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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age


Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Nathan Garvin

What would you get if you took a Knight, gave them a Spear instead of Swords, and took away their awesome White Magick Esper Gates? An Uhlan, more or less. Okay, that’s not entirely fair, both jobs have around the same HP, access to Heavy Armor and the Uhlan is actually superior in Battle Lores (13) and Magick Lores (4). In addition, the Uhlan has a relatively good selection of technicks and item lores, and even a few Black Magicks (Blizzara, Fira, Poison and Thundara) which, while interesting, won’t be terribly useful for long.

All in all, the Uhlan is well-equipped to serve as a front-line warrior, and Spears are fine weapons that can even deal with flying foes. All that said, however, they don’t have the White Magick the Knight has, the synergy of the Bushi, or the stat-reducing technicks of the Foebreaker, nor do they have access to Genji Armor. This makes them the least dynamic of the warrior classes, even though on their own they’re arguably better at the role than the Foebreaker… mostly due to the undesirable properties of Axe & Hammer class weapons as compared to the Spear.

While the Uhlan is a fair class on its own, it’s generally a poor prospect for combination with other jobs. Most mage classes will benefit from the extra HP, but they probably won’t use the Heavy Armor, nor are they likely to use - or if they do, to be terribly competent with - Spears. The one (somewhat) exception to this rule is the White Mage, who sorely needs those HP. While you’ll still find yourself caught between focuses - using Heavy Armor to increase Strength will lower Magick Power, and using Mystic Armor to increase Magick Power will lower Strength - Rods are pretty easy to give up, and being a less-than-ideal front-liner is forgivable for a White Mage.

If you understandably want the White Mage to stay out of battle as much as possible and fulfill a more supporting role (presumably going with White Mage/Machinist), there’s an arguably more syngergetic combo for the Uhlan, the Uhlan/Time Battlemage. Sure, Heavy Armor goes to waste, but you pass on the HP to the Time Battlemage, you get the extra rank of Swiftness, you can make use of all the Time Battlemage’s spells, and since it’s a support caster you’ll get plenty of use of your Spears. Since your Magick Power doesn’t really matter too much, you’ll want to focus on the benefits that Heavy Armor gives you, namely higher Strength.

Uhlan Core Licenses

Category Licenses
Swiftness Swiftness 30 LP, Swiftness 50 LP
HP HP 1 - 9 (1,710 HP)
Battle Lore x13
Magick Lore x4
Weapons Spears 1 - 4, Dragon Whisker, Vrasbha, Zodiac Spear
Armor Heavy Armor 1 - 12
Technicks Achilles, Charm, First Aid, Infuse, Martyr, Revive, Poach, Shades of Black, Souleater
Magicks Black Magick 5 - 6
Item Lore Phoenix Lore 30 LP, Phoenix Lore 50 LP, Potion Lore 1 - 2, Remedy Lore 1 - 2
Passives Adrenaline, Focus, Headsman, Inquisitor, Last Stand, Spellbound

Uhlan Esper Licenses

Esper Licenses
Adrammelech Battle Lore
Chaos Black Magick 7 - 8
Cuchulainn Wither
Famfrit Battle Lore
Hashmal Bonecrusher
Mateus Magick Lore x2
Ultima Espose
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