Bellwyvern • Earth Elemental • Feral Croc • Malboro Overking • Serpent • Tarasque (Rare Game).
Items In This Area
Adamant Hat • Adamant Hat (Steal from Malboro Overking) • Adamant Vest • Agate Ring • Aldebaran • Aqua Shot • Argyle Armlet • Astrakhan Hat • Avenger • Bangle • Barrel Coat • Bastard Sword • Betelguese • Black Belt • Black Garb • Blazer Gloves x2 • Blindga • Brigandine • Bowline Sash • Carmagnole • Carmagnole (Poach from Serpent) • Chaos Mace • Crystal Shield • Diamond Armor • Diamond Helm • Diamond Sword • Doom Mace • Dragon Shield • Embroidered Tippet (Poach from Coeurl) • Empyrean Rod • Enchanter's Habit • Fiery Arrows • Flametongue • Float • Francisca • Fuzzy Miter • Gaia Hat • Giant Stonebow • Goggle Mask • Gokuu Pole • Halberd • Hunting Crossbow (Poach from Tarasque) • Judicer's Staff • Kiku-ichimonji • Leather Gorget • Long Bolts • Maduin Gear • Magick Gloves • Metal Jerkin • Mirror Mail • Nishijin Belt • Officer's Hat • Orichalcum Dirk (Steal from Feral Croc) • Parallel Arrows • Penetrating Crossbow • Platinum Helm • Platinum Shield • Power Armlet • Regen* • Rose Corsage • Runeblade • Silent Shot • Steel Gorget • Steel Mask • Stone Bolts • Storm Spear • Stun Bombs • Yakei • Zephyr Pole.
*If not collected earlier.

Tchita Uplands is one of the few areas in the game where the treasures can be a chore to try and get. The reasoning for this is the lower chances for the actual treasures to spawn and the somewhat higher chance for it to just give you gil. If you wish to bypass most of this equipment, you will be able to purchase the majority of the equipment once you reach Archades, saving you the headache of trying to acquire it here. Despite that, the locations of the treasures will still be pointed out for you in the walkthrough.

Realm of the Elder Dream

A new area means new enemies, with Tchita Uplands containing new variations of the Coeurl and Malboro, two enemies notorious for inflicting multiple ailments on your party. Coeurls are prevalent throughout the entire area, but Malboro Overkings tend to stick to the buildings, one of which is located to the northeast. If you’ve been following this guide, then you came across Coeurls in Golmore Jungle. They are pretty much the same, although they have different drops and all that. As drops, you can get a Storm Crystal, Coeurl Pelt, Quality Pelt or Bio Mote and stealing will net you a Storm Stone, Storm Crystal or Quality Pelt. Poaching them will yield either a Coeurl Pelt or an Embroidered Tippet .

If you recall, then Embroidered Tippets are excellent accessories that double the experience for whoever is wearing it, so it may be a good idea to try and get two more while running through Tchita Uplands. There is also a Bellwyvern that can be found in the southwest corner. When you enter this area, follow the northern edge of the map until you get to the northeast corner. There will be some ruined buildings here, along with plenty of Malboro Overkings, but what you’re looking for is a treasure next to the tree on the “island” up there. This treasure could yield either a Goggle Mask or Fuzzy Miter.

Return to the “mainland” and follow the eastern edge south to find another treasure, which will cough up an Officer’s Hat. Not too far northwest of that previous treasure is another one being cupped a bit by a small rock formation - this one has the chance to give you either an Avenger or Empyrean Rod . South of the chest with the Officer’s Hat is the transition to The Skytrail zone, so utilize this and then return to this zone. As soon as you appear, you can head straight west for another chest in the middle of the area, which will yield either a Storm Spear or Adamant Hat. The final treasure is located in the southwest corner and could contain a pouch of Silent Shot . Take the exit in the southeast to reach Oliphzak Rise.

Serpent :

This iteration of the snake foe is not much different previous ones, except that it is stronger and has different loot. It has access to the same two attacks, which are Gnaw and Tail Spear, so you won’t be surprised by anything new there. It can drop a Quality Hide, Wind Magicite, Bacchus’s Wine or Aries Gem, plus you can steal a Wind Magicite, Quality Hide or Aries Gem from them. Poaching them will yield either a Quality Hide or Carmagnole . They are weak to earth.

