dragon Age: Inquisition

Side Quests

Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Plenty of Fade Rifts have opened up allowing demons to pour into the Hinterlands. Close them by area to complete the Side Quests for them.

Rifts on the Outskirts - 2 rifts, 2 Power

Rifts at the Farm - 2 Rifts, 2 Power

Rifts at Dwarfson’s Pass - 3 Rifts, 3 Power

Rifts at the Foothold - 2 Rifts, 3 Power

Rifts in the Woods - 2 Rifts, 2 Power

Holding the Hinterlands

Quest Giver : Scout Harding

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 50 Influence, 1 Power (Total: 250 Influence, 5 Power)

There are 5 additional camps other than the one you start in, top-left and bottom-left, top-right and bottom-right, and then center from your current location at the Outskirts Camp. Dwarfson’s Camp is at the bottom-right and has a Chest on a ledge. On the way here you should find a Worried Scout; he can start the “Strange Bedfellows” quest. The Upper Lake Camp is central and has an Oculura nearby. The Redcliffe Farms Camps is at the top-left near the Redcliffe Farms. The Forest Camp is out to the southwest. In the northeast you’ll find the Dusklight Camp but don’t go too far past it unless you’re trying to fight a High Dragon.

In The Elements

Quest Giver : Recruit Whittle

Requirement : Secure the Crossroads.

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

You need to mark five Apostate Caches. The first one is found outside of Dwarfson’s Camp, another is west of there up a hill. In Smuggler’s Cave to the east you’ll find the third cache. Head to the Ashe Warrior’s Refuge in the southeast to spot the fourth cache. The final cache is just outside Winterwatch; mark it then return to Whittle.

East Road Bandits

Quest Giver : Recruit Bellette

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

Go east of the Crossroads and you’ll find Recruit Bellette guarding a stone arch. Ask about the bandits to trigger the quest. Follow the trail until you find some of the bandits, two Footmen and two Archers. Like most scenarios, have your Warrior charge in and gain their attention while everyone else takes out the Archers. Further east you’ll find yourself in the Rebel Queen’s Ravine where a scout can usually be seen running back at this point. The camp has five Archers and an Enforcer guarding it. You’ll need to check his resistances and tank him away from the other party members. The Archers all stand close enough to be taken out quickly with some Area of Effect attacks like Immolate and Explosive Arrow. Focus down the Enforcer, keeping up your Guard as much as possible and then Barrier. Loot the bodies for Letter on a Bandit in the Hinterlands and An Unsigned Letter on a Bandit Body . This can become the Dusklight Camp, so be sure to set up here. Avoid going too far north into the valley as there are Dragons and an unskilled and underleveled party would get decimated.

Hunger Pangs

Quest Giver : Refugee Hunter

Requirement : Secure the Crossroads

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

For this quest you’ll need to assist the Refugee Hunter by collecting 10 pieces of Ram Meat. It’s not too difficult to go to Dwarfson’s Camp and just start picking off the Rams. Use an ability that can Freeze or Paralyze to avoid having to chase it down since it will flee.

A Healing Hand

Quest Giver : Corporal Vale

Requirement : Secure the Crossroads

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

You can start this once you’ve secured the Crossroads, but the healer you need is in Redcliffe so you must advance the story past “The Threat Remains” before you can complete it.

A Common Treatment

Quest Giver : Corporal Vale

Requirement : Advance the Inquisition’s Path past “The Threat Remains”

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

An Advanced Treatment

Quest Giver : Healer from Redcliffe

Requirement : Complete “A Common Treatment”

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

A Rare Treatment

Quest Giver : Healer from Redcliffe

Requirement : Complete “An Advanced Treatment”

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

Apostates in the Witchwood

Quest Giver : Dead body of an apostate. This is found southeast of the Outskirts Camp. A note in a house from the Crossroads to Redcliffe or the one in the caves near Witchwood also starts the quest.

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 354 Experience, 200 Influence, 2 Power

The Stronghold of the Apostate Mages note can be obtained near the Outskirts Camp where some apostates and templars are fighting. Head over to Witchwood and take out the magical barrier with a Mage. You’ll need to fight off some of the Spellbinders that are around the cave that leads to the stronghold first though. The apostates will try to cut you off with runes but just plow through and get in their faces where they will fall easily. The Rebel Mage drops the Wrath of Lovias .

