Type Petitioner Location Reward
Notice Board High-Chief Zayalu (Jahara: Elderknoll) Henne Mines, Phase 1 - Shaft 1300 Gil, Ether, Soul Powder


Lv HP Weakness Steal
24 22562 Holy Dark Crystal, Book of Orgain-Mille, Flame Shield


Resistances Status Immunities
Dark (Absorb) Disable, Disease, Doom, Lure, Oil, Petrify, Poison, Sleep


To properly start this Hunt you’ll need to travel to Jahara, then cross the bridge to The Elderknoll area, where you’ll find High-chief Zayalu waiting for you in the tent to the west. Talk to him and when he’s done wasting his time fear-mongering at you he’ll tell you that you can find the beast in the Henne Mines, in the Phase 1 Shaft area.

Head to the Banks of the Sogoht area and talk to Gurdy, the Chocobo-Moogle and rent one it its birds, then ride to the southern end of The Shred zone in the Ozmone Plains, from which you can reach the Henne Mines. For this hunt you may want to take along a Red Battlemage, as they can cast all the necessary magicks you’ll want at your disposal - Cura, Dispel, and Silence. A Black Mage and White Mage’s combined powers will suffice, however. Otherwise, you need not be picky.

Head on into the Henne Mines and make your way to the third area, pressing the switches in the North Entrance and Pithead Junction A areas to open up the doors leading to the looping tunnels to the east and south, as this is where Ixtab dwells. Make your way to where the two tunnels intersect in the southeast and Ixtab will manifest and attack.

Ixtab can be a pretty rough customer, at least given its offensive capabilities. It can harass you with Aquara, Aerora and Dark, and like Wraith it’s happy enough to cast Doom on your characters and wait for them to die. In addition, its physical attacks inflict the Doom status and it can use the Annul technick to fully deplete a character’s MP. If this happens to your mage, be sure to use an Ether. Ixtab does have two weaknesses, however - its HP are a mere 22,000, far from being impressive. Even more damning, however, Ixtab isn’t immune to Silence, and hitting it with this Black Magick will cut off the worst of its offense. Counter Doom with a Remedy (if you have the Rememdy Lore 3 license) while Stop can be removed with Dispel. You can also easily defeat Ixtab by simply summoning Belias, as Espers are immune to status-effect.

Ixtab will use a variety of nasty magicks and technicks on you (left), but much of his offense can be neutralized by inflicting Silence (right).

When Ixtab has been banished, return to Jahara and tell High-chief Zayalu the news, who will hand of your well-deserved reward in return.

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