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Dragon Age: Inquisition


Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Less base dps than the traditional archer but has potential for higher AoE. Creative playstyle a more intricate not necessarily as rewarding version of the archer.

Thornton is a veteran ranger. An experienced soldier, he has served different masters, lived through several wars, and always lived to tell the tale. What the Inquisition faces now, however, is altogether different and far more terrifying, and it will take everything he’s ever learned to get through it. But he will get through it—because Thornton always does.

Attribute Our Rating
Damage (AoE) 5/5
Damage (Single Target) 3/5
Durability 1.5/5
Buffs & Debuffs 1/5
Taunts / Aggro 2/5
Fun Factor 3/5
Crafting Requirements Rq Total Rq #1 Rq #2 Rq #3 Rq #4
Hunter’s Jacket 20 8 Leater 4 Metal 4 Cloth 4 Leather

Unlock Order

Grab Leaping Shot and Evade straight away and upgrade. Then get the upgraded Hook and Tackle (level 9). Then get either Full Draw or Explosive shot. The former if you want more boss damage, the latter if you want more crowd control. Upgrade all your abilities, except full draw if you took that (level 12). Then get On the Razors Edge (level 15), then the rest of the passives.


I haven’t chosen stealth because its just not worth the long cooldown imo. If the Hunter had the ’I was Never Here) passive then I would pick it for sure, but its really just taking up a slot that evade can fill with a lot more utility.

Lead with Explosive shot/Full Draw (take advantage of the double shot trick as seen here: ). Then hook and tackle yourself to the highest priority target you see (stalkers, knights, brutes, archers etc), then immediately follow up with leaping shot. Enemies cannot block this combo as H&T stuns them briefly. This combo will kill most non boss enemies providing you have a good bow. If not, you have the leaping shots upgrade ability which will more than likely finish them off.

Use a H&T/Evade combo when Leaping Shot is on cooldown. This will ensure melee units simply cannot hit you and archers can be knocked out of their full draw animation aswell which is really useful. Hook and tackle does deal a small amount of damage aswell which is not listed.

Repeat these combos and enjoy taking out enemies in style (seriously, the hook and tackle/leaping shot combo looks cool).

Recommended Abilities Description
Hook and Tackle Throws a grappling hook towards your enemy and pulls yourself towards it. Costs no Stamina and has no cooldown when upgraded
Leaping Shot 12 hits. Damage per hit 50% weapon damage. 12s cooldown. Cost: 35 stamina. Upgrade allows follow up shot to deal 200% damage and knocks down target
Evade Its a dodge. Cooldown 2s, Cost: 20 stamina. Upgrade creates a brief hologram that damages enemies when hit
Full Draw 800% weapon damage + 800% if target is at full health. 24s cooldown, 65 Stamina cost. Upgrade puts target to sleep for 20s


Recommended Abilities Description
Explosive Shot 2 hits, 100% weapon damage, 4m radius, 12s cooldown, 35 stamina cost. Upgrade grants 25% damage bonus per target for a 100% maximum damage bonus
Mandatory Passives Description
On the Razors Edge 15% damage bonus when within 10m of enemies
Death From Above 25% max damage bonus when 2m above enemies
Pincusion Each consecutive hit on a target does 5% more damage each time for 10s.
# Best Weapons Type Rarity Item Level DPS Damage
1 Punched by the Maker Bow Unique 21 171 151
2 Longbow of the Griffon Bow Unique 21 167 148
3 Bow of Cruel Redemption Bow Rare 22 162 143
4 Elusive Icebow Bow Rare 21 155 137
5 Soul Sucker Bow Rare 22 153 140

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