Templars to the West

Quest Giver : Letter on the corpse of a Templar. Can also trigger this quest by finding a letter in Fort Connor.

Requirement : Defeat the templars holding the “Dalish Ring” during the “Agrarian Apostate” quest to find the letter.

Reward : 354 Experience, 200 Influence, 2 Power

You’ll want to start at the Upper Lake Camp so you are full on supplies. From here just head west along the road towards the Redcliffe Farm. You’ll encounter a Templar Defender and three Templar Knights. The Templar Defender can be a bit of a challenging foe, so grab his attention and defeat the rest of the Templar Knights first. Head south of the bridge when you reach it to spot a pair of Templar Defenders.

Continuing along this path you’ll find the entrance to the Templar Encampment. It’s guarded by a Templar Archer who will retreat a bit to three more Templar Archers and a Templar Knight. They are grouped tightly so a group attack would be best to take them out; Immolate or Explosive Arrow works wonders as does Chain Lightning. Hopefully these guys don’t attract the remaining three Templar Knights and the Templar Defender that are further back or you’ll have 9 foes to contend with at once. Loot the area once you’re done, there is a schematic for Templar Greatsword in a chest at the back and some Royal Elfroot . The Templar Defender drops The Sweetish Fingers .

Praise the Herald of Andraste

Quest Giver : Speaker Anais

Requirement : Speak with Speaker Anais infront of Lornan’s Exile

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

Speak with the Speaker to gain access to Lornan’s Exile then head to the back of the area to find a Fade Rift. Defeat the Wraiths that are summoned and use the Fade Rift to disrupt the demons that are spawned. You can use Dispel when they are being summoned to completely stop them from being spawned at all and if you’re lucky you’ll get the tougher enemy that joins (usually a Rage Demon). Return to Speaker Anais after closing the Fade Rift and she’ll pledge her loyalty to the Inquisition.

Shallow Breaths

Quest Giver : Refugee

Requirement : Secure the Crossroads

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

Speak with this villager in the Crossroads; he needs a potion that only his son Hyndel can make. Visit Hyndel in Lornan’s Exile. He’s on the second tier to the left. Take the potion back to the villager in the Crossroads to complete the quest, but if you go back to Hyndel with Solas you can convince him to go back to the Crossroads. Just below this area, near the ladder, is a book called Queen Asha of Antiva . Go across from here and climb up to find a Mosaic Piece and if you go inside on the bottom right you’ll find the tavern. A Chest can be found on the lower level; loot it and go upstairs from here. Search on the table for a Bottle of Thedas .

Master of Horses

Quest Giver : Scout Harding

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

Head to the Redcliffe Farms to find Dennet. Ignore him for a second and go upstairs. Search for the book Hard in Hightown: Chapter One and the Free Marches Banner in a chest. Back downstairs you’ll find a Bottle of Thedas on a shelf in the back room; it’s a hidden object so you’ll need to get close before you can actually pick it up. Speak with Dennet who suggests talking to his wife and servant before he can give you a horse. In addition, one of the huts near the rift has The Tevinter Imperium .

In the Saddle

Quest Giver : Seanna

Requirement : Obtain a Horse

Reward : Gold

This is a simple challenge. You’ll just need to be quick with the horse to navigate three courses with increasing length and difficulty.

Farmland Security

Quest Giver : Bron

Requirement : Speak with Dennet

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

Riding out and marking the locations that Bron wants to build the watchtowers isn’t that hard, there aren’t really any enemies nearby so you can just ride there and place the marker. You’ll have to use the War Table from here and use the “Watchtowers in the Farms” mission which can take some time to complete. Once done, return to Bron.

Trouble With Wolves

Quest Giver : Elaina

Requirement : Speak with Dennet

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

The wolves around the Redcliffe Farm are causing all kinds of problems and need to be dealt with. Head to the Wolf Hollow where you’ll find some aggressive Wolves and close quarters, try to lure them back and avoid the open area until you are forced to. Here you’ll find a Lesser Terror that must be defeated. Loot the Token of the Packmaster and equip it to make all Wolves friendly to your party. Likewise, kill all of the Wolves for the experience and their pelts. Return to Elaina with the good news once completed.