Malboro Overking:

Malboro Overkings are slightly stronger than the Malboro Kings you encountered in the Salikawood. Remember that you will only find them near the buildings in zones here in Tchita, as they won’t really be patrolling anywhere else. They have all of the same skills as them, including the annoying Cloying Breath and Bad Breath, so be prepared to have some Remedies and other status-repairing items ready. They drop a Malboro Fruit, Dark Magicite, Vanishga Mote or Virgo Gem, plus you can steal a Dark Magicite, Malboro Fruit or Adamant Hat from them. Poaching them will yield either a Malboro Fruit or Putrid Liquid, the latter of which is also a Monograph drop for them. They are weak to holy.

Bellwyvern :

The Bellwyvern is a flying creature, meaning you will need magick, ranged weapons, poles/spears and/or Telekinesis in order to deal damage. It has access to both Fira and Aerora, as well as Sonic Fangs, which has a very small chance to instantly KO someone. In addition to that, Gale can hit multiple characters and Breath can inflict Sap on your characters. It can drop a Spiral Incisor, Fire Crystal, Remedy or Reflectga Mote. Also, stealing from it can get you a Spiral Incisor, Leo Gem or Barrel Coat and poaching will yield either a Spiral Incisor or Leo Gem. Bellwyverns are weak to water.

Oliphzak Rise

You’ll encounter two new enemies in this zone, the Lizard and Feral Croc, variations of monsters you’ve already fought - they will be found near the water in the northeastern portion. You previously fought Lizards in the Paramina Rift, but they are more prevalent here and stronger. They drop Pointed Horns, Fire Magicite, Fire Crystals and Rime Fangs, while stealing will get you a Fire Magicite, Pointed Horn or Fire Crystal (poaches are the same). From where you entered, follow the northern edge of the map around and as it starts heading south, there should be a chest there that can contain either a Brigandine or Steel Gorget . Continue following this edge and as it starts going east/northeast, there should be another chest there, with this one coughing up either an Enchanter’s Habit or Carmagnole . Return to where you entered and follow the northern edge this time, going east and to a little corner, where there might be another chest that has either a Platinum Shield or an Argyle Armlet.

Look at your map and you should see a peninsula to your south, which is your next destination on this looting spree. Go to the southern edge and follow it until it begins heading northeast, where you will likely see a chest overlooking the edge there - this is the one you want, as it can contain either a Black Belt or a Halberd . Keep going to the northeast corner of this little peninsula for one more chest, which will always be there, as it contains the extremely useful Float magick. This Time Magick will allow you to float ever so slightly off the ground, making it so you won’t trigger traps when walking over them. Double back to the Platinum Shield chest and keep going east, while following the northern edge of the map, until you come to the little alcove on your map, which houses the chest with a Doom Mace in it. When you’re finished, the transition to The Nameless Spring is just a bit southeast from there.

Feral Croc:

Feral Croc is Wooly Gator palette-swap and can be an annoying one if you have a magick user with you, as it will cast Reflect on itself, so if you want to use magicks, you need to dispel it. Other attacks include Ram, Sonic Fangs, Screwtail, Phantasmal Gaze and Flash, all you’ve seen before. It can drop a Blood Wool, Wind Magicite, Lightning Fang or Aries Gem, plus you can steal a Blood Wool, Aries Gem or Orichalcum Dirk from it. Poaching will yield either a Blood Wool or Antarctic Wind. It is weak to earth.

The Nameless Spring

Upon entering here for the first time, you will find an Archadian Wayfarer standing there, with a Bangaa on the ground. Speak to the Wayfarer and he will mention some creature in Sochen Cave Palace that needs eradicating. He will give you a hunt for it, but this isn’t an official one, especially with as crude of a drawing as he created. Accept it - you don’t really have a choice, as you will see - and he will hand over a Soul Ward Key, allowing you access to the inner chambers of Sochen Cave Palace. Make use of the Save Crystal before moving on to Garden of Life’s Circle.

Garden of Lifes Circle

There won’t be much in the way of new enemies here, as it will mostly be occupied by Serpents and the odd Lizard in the north. However, there is a Rare Game that can spawn here, named Tarasque, with details listed below. For the treasures here, start by going to the exit in the northeast and as you follow the southern edge of the map there, it will begin curving around and to the east - there should be a treasure right there, which can contain a Burning Bow . From that chest, head straight south to find a bigger rock that hides another one, which may contain either a Kiku-ichimonji or a Judicer’s Staff .

