Type Petitioner Location Reward
Clan Centurio Elite Mark Pilika (Bhujerba: Khus Skygrounds) Lhusu Mines, Site 2 1200 Gil, Hi-Potion, Survival Vest


Lv HP Weakness Steal
16 17,548 Wind Potion, Turtle Shell, Aged Turtle Shell


Resistances Status Immunities
Earth (Absorb) Confuse, Disable, Doom, Lure, Oil, Petrify, Poison, Reverse, Sap


Make your way to Montblanc at the Clan Hall to grab the hunt for the Rocktoise and then leave the Clan Hall to make your way down to the Gate Crystal in Southgate and teleport to Bhujerba. When you arrive, exit the aerodome and if you haven’t officially started the hunt, you need to speak to Pilika in Khus Skygrounds in Bhujerba (moogle standing on the wall at the southern end of the area). Once you do that, head on over to Lhusu Mines, with your destination being Site 2, where you ran into Ba’Gamnan and his pals earlier in the game. You should find Rocktoise stomping around in the open area, so it’s finally time to make some turtle soup out of it.

Despite being a giant turtle, the Rocktoise does have access to quite a few skills, but guess that’s a given considering it’s an Elite Mark. First and foremost, its normal attacks can inflict Slow, plus it can Blind your party with Flash. It can also cast Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and Dark, although it only seems to use these when its target is out of reach of its physical attacks. Sonic Spin is an attack where it will spin its body and hit everyone in melee range, while Stone Stomp will do some decent damage against a character. Your characters will receive some minor damage from just attacking the turtle, around 5% of whatever the damage is you do. Also, when its HP gets to under 20%, its attacks will become unburdened by the restraints of the ATB bar needing to fill - faster, in other words.

Rocktoise is a strong foe, which comes with the territory of Elite Marks (left). However, it should fall rather easily at this point (right).

Although you should be relatively well-equipped for this hunt by the possibility of looting the Sandsea and Raithwall area, it doesn’t hurt to take precautions. Make sure you put Protect on everyone and have characters inflict the beast with both Blind and Slow, which will help immensely. Despite being blinded, the Rocktoise might still hit your characters quite often, so be prepared to heal. Rocktoise doesn’t drop anything, but you can steal a Potion, Turtle Shell or Aged Turtle Shell from it.

Once you finally vanquish the overgrown turtle, return to Pilika in Bhujerba to receive your reward.

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