Horses of the Inquisition

Quest Giver : Dennet

Requirement : Complete “Farmland Security” and “Trouble with Wolves”

Reward : Dennet joins the Inquisition, 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

Complete the two prerequisites to gain support and horses. If you have Cassandra or are intimidating enough, Dennet can become the Horsemaster of the Inquisition if persuaded. Vivienne can also convince him by saying she can procure the finest horses from Orlais. If you break into the house nearby there is a Chest with a Rare Armor inside.

Sketch of Calenhads Foothold

Quest Giver : Corpse south of Outskirts Camp

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence, Rock Armor Schematic

After collecting the map go west up the mountain to some castle ruins. There is a nearby Fade Rift if you didn’t take it out yet. There are some rocks that are piled up like steps; just jump up them or likewise walk around and take the ladder down. Open the chest here to receive the Rock Armor schematic.

Map to Waterfall

Quest Giver : Scroll west of the Upper Lake Camp

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

After grabbing the map head west towards the Redcliffe Farms then follow the large river south. At the end of the river you’ll find a waterfall with the chest tucked in it. You need to go through the Templar Encampment to be high enough.

Map of the Farmland Cave

Quest Giver : Map in Hafter’s Woods

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 128 Experience, 80 Influence

The cave you are looking for is northeast of the Redcliffe Farms. There is an Astrarium nearby. If you go west from here you’ll find the cave on the map and can search to find the hidden object.

Blood Brothers

Quest Giver : Note in a hut south of Outskirts Camp

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence, Mercenary Lord Blade

From the Outskirts Camp to the Crossroads you’ll find the hut with this note inside. It tells the tale of two brothers, one an apostate and the other a templar. Head to the location on your map marked for their battle to find the corpse with the Mercenary Lord Blade on it. The hut here is locked but if you open it you’ll find a Bottle of Thedas inside.

Stone Dreams

Quest Giver : Note inside abandoned home

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

North of the Crossroads you’ll find this abandoned home. Head to the cave at the Ash Warrior’s Refuge and defeat this apostate then loot his area. This quest is fairly simple and straightforward.

Love Waits

Quest Giver : Letter on corpse east of Dwarfson’s Pass. Can also start by talking to Lord Berand at Dwarfson’s Pass enclave.

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

You’ll find the letter you need on a few cultists in Lornan’s Exile; they are part of a “Shallow Breaths” and “Praise the Herald of Andraste” as well if you have them. Give the letter to Lord Berand and you’ll get an opportunity to recruit him into the Inquisition. Search the table nearby for a Bottles of Thedas if you didn’t grab it already.

Open a Vein

Quest Giver : Note next to an apostate cache

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

This quest is best completed alongside “Elements” since they are in the same location. Head to the Ash Warrior Refuge in the far southeast and break the magic barrier. Loot the Chest nearby then the corpse for Bianca Arms I (Enhanced) then check the lyrium vein to complete this quest.

My Lovers Phylactery

Quest Giver : Dead Templar in the Winterwatch Tower region

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

Once you recover the phylactery and start the quest, all you need to do is return it to Ellendra. She’s in the cave to the north by herself. With Cassandra in the party you can convince her to join the Inquisition.

Agrarian Apostate

Quest Giver : Widow Maura

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

You’ll find the hut of the Widow Maura near a Fade Rift around the Outskirt’s Camp. Talk to her then head east of Dwarfson’s Pass and defeat the Templars to recover the ring. Return it to Maura to complete the quest.

Conscientious Objector

Quest Giver : Dead corpse in the southeast of Hinterlands

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

In the southeast of the Hinterlands you’ll find a dead body with a letter and Grandma’s Key . The story is about an apostate that was a Circle Mage and just wanted to head to his grandmother’s cabin. With the key in hand, head to the northwest of the Crossroads to find a Terror. Kill it and loot the cabin.

Strange Bedfellows

Quest Giver : Inquisition Scout

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

Along the way is a tower. Loot a Chest inside and climb to the top. A Chest on the right has Rare Armor , the Chest on the left has a Rare Weapon . Save Scout Ritts then search the camp for two hidden objects. If Varric is in the party you can enlist her as an Agent of the Inquisition.

A Spirit in the Lake

Quest Giver : Storyteller in Redcliffe

Requirement : Enter Redcliffe Village during “In Hushed Whispers”

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence, Warlord Greatsword

From the Upper Lake Camp go south and place the Blood Lotus on the pier. A sword will rise up and you can loot it for the Warlord Greatsword .

