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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

The Lone Warden

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Leliana in Haven Return to Haven after speaking with the Clerics in Val Royeaux Blackwall joins the Inquisition

Best to go to the Upper Lake Camp . Head to the house across the lake and assist Blackwall in defeating some bandits. You can now recruit or dismiss Blackwall. Be sure to gain the Mosaic Piece near the Chest , inside is a book on The Orlesian Empire .

Memories of the Grey

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Blackwall Blackwall has been recruited 503 Experience, 270 Influence

At the Storm Coast you can find the Grey Warden Treaties near one of the Signs of the Wardens, southwest of Astrarium Bellitanus at a camp. Another can be found with a Sign of the Wardens in Westridge just east of the Driftwood Margin Camp. Head through Valeska’s Watch and collect the Joining Chalice . Go further in where the ground is severely opened up and search against the wall for some Grey Warden Armor. Out in the Western Approach, southwest of the Nazaire’s Pass Camp, is a Fade Rift that must be destroyed. Once completed, search the area to find a Bottle of Thedas and a Grey Warden’s Sword atop the watch points.

To get to the other artifact in the Western Approach you’ll have to do some work. You need to clear the sulfur pits so you must complete the operation at the War Table first. Cross through Caracavus to establish the Echo Back Canyon Camp then head into the Echoback Fort, searching the table on the lower level for the Vial of Archdemon Blood . In the Fallow Mire you need to reach Hargrave Keep to the southwest and go to the battlements. Unlock the door here to find the Grey Warden Tome . Just a bit further at the Avvar Leader’s Base Camp you can locate the final artifact, the Grey Warden Banner .


Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Inquisitor Messenger Memories of the Grey completed, Wicked Hearts Main Quest completed. 1,934 Experience, 400 Influence, +3 Power

After talking with Blackwall after the Wicked Hearts main quest (and after completing the Memories of the Grey), you will have a chat with him over a drink about what he saw as a child. After that chat, leave Skyhold and come back to the barn to see Blackwall is gone. This starts the quest. Also note that you can search nearby his carving to find a personal note to you.

Dialogue Choice

Do you know what I did?

  • You saved it?

  • That’s horrible!

  • Of course not.

  • You were a child.

  • So did everyone else.

  • You were weak. ( Blackwall +1 )

- Don't let that stop you.

- Your eyes aren't shut. ( **Blackwall +1** )

- All this over a dog? ( **Blackwall -1** )

Upon hearing someone named Mornay is going to be executed in Val Royeaux, Blackwall left. No better place to go search for him! Head to Val Royeaux and north to see a scene. Revelations indeed…

Next head south to the prison. Enter and look around downstairs for an Amulet of Power , for BLACKWALL ONLY . Now, go talk to Blackwall in the cell where you can delve further into what happened.

Dialogue Choice

But a good man, the man he was, wouldn’t have let another die in his place.

  • You lied to me.

  • You really killed those people?

  • What you did was brave.

  • And dying makes up for it?

  • I want to help.

  • That’s up to you.

  • I want an explanation.

- You're more than that.

- I'm not convinced.

- You're pathetic. ( **Blackwall +1** )

Head back upstairs and speak to Cullen. As you can imagine here, this is a VITAL decision. You have the choice here to leave him where he is or use the Inquisition’s influence to judge him yourself. If you do want him out (we are going to assume you do… if you don’t you know what to do and the consequences of such), tell Cullen and you’ll get the Thom Rainer’s Fate War Table Operation. This costs one power, but let’s you bring him in to judge him yourself.

Head to the throne after that and you can judge Thom yourself. Every option here keeps him with you but continuing the lie is met with Greatly Disapproves as you may guess. Choose what you will and the quest will be complete.


Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Blackwall Flirt with Blackwall before Skyhold then be rebuffed by him 128 Experience, 80 Influence

Head to the Storm Coast with Blackwall and venture to the Small Grove Camp. Just south of here you can climb the hill and find the Warden-Constable’s Badge. He explains his life before he met the Inquisitor, talk to him back at Skyhold to complete the romance.

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