Return back to Balfonheim Port, where there’s another side-quest - or rather a mini-game - you can partake in. Head to the Saccio Lane area (the southwestern-most area) and talk to Rikken a few times until he asks if you “care for a bit of sport”. Agree and you’ll start a race, which is as simple as can be, all you need to do is alternately press [X] and [Circle] to keep momentum.

Rikken will challenge you to a good natured race - well, jog - if you bother him enough (left) and if you win, you’ll gain a prize (right).

It doesn’t take much (read: any) skill, but you’re probably better off putting the controller on a stable surface and tapping the buttons in tandem. It’s also worth noting that the route Vaan runs (or rather, jogs) is random. Sometimes he’ll run a tighter, shorter distance to the right, while other times he’ll take a wider route by running left. The speed of your competitors is also fairly random, sometimes they’ll barely be competitive, other times they’ll leave little room for error. You cannot use Speed Mode to speed this process up, unfortunately. Victory will earn you random prizes, most of which are cheap, basic curatives, and given that there are no fewer than 100 tiers of races to indulge in, you could be at this a while, if you’re so inclined. The rewards are listed below:

Tier Reward
1 Potion x1
2 Phoenix Down x1
3 Eye Drops x1
4 Antidote x1
5 10 Gil, Echo Herbs x1
6 Gold Needle x1
7 Prince's Kiss x1
8 Handkerchief x1
9 Bacchus's Wine x1
10 100 Gil, Balance Mote x2
11 Potion x2
12 Phoenix Down x2
13 Eye Drops x2
14 Antidote x2
15 20 Gil, Echo Herbs x2
16 Gold Needle x2
17 Prince's Kiss x2
18 Handkerchief x2
19 Bacchus's Wine x2
20 300 gil, Float Mote x2
21 Potion x3
22 Phoenix Down x3
23 Eye Drops x3
24 Antidote x3
25 30 Gil, Echo Herbs x3
26 Gold Needle x3
27 Prince's Kiss x3
28 Handkerchief x3
29 Bacchus's Wine x3
30 800 Gil, Teleport Stone x3
31 Potion x4
32 Phoenix Down x4
33 Eye Drops x4
34 Antidote x4
35 40 Gil, Echo Herbs x4
36 Gold Needle x4
37 Prince's Kiss x4
38 Handkerchief x4
39 Bacchus's Wine x4
40 1,500 Gil, Vanishga Mote x2
41 Potion x5
42 Phoenix Down x5
43 Eye Drops x5
44 Antidote x5
45 50 Gil, Echo Herbs x5
46 Gold Needle x5
47 Prince's Kiss x5
48 Handkerchief x5
49 Bacchus's Wine x5
50 2,500 Gil, Reflectga Mote x2
51 Potion x6
52 Phoenix Down x6
53 Eye Drops x6
54 Antidote x6
55 60 Gil, Echo Herbs x6
56 Gold Needle x6
57 Prince's Kiss x6
58 Handkerchief x6
59 Bacchus's Wine x6
60 3,500 Gil, Hi-Ether x2
61 Potion x7
62 Phoenix Down x7
63 Eye Drop x7
64 Antidote x7
65 70 Gil, Echo Herb x7
66 Gold Needle x7
67 Prince's Kiss x7
68 Handkerchief x7
69 Bacchus's Wine x7
70 4,500 Gil, Holy Mote x2
71 Potion x8
72 Phoenix Down x8
73 Eye Drops x8
74 Antidote x8
75 80 Gil, Echo Herbs x8
76 Gold Needle x8
77 Prince's Kiss x8
78 Handkerchief x8
79 Bacchus's Wine x8
80 6,000 Gil, Caramel, Hastega Mote x2
81 Potion x9
82 Phoenix Down x9
83 Eyes Drops x9
84 Antidote x9
85 90 Gil, Echo Herbs x9
86 Gold Needle x9
87 Prince's Kiss x9
88 Handkerchief x9
89 Bacchus's Wine x9
90 8,000 Gil, Scathe Mote x2, Slime Oil
91 Potion x10
92 Phoenix Down x10
93 Eye Drops x10
94 Antidote x10
95 100 Gil, Echo Herbs x10
96 Gold Needle x10
97 Prince's Kiss x10
98 Handkerchief x10
99 Bacchus's Wine x10
100 10,000 Gil, Elixir x2, Unpurified Ether

As you can see from the list, most of the items are low-quality curatives you could easily buy from any general goods merchant. The infrequent, large Gil rewards are tempting, but there’s better ways to earn Gil ahead, which will render those rewards moot, too. All in all, aside from a few somewhat interesting motes and loot items, there’s not really a good reason to waste your time with this mini-game if you don’t want to.

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