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Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

The below details all approval options for Iron Bull throughout the main story, side quests, cut scenes, and other prompted dialogue. Where ‘N/A’ is stated after a quote, this indicates that your response has no consequence to approval ratings. As with all companions, your approval rating with Iron Bull starts at 0. This is altered by specific choices in the following ways:

Slightly Approves / Slightly Disapproves:

  • Slightly Approves (+1 to approval rating)
  • Slightly Disapproves (-1 to approval rating)

Approves / Disapproves:

  • Approves (+5 to approval rating)
  • Disapproves (-5 to approval rating)

Greatly Approves / Greatly Disapproves:

  • Greatly Approves (+25 to approval rating)
  • Greatly Disapproves (-25 to approval rating)


You had something to show me?

I know every soldier under my command. You don’t have that option… but a few faces might help.

  • “This was good.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Their attitudes surprised me.” - N/A
  • “This was depressing.” - Slightly Disapproves

Main Story

Here Lies the Abyss

Qunari training exercise to master your fear. I heard about the Nightmare at Adamant. Sounded big.“ / “Been a while since I needed it, but that nightmare demon was… big.” / “Just hit me with the stick, all right? I need to get over this demon crap.

  • “What is this exercise?” - N/A
  • [Hit him.] - Greatly Approves

Who’s stuck in the fade, huh?

  • “You’re sure about this?” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “This helps you?” - N/A
  • “That’s right, let it out.” - Approves

Oh… I needed that. Thanks, Boss.

-“You like it rough.” - Approves (Romance)

  • “You’re really alright?” - N/A
  • “Feeling better?” - N/A
  • “Not a problem.” - N/A

You’re not gonna hit me, are you?

  • “I can play hard.” - N/A
  • “I’d rather talk.” - N/A
  • “What makes this stick special?” - N/A
  • “You don’t need it.” Slightly Approves

Possession? Losing your mind? That’s the worst thing that can happen to you.

  • “I understand.” - N/A
  • “Worse than dying?” - N/A
  • “Get over it.” Slightly Approves


An alliance with the Qunari

They’re ready to work with us. With you, boss. The Qunari and the Inquisition, joining forces.

  • “I don’t trust them.” - Slightly Approves
  • “I’m interested.” - Slightly Approves
  • “This doesn’t interest me.” - Slightly Disapproves

They’re worried about tipping the smugglers, so no army. My Chargers, you, maybe some backup.

  • “I’ll do it.” - Approves
  • “I don’t trust Qunari.” - Disapproves

Demands of the Qun

All these years, Hissrad, and you throw away all that you are. For what? For this? For them?

  • “Don’t call him Hissrad” - Slightly approves
  • “I’m sorry, Gatt.” - N/A
  • “Gatt, we can salvage this.” - Slightly disapproves

So much for that.

  • “We might be able to minimize losses.” Approves
  • “How are you feeling?” Slightly Disapproves
  • “You did the right thing.” Slightly Approves
  • “I’m sorry.” Slightly Disapproves

(Sighs.) Yeah.

  • “I’m sorry.” - N/A
  • “Look away, Bull.” Slightly Disapproves
  • “Can they do it?” Slightly Approves

A Qunari alliance. That’s a first.

  • “Go take some time.” - N/A
  • “I’m sorry about your men.” Slightly Approves
  • “What does this mean for you?” Slightly Disapproves

On the battlements


  • “Will you make it through this?” - Approves
  • “Report this attack, please.” - Approves
  • “Just like me.” - Approves
  • “You’re still you.” - Approves (Romance)

Krem, Rocky, Dalish, all of ’em. Dead for the Iron Bull, a man who never really existed.

  • “You don’t have to change.” - N/A
  • “This is good for you.” - Slightly Approves

Ataash varin kata. Asit tal-eb.

  • “I honor their sacrifice.” - Approves
  • “We’ll fight for them.” - Approves

Taarsidath-an halsaam

To killing a high dragon like warriors of legend!

  • [Drink.] - Approves
  • “I’m not drinking that.” - N/A

Here, your turn.

  • [Drink.] - Approves
  • “I’m done drinking.” - N/A

Ataashi. “The glorious ones.” That’s our word for them. Ataaaaasheeeeeee.

  • “I’m sorry we had to kill it.” - N/A
  • “Now I feel awkward.” - N/A
  • “They’re just beasts.” - Slightly Disapproves

So they need to be destroyed. Taming the wild. Order out of chaos. Have another drink.

  • [Drink.] - Approves
  • “I’m really done.” - N/A

Nice! To dragons!

  • “To you.” - Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “To good fights.” - Slightly Approves
  • “To bringing order.” - Slightly Approves
  • “To bad drinks.” - Slightly Approves

Prompted Dialogue

They’ve got good form…

You’ve got no leader. No Inquisitor.

  • “We’ve got Cassandra.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Cullen commands the troops.” - N/A
  • “Leliana is our leader.” - N/A
  • “Do we need one?” - N/A
  • “Perhaps I should lead.” - Slightly Approves

You? Why you?

  • “I was chosen by the Maker.” - N/A
  • “I can seal rifts.” - N/A
  • “Someone should. I’m willing.” - Slightly Approves

Main Story

In Hushed Whispers


  • “I’ll protect you.” - Romance
  • “Tevinter magic goes too far.” - Slightly Approves
  • “It was incredible.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Weird, right?” - Slightly Approves

Champions of the Just

Getting in your head, messing around…

  • “I’ll protect you.” - Romance
  • “It was worth the risk.” - N/A
  • “Maybe it never stopped!” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “We killed it.” - Slightly Approves

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

At least under the Qun, you don’t get everyone tripping on each other’s dicks while the country goes to crap.

  • “You’ve got a silver tongue.” - Romance
  • “We need politics.” - N/A
  • “There were mitigating factors.” - N/A
  • “I agree.” - Slightly Approves

What Pride Had Wrought

Just one more big fight to put this magister asshole down for good. I knew you’d get us here, boss.

  • “Thanks for your help.” - N/A
  • “This will be hard.” - N/A
  • “I’m ready and eager.” - Slightly Approves


Tell me about Qunari OR Let’s talk about being Qunari…

How is it growing up?

  • “So no families?” - N/A
  • “You didn’t choose your job?” - N/A
  • “You must have been proud.” - Slightly Approves

Do you not marry?

  • “You don’t know true passion?” - Romance
  • “I don’t know what to say.” - N/A
  • “That’s bizarre.” - N/A
  • “Sounds great.” - Slightly Approves

Choosing a Specialization

You’ve been training…

  • “I’m focused on teamwork.” - N/A
  • “I want to be unkillable.” - Slightly Approves
  • “My offense was fine.” - Slightly Approves

Hey good to… Hunh…

  • “I like inflicting pain.” - Slightly Approves
  • “I needed more offense.” - Slightly Approves
  • “I did it for you.” - Romance
  • “That’s my own business.” - N/A

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