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Dragon Age: Inquisition


Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Unfinished Business

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Cassandra Talk to Cassandra at Skyhold 2,025 Experience, 910 Influence, 2 Power

Your objective is to seek out and defeat 5 enemies that Cassandra wants you to hunt down. You’ll gain +5 Approval if you defeat them with her in the party:

  1. Ser Rebenger Torn can be found east of the Forest Camp in the Hinterlands. He is a Rogue and often goes into Stealth.

  2. Gordon the Frank is near the large tower near the town in Emprise du Lion. He is a mage and is accompanied by them too.

  3. Ser Hildebrandt is in the northeast of the Exalted Plains. He is a Knight and thus has a shield. Defeat his two archers first.

  4. Jepler the Unbound can be found in Hopwood at the north portion of the Emerald Grave. He is accompanied by Freemen of the Dales.

  5. Leo of Lucien Bay is south of the Echoback Fort in the Western Approach and will take some effort to reach. Fortunately, he’s a simple target.

Promise of Destruction

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Cassandra Talk to Cassandra at Skyhold 1,025 Experience, 400 Influence, 3 Power

Dialogue Choice

“(Sighs.) I can keep staring at this, but I won’t get any closer.”

  • Can I help? ( Cassandra +1 )

  • Stubborn as ever?

  • Closer to what?

  • Couldn’t they be dead?

  • What if they’re infected?

  • This is important to you.

  • They might be his allies.

  • What’s the point? ( Cassandra -1 )

After talking to Cassandra about the missing Seekers of Truth you can choose the “Locate the Missing Seekers” operation at the War Table. Completing this tracks them down to “Caer Oswin” and puts the location “Castle of Caer Oswin” on the map. Head there when you are ready. Cassandra comes along automatically.

Head up the hill and soon you’ll see a door on your left. You can loot the pot nearby and some bags in the ruins up ahead if you wish, but enter the door and a “ Promiser “ will run away (you can chain him and kill him if you are fast). He runs to a room full of them, where you will have to kill them all. After you do so, Cassandra will explain what they are exactly.

Nab the Chest from the previous room and loot the bodies for the Dungeon Key and continue onward. To the right are Chest x2 . In the hallway is a dead seeker. Examine the body and move out into the courtyard. Drop down below and kill the Promisers you find down here. You will get a cutscene down here after showing why they are doing this in more detail.

Search the corpses for the Courtyard Key and loot the buildings down here as you wish. You need to head up the stairs last, to the castle door. Enter and kill the Promisers inside, then check the left-hand wall for the The Order of Fiery Promise codex. The throne here is awesome. Head up either side and note there is a Chest on each side along with another item (jar or lockbox) to loot.

Continue on to see a scene. Afterward, press forward, nab the Chest at the top, and head outside again. Kill the enemies that show up and continue up the hill and through the door to meet Lucius. Reply as you will and be ready to fight.

Surprisingly, Lucius is very under-whelming. In fact, he isn’t even labeled as a boss or elite, and is actually a lower level than the Promiser troops backing him up. Very odd, but who are we to complain? Kill them all and be sure to loot Lucius for the unique mace Vidathiss he carries, then return to Skyhold once you are ready.

Cassandra will share what she has learned with you. Respond how you will (which includes what you think should become of the Seekers) and in the end you’ll gain your reward up above, as well as The Rite of Tranquility codex entry and the Andrastrian Throne for your collection.

Dialogue Choice

“And now it falls to me.”

  • You seem upset.

  • Dry reading, I take it?

  • You should have left it.

  • It sounds horrible.

  • A small price to pay.

  • Is that what the book says?

  • You caused the rebellion.

  • Why keep it hidden?

  • The rebellion was needless.

  • That’s not surprising.

  • Make the Seekers better.

  • It’s up to you.

  • Let the Seekers go.

  • You can do anything. (Romance)

  • What else is in the book?

    • Never.

    • It’s possible.

    • I don’t know.

  • Your faith has been shaken.

  • How would you rebuild?

  • But what is the Maker’s work?

The Ideal Romance

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Cassandra Start a Romance with Cassandra 128 Experience, 80 Influence

Head to Val Royeaux and purchase “ The Most Romantic Candle in Thedas “ at Pierre-Marie’s shop. Then head to the second tier behind the fountain to find an Elf selling flowers; have her send them to Skyhold. Lastly, venture to Redcliffe Village and speak with the Dwarven Bookseller on the way to the docks to get information on some poetry books. A short trip from the Forest Camp will lead you to three bandits. Kill them and acquire the Poetry Book then return to Cassandra in Skyhold.

Dialogue Choice

“You don’t… actually intend to go through with courting me, do you?”

  • Maybe not. (End Romance)

  • Of course I do.

  • Why so incredulous?

  • I care for you.

  • I like a challenge.

  • I won’t if you don’t want it.

I’d like to talk. Privately.

  • This is what you wanted.

  • No room for fun?

  • I am absolutely serious.

  • You don’t like it?

  • You’re so picky.

  • Can you do better?

  • Which do you believe?

  • Way to kill the mood.

  • You’re still afraid.

  • You may have no choice.

  • I believe it.

  • I love you.

  • No, stop… (End Romance)

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