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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Stages 21-30

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Nathan Garvin

Stage 21 - King Bomb, Bombs x3 (Optional)

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Ether, Vanishga Mote Onion Bombs, Flametongue, Oil Bombs (King Bomb) N/A N/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Horned Hat, Vox

King Bomb can be a very annoying boss, simply because there is a chance that he will run away repeatedly from you and try to both use Renew to fully heal himself, as well as summon more Bombs for you. When you officially begin the battle, there are only three Bombs, so quickly take them out so you can concentrate on the big baddie himself. The only real attack he has, besides physical ones, is Fira. He is susceptible to both Silence and Immobilize, but it can still use Renew even when silenced.

Stage 22 - Topstalk, Deadly Nightshade x8

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Hi-Potion, Bacchus’s Wine N/A N/A N/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Ringmail, Horology

You should be able to easily smash these little guys to bits. This stage has nothing else of note.

Stage 23 - Pumpkin Star, Pumpkin Head x8

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Knot of Rust, Bio Mote N/A N/A N/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Calot Hat, Blizzard

There’s a definite theme to these next few stages in that you’ll be fighting some form of plant creatures. All should go down with ease if you’ve gotten this far though.

Stage 24 - Mandragora Prince, Mandragora x8

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Warp Mote, Hi-Ether N/A N/A N/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Aqua Shot, Shepherd’s Bolero

More little plant guys! A few area of effect abilities will finish them off nicely.

Stage 25 - Onion Queen, Wild Onion x8

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Aero Mote, Ether N/A N/A N/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Poisona, Iron Helm

Continuing the vegetable murder. Moving swiftly on!

Stage 26 - Alraune King, Alraune x8

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Gold Needle, Dark Mote N/A N/A N/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Iron Armor, Protect

Another similar stage. If you’ve cleared the others, you know what to expect by now.

Stage 27 - Topstalk, Pumpkin Star, Mandragora Prince, Onion Queen, Alraune King

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Balance Mote, Antidote Sash (Mandragora Prince) N/A N/A
Wearing Diamond Armor - Shell, Gauntlets Pheasant Netsuke (Alraune King)
Bowline Sash (Onion Queen)
Nishijin Belt (Pumpkin Star)
Black Belt (Topstalk)

If you’ve managed to make it to Sochen Cave Palace in the main storyline, then you might recognize this quintet from there. The Mandragora Family consists of five enemies that like to play keepaway from your party members, as they will usually run away and then congregate on your party, launching an attack and running away again. They have a variety of ailments at their disposal, with the worst ones being Disable, Confuse, Sleep and Silence so bring good status protection.

Stage 28 - Wendice, Striker x2, Cubus (Optional)

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Rime Fang, Chronos Tear Lightning Arrows, Black Bolts, Stun Bombs (Wendice) Reverse Mote (Striker) Chaos Mace, Elixir, Dark Matter (Cubus)
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Stun Bombs, Black Belt Six-fluted Pole, Halberd, Mirror Mail (Cubus)

There’s nothing too special about this stage, except for the optional foe, Cubus. Check the corners of the arena and you should eventually find it. A Chaos Mace is its rare drop, but getting one to actually drop might be a bit much. You can steal a Six-fluted Pole, Halberd or Mirror Mail from it, with the latter being the rarest item.

Stage 29 - Ahriman, Ahriman Copy x6 (Optional)

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Hastega Mote, Potion Thief’s Cap, Hypnocrown, Black Robes N/A N/A
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Bamboo Arrows, Nishijin Belt

Ahriman is an annoying boss, solely because at one point, it will create a bunch of clones and finding the right one can be a bit troublesome. This is on top of having to deal with both Doom and Immobilizega (Black Belts help with the latter). The clones can attack with all of the same moves as the original, but there is a trick you can use to keep tabs on the original when all of the clones are out. Cast Regen on the boss at the beginning of the battle, before it uses Divide (it’s undead, so it will do damage instead of heal it). When Ahriman divides, the Regen sticks on the original, while it won’t be on the clones. Lastly, you can steal a Thief’s Cap, Hypnocrown or Black Robes from it, the latter two items being fairly nice.

Stage 30 - Gil Snapper, Storm Elemental x3 (Optional), Bansat (Ally)

Chests Steal Poach Drops
Normal - Gravity Mote, X-Potion, Ether Thief’s Cuffs, Turtleshell Choker (Gil Snapper) N/A Dark Matter (Storm Elemental)
Wearing Diamond Armlet - Lead Bolts, Blazer Gloves, Bangle

The Bansat ally will help you in this fight. The Gil Snapper is your standard turtle which you should’ve come across by now. There are no surprises in this fight.

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