Travel south to the edge of the map, then a little bit to the west to spy another treasure sitting there to be opened, with this one coughing up a pouch of Aqua Shot. Continue east, following the southern edge, and you will come across yet one more chest, which is not the one that’s closer to the transition line you will be crossing soon. This chest can yield either a Bastard Sword or a Diamond Sword . Cross the line now to reach The Lost Way.

Tarasque :

This toad-like enemy will spawn along the waters in the north whenever you get a chain of 22 of higher on enemies in the area. You have two options here - either start chaining Lizards in Oliphzak Rise and killing the lone one in this zone once you get it high enough or just concentrate on the Serpents, which is probably the easier option. If using the Serpent method, just go through the Nameless Spring (don’t touch the crystal), to Oliphzak Rise and back to make them respawn. Note that you have to get close enough to make Tarasque pop up out of the ground, so you won’t see it right away.

Despite it being a Rare Game, it is not too much stronger than the normal Lizards you have come across in Tchita Uplands. It has around five times the HP, though, so it will take a little longer to kill the thing. Abilities include Angelsong, Aqua Bubbles (Sap), Magick Ballad (can use to heal itself), Gnaw and Blitz Tongue (physical attack against a single target). It can drop either a Horn (common) or Solid Horn (rare), while stealing will get you a Hunting Crossbow and poaching will yield either a Pebble or Frog Oil. It is weak to water, but absorbs fire.

Did You Know?: The Tarasque is a mythological creature which terrorized Provence, France, until it was tamed by hymns and prayers courtesy of Saint Martha. Led back to a nearby village, the pacified monster was attacked by frightened villagers and was killed… Sort of like a medieval King Kong story. Later the Tarrasque was popularized by Dungeons and Dragons as a massive, nigh-indestructible shelled reptile, and since Final Fantasy has been heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, it’s not hard to see how the name could make it into this game.

The Lost Way

As soon as you enter, there will be a trap right in your face, which is a good time to test out that lovely Float magick. Look to the southeast to spot a L-shaped rock on your map, which is hiding a chest on its southern side that can contain some Long Bolts . Venture northeast now and if you didn’t pick up Regen in Giza Plains (Rains), then you can find the chest with it next to a rock just northeast of the central divider on the map. Near the northern tip, you can possibly find three chests all huddled together - one can contain either a Metal Jerkin or Aldebaran , the second a Maduin Gear and the third some Stone Bolts .

Follow the eastern edge of the map as it goes south and southeast, then when it turns around, there will be a chest there that can yield either some Blazer Gloves or a Bowline Sash . Go around the gap here and then straight south to the southern edge of the map. From here, you can snatch one final treasure in the southeast corner, which possibly houses a Yakei . Continue to the southeastern exit to enter Uzacuff Hills.

Uzacuff Hills

From the entrance, follow the southern edge of the map until it starts diverting to the north, where there will be a chest that can contain either a Betelguese or some Blazer Gloves . Continue following the edge until you end up making a U-turn and end up on the eastern side of that turn - there will be a chest here that can drop you a Runeblade . Looking at your map, there is land that is sort of separated into three tiers, with a small ledge overlooking to the north. Along this northern ledge is where you will find the next chest, containing a Platinum Helm .

To the east is a divider that will bring you to The Shaded Path, which further would normally bring you to Cerobi Steppe. However, the entrance is blocked by some boulders, so you won’t be able to go that way for now, thus you return to Uzacuff Hills. A little southwest from The Shaded Path transition is another chest that can drop you either a Flametongue or some Magick Gloves . There is one final treasure in the northern section, near a tree and rock, which will contain some Fiery Arrows . To the west of that is the transition that brings you to Sundered Earth.

Sundered Earth

If it is cloudy in this zone, there is a chance you will come across the Earth Elemental, another of the annoying energy beings. You may also run into some Seeq Thieves here, who are annoying as they can steal gil from you, as well as loot on the ground. From where you enter, there’s a chest along the southern edge, just past the little “hook” there on the map, containing some Parallel Arrows