Safeguards Against Looters

Quest Giver : Letter on a farmer’s corpse in Redcliffe Farms

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 128 Experience, 80 Influence

Head up the river past the Redcliffe Farm to reach this area. Into the Wolf Hollow you’ll need to ascend and cross the little bridge to find the crate.

Letter From a Lover

Quest Giver: Letter in abandoned campsite in Dead Ram Gorge

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

You need to take some Felandaris up to this location, a herb you won’t be able to get for awhile. Emprise du Lion, North of Highgrove camp, beyond the Crystal Cascade, the large island in the center of the ice, just a little west of the northern tip you can find plenty. When you do, head atop the hill at Dead Ram Gorge and place the Felandaris. You’ll be attacked by two Black Wolves and a Wraith.

Failure to Deliver

Quest Giver: Note near overturned cart

Requirement: Secure the Crossroads

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence, Carta Coat

You’ll have to make a little trek from where you find this note but it’s worth it. The Carta Coat is limited to Dwarf Rogues, perfect for Varric.

Business Arrangements

Quest Giver : A note on a dead body north of the Crossroads

Requirement : Have access to Redcliffe Village

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

The Ballad of Lord Woolsley

Quest Giver : One-Eyed Jimmy

Requirement : Have access to Redcliffe Village

Reward : 177 Experience, 80 Influence, 1 Power

From the Upper Lake Camp go south a little bit to find a different colored Ram. You can send it back to Redcliffe, or you can attack it and discover it was a Rage Demon.

Where the Druffalo Roam

Quest Giver : Notice Board

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence

This quest starts on the notice board at the Redcliffe Farms. Find the Druffalo Druffy and defeat the enemies along the way as you head back west. You’ll want to have cleared the Fade Rift in the river as it’s the reason the Druffalo ran away in the first place! There is a possible glitch where Druffy will get stuck in the water near the Farm so steer well around that just to be sure.

Playing with Fire

Quest Giver : Letter on a corpse in Avvar Blade Valley

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 44 Experience, 40 Influence, Master Demon-Slaying Rune

You’ll find this note near a landmark in the Avvar Blade Valley. Go to the statue and walk clockwise around it three times to summon the Grandfather who can be defeated quite easily.

Mercenary Fortress

Quest Giver : Orders on mercenaries at Avvar Blade Valley

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 128 Experience, 80 Influence

You can also simply head to the Grand Forest Villa. Your objective is to kill everything. Once all the Mercenaries are taken out you’ll complete the quest.

Return Policy

Quest Giver : Note on corpse west of Broken Bridge

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward: 128 Experience, 80 Influence

Finding the note isn’t that hard, but you’ll have to go past the Mercenary Fortress to reach the altar. Complete the ritual to summon a Rage Demon and defeat it to complete the quest.

Flowers for Senna

Quest Giver : Widower

Requirement : Have access to Redcliffe Village

Reward : 128 Experience, 80 Influence

Talk to the Widower near the docks in Redcliffe Village then travel to the Forest Camp. Just up the hill you’ll find the grave. Place the flowers then return for your reward.

Bergrits Claws

Quest Giver : Note on corpse in Dead Ram Gorge

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward: 128 Experience, 80 Influence, 3 Great Bear Claws

The bears you need to defeat are around the Forest Camp in the southwest. They can be a bit of a challenge, though Fear works wonders on them. Defeat enough to collect three Great Bear Claws which you can use in Masterwork Crafting.

Hinterlands Whos Who

Quest Giver : Corpse in Old Simeon’s Cave

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 128 Experience, 80 Influence

Getting through the bears to reach the cave is the hard part. Collect the letter and go back to the Redcliffe Farms where you can mail the letter.

Deep Trouble

Quest Giver : Hidden alcove south of Lake Luthias or find the Key of Valammar in the Mercenary Fortress

Requirement : Enter the Hinterlands

Reward : 1,025 Experience, 400 Influence, 3 Power

A Mercenary Leader guards the key when you get to the Mercenary Fortress and he is a tough guy. An Unsigned Letter can be found behind it. Snag the Mosaic Piece at the top of this place and a chest. Above the shard here you’ll find two Chests . Head to the camp then into the door.

