A Vikaari Bhrum

Regular Treasure Diamond Armlet Respawns (Y/N)
Enemies Weakness Steal Loot
Larva Eater (Rare Game) Ice Scorpio Gem Mina, Demon Eyeball

A Vikaari Bhrum is where you’ll enter the Trahk level from using Waystone V. Like most entry rooms, there’s not much here other than the chance for Larva Eater to spawn should you have filled the required conditions. When you first arrive here, you’ll only have two exits open to you as the third requires the activation of at least the Pisces Gate Stone and ideally the Aries Gate Stone too.

  • Exits:
    1. Northeast - Trahk Jilaam Praa’Dii
    2. Southeast - Trahk Pis Praa
    3. Southwest - Dha Vikaari Jula (Pisces Barrier)
    4. Waystone IV - Dha Vikaari Trahk (back to the Bhrum level)

Trahk Jilaam Praa’Dii

Regular Treasure Diamond Armlet Respawns (Y/N)
Ninja Gear Ninja Gear N
Enemies Weakness Steal Loot
Mom Bomb Water Bomb Shell, Soleil Fang, Scorpio Gem Bomb Shell, Fire Crystal, Diamond Armlet, Scorpio Gem

As soon as you enter this room, you’ll spot the Mom Bombs in the center along with a Treasure. Take them out while watching for their Self-Destruct and then claim the loot to obtain some Ninja Gear, some useful Light Armor ideal for a Shikari that will boost their Speed.

  • Exits:
    1. Northeast - Sthaana Aries
    2. Southwest - A Vikaari Bhrum

Sthaana Aries

Regular Treasure Diamond Armlet Respawns (Y/N)
Enemies Weakness Steal Loot
Necrophobe Holy Sky Jewel, [b] Shock Mote, Hermes Sandals Dark Crystal, Bacchus’s Wine, Sky Jewel, Capricorn Gem

As you approach the Aries Gate Stone in this room, you may be set upon by two Necrophobes, a Ghost-type enemy. You should know what to expect just by seeing one. They’ll turn incorporeal and teleport about a lot, cast some magicks (Darkra, Death and Doom) and use Divide when low on HP.

  • Exits:
    1. Southwest - Trahk Jilaam Praa’Dii

Trahk Pis Praa

Regular Treasure Diamond Armlet Respawns (Y/N)
Gaia Gear Gaia Gear N
Enemies Weakness Steal Loot
Ose Holy Chronos Tear, Prime Pelt, Libra Gem Morning Star, Prime Pelt, Dark Crystal, Libra Gem

You’ll encounter the nasty Oses in this room and as always, be vigilant for their Blaster attacks with a White Mage on hand. Antother treasure awaits in the center here, loot it to obtain some Gaia Gear, Light Armor that increases the user’s magick power stat, handy for anyone who may be a Bushi.

  • Exits:
    1. Northwest - A Vikaari Bhrum
    2. Southwest - Sthaana Pisces

(1 of 2) Ninja Gear will offer a slight boost in Speed

Ninja Gear will offer a slight boost in Speed (left), while Gaia Gear will boost your Magick Power. (right)

Sthaana Pisces

Regular Treasure Diamond Armlet Respawns (Y/N)
Enemies Weakness Steal Loot
Mythril Golem Water Iron Ore, Fire Crystal, Mythril Iron Ore, Fire Crystal, Gaia Gear, Aquarius Gem

This is the second Sthaana room on this level, this one containing the all important Pisces Gate Stone, needed to head further down the Crystal although you’ll have to dispatch two troublesome Mythril Golems before activating it. If you made your way to Sthaana Aries first and activated the Gate Stone there, then you can take the northwest shortcut, otherwise, a trip back to A Vikaari Bhrum is in order.

  • Exits:
    1. Northeast - Trahk Pis Praa
    2. Southwest - Dha Vikaari Jula

Dha Vikaari Jula

Regular Treasure Diamond Armlet Respawns (Y/N)
Enemies Weakness Steal Loot
Larva Eater (Rare Game) Ice Scorpio Gem Mina, Demon Eyeball

Dha Vikaari Jula is the final room on this level and as most levels with a Waystone, there’s not much to see. Larva Eater once again has a chance to spawn here and you’ll find Waystone III, this one taking you further down the Crystal to Jula, the lowest level and the Core of the Great Crystal.

  • Exits:
    1. Northeast - A Vikaari Bhrum
    2. Southeast - Sthaana Pisces (Aries Barrier)
    3. Waystone III - Crystal Core (down to the Jula level)

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