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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

White Mage

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Nathan Garvin

The role of the White Mage is obvious, and indispensible. The White Mage is your primary healer, having access to a wide variety of HP restoring spells, status-curing spells (ultimately including the essential Esuna), Dispel (removes enemy buffs) and Holy (one of their few offensive magicks - as well as one of the few ways to inflict Holy damage). While other jobs gain bits and pieces of their arsenal, namely the Knight and Monk, and some are quite competent at it (especially the Black Mage/Monk combo), you’re almost certainly going to want a dedicated healer, if for no better reason than it allows you to also have one of the aforementioned secondary healers when necessary.

As far as other licenses are concerned, the White Mage has many of the expected staples, including Mystic Armor, Rods, various mage-related technicks and passives, Ether Lore 1 - 2, two ranks of Swiftness and a high volume of Magick Lores (14). In addition they oddly get a number of Battle Lores (5), which they likely won’t make much use of. Their native weapons are Rods, which are analogous to the Black Mage’s Staves in that, while they can be used to perform physical attacks, their damage is poor, and instead are mostly useful for the boosts they give to Magick Power and the odd elemental affinity. Their one great liability are their HP, which are the lowest in the game, sitting at a paltry 400 HP.

Esper Gates won’t give them many noteworthy licenses (although they do have an odd affinity towards Greatswords), so to expand their potency and durability you’ll have to consider your secondary class well. Two fine options include the Shikari and the Machinist, as both will ensure the White Mage gains access to all three Swiftness ranks and both will provide much-needed HP. Both also have access to Light Armor, in case you find yourself needing further HP boosts. The Shikari will allow them to utilize Daggers and Shields, particularly the Main Gauche, which will greatly increase their Evade statistic. If you want an incredibly tanky White Mage, it’s not a bad idea.

The White Mage/Machinist, however, ranks near the top of the list when it comes to versatility, sitting comfortably with the likes of the Black Mage/Monk, Knight/Bushi, and Red Battlemage/Archer. The Machinist can use Guns, which ignore defense but also don’t utilize the White Mage’s own stats to boost damage… which is a fine trade-off, since the White Mage is a tertiary attacker, at best, and probably isn’t investing much into Strength. It’ll allow them to do reliable - if unimpressive - damage when the opportunity (or need) arises. Even better, however, is the fact that the Machinist can access Time Magicks 8 - 10 via the Famfrit Esper Gate, which will allow them to utilize magicks like Hastega, Reflectga and Slowga. All in all, it’ll make the White Mage/Machinist a top-tier support character, who excels at standing back and buffing, debuffing, taking pot-shots with Guns, and of course, healing.

Alternatively, if you want to shoot for the Knight/Time Battlemage combo in a twelve-job party, there’s the White Mage/Uhlan combo. Both help each other out quite a bit, as the Uhlan gives the White Mage Heavy Armor and substantially more HP, and an incredibly high combined total of Battle Lores and Magick Lores. A potent white warrior who can heal and dish it out in the front line, they do lose the support magicks provided by the Machinist, but presumably you made this substitution for the Knight/Time Battlemage, greatly reducing the need to have the Machinist - and their Time Magick - in play.

White Mage Core Licenses

Category Licenses
Swiftness Swiftness 30 LP, Swiftness 50 LP
HP HP 1 - 3, 5 (400 HP)
Battle Lore x5
Magick Lore x14
Weapons Rods 1 - 4, Rod of Faith
Armor Mystic Armro 1 - 13
Technicks Achilles, Charge, Stamp
Magicks Green Magick 1 - 3, White Magick 1 - 13
Item Lore Ether Lore 1 - 2
Passives Channeling x3, Headsman, Inquisitor, Martyr, Serenity, Spellbound, Spellbreaker, Warmage

White Mage Esper Licenses

Esper Licenses
Adrammelech Battle Lore, Souleater
Chaos HP 8 (310 HP)
Cuchulainn Libra
Exodus Battle Lore
Famfrit Daggers 5, Numerology
Shemhazai HP 6 (230 HP)
Zeromus HP 7 (270 HP)
Zodiark Greatswords 1
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