Valammar is a dungeon so you’ll go to a loading screen. There is a Carta Bowman at the entrance and another atop the steps. The path is split; you can go left through the cave or right up the steps. The left path can’t be opened yet so go right. Enter the first room to the left where the door is open. Grab the Carta Note on Security and use a Warrior to bash the rock in the back. Loot the containers inside for the Pitch Grenade Recipe then go to the next door. You’ll need a Rogue to pick the lock. Once inside read the Defaced Carta Notice and an Angry Note .

Continue further to the staircase where you’ll begin to encounter Darkspawn. Enter the room behind you to find the Carta Leader. The battle can be tough but use the door as a choke point and you’ll be fine. Here you’ll find a Report on Activity in the Hinterlands , Personal Note Scrawled in a Ledger , Dwarven Gear , Orders for Lake Operations , and Darktown’s Deal .

The Vault of Valammar

Quest Giver : Sealed Vault Door in Valammar

Requirement : Complete “Deep Trouble”

Reward : 512 Experience, 80 Influence, 2 Power

Since you’re here and have 1 of the 2 gears, continue across the bridge. To the right is a huge door; use a Rogue to unlock it. Inside, loot the pot and grab the nearby Mosaic Piece . Grab the second Dwarven Gear and loot the other pot. If you exit and go down the steps to the left you’ll find a Hurlock Alpha; be careful with this foe! Use a Mage at this level to block off the Darkspawn. Continue down the bridge and around, back to the area with the lever so you can open the vault.

In the vault room you’ll have to fight another Hurlock Alpha and some Hurlocks firing arrows from the back. Loot the area to find a Dwarven Banner , Mosaic Piece , Bianca Arms III , and an Amulet of Power . With that settled, head on out with your great rewards.

BOSS - High Dragon Fereldan Frostback

**Name** **Stats**
Health 105261
Defense 38
Resistance Greater Fire
Vulnerable Cold
Immunity All Disabling Effects, Slowed
Ability Perceptive

Note: These stats are for harder difficulties.

The battle starts almost as soon as you enter Lady Shayna’s Valley. The High Dragon will not land at this point. You’ll need to defeat the Dragonlings and move to the Blood Cliffs to the north. Use the rock pillar to shield yourself from fireballs as you defeat the Dragonlings. Ice attacks are definitely your best attacks against these foes, so bring Mages with Ice Staves and toss Frost Runes on your physical attackers if you have any. Fire resistance equipment is very useful too. As you enter the Blood Cliffs the Ferelden Frostback will land in the center.

From a melee perspective, a Warrior can get up close and use Shield Wall easily since the leg strikes and bites are telegraphed. It’s a great way to build up some Guard in addition to a Barrier you should have going. You need to be ready to avoid the flame breath at all times and do your best to keep everyone but your Warrior behind this High Dragon. The sign for this is when she rears back with the flames in her mouth. You’ll also have to contend with the wing flap that pulls party members closer while doing damage each time.

From a ranged perspective, you’ll need to watch for fireballs and focus on doing a lot of damage. Archers can really put some good damage out there; couple it with an Assassin’s Mark of Death (bring Cole with this setup if you can) and you can deal a lot of damage then trigger the mark for upwards of 5,000 damage to really put a dent in the Frostback. Evade is a great skill for an Archer to use if the Dragon decides to shoot fireballs at you; just leap away and continue shooting. Mages should use Energy Barrage with an Ice Staff or general Ice Magic for the most effect, though a Mage with Barrier will certainly aid in staying alive.

At times you’ll have to deal with the Ferelden Frostback stunning the party and flying away. At this moment Dragonlings will appear from around the arena but just focus them down and bring the High Dragon back. Keep the Frostback taunted and away from your ranged attackers and don’t shy away from using Potions and Focus abilities.

Reward: 1600 Influence, 4 Power, Superior Belt of Focus, Grand Enchanter’s Staff, Super Amulet of Constitution, Dragon’s Tooth, Intense Dragon Blood, Dragon Webbing, Dragon Scales, Dragon Bone.

Loot the area after that war. On the east side raise a bridge to gain access to more stuff. You’ll get quite a bit of Obsidian and Veridium . There are a few Chests up north; don’t pass those up. You can also find the final Landmark if you’ve obtained all the other ones.

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