Type Petitioner Location Reward
Notice Board Aekom (Bhujerba: Lhusu Square) Lhusu Mines, Transitway 1 600 Gil, Rose Corsage, Balaclava, Great Serpentskin


Lv HP Weakness Steal
10 6079 Fire Antidote, Tanned Hide, Aries Gem


Resistances Status Immunities
Water (Absorbs), Dark, Earth Holy, Ice, Lightning, Wind (Halves) Disable, Disease, Doom, Lure, Oil, Petrify, Poison, Sap


Make your way to the Notice Board in the Cloudborne, Bhujerba and then make your way back to the Lhusu Square area and head downstairs from the Save Crystal to find a Seeq named Aekom, who will complain about the evil snake in the mines. Looks like you’ll have to do what the professional parivir guards can’t and put down this exceptionally dangerous raksas, er, fiend.

You’ll find this beastie with little trouble, as it brazenly slithers about in the Transitway 1 area of the Lhusu Mines. Before you engage it, make sure you cast Protect on your party, as all its attacks are physical in nature, and this will greatly reduce incoming damage. You also won’t be hurt by trying to weed out the weaker monsters prowling about before focusing on Nidhogg.

Pick up the Nidhogg hunt (left), then return to the Lhusu Mines to battle the dangerous snake (right).

As with most Marks, Nighogg will start the battle with a variety of buffs, which you’ll just have to endure. Since all its attacks are physical you can significantly impede the serpent by casting Blind or Immobilize, two status effects it’s not immune to. Fire-based attacks do more damage, but it’s resistant to everything else, save Water, which it absorbs. While its normal attacks are dangerous enough, they can also inflict Poison, which will further burden your healers - Poisona or Antidotes are recommended. It also has a fairly high combo rate and can combo quite a few times in succession, especially when its HP are low, so be wary of damage spikes.

Speaking of which, Nidhogg will seem like a pretty easy Mark until you drive its HP down, at which point it’ll gain an innate boost to its physical attack and defense, making it much harder to finish off. Furthermore, it’ll start utilizing more dangerous attacks, like Saber and Tail Spear, which can do significant damage to one character and inflict Slow. Keep Protect up and a healthy stock of Hi-Potions come in very handy as Nidhogg nears its death throes.

After your bout with the devious basilisk, return to the petitioner to claim the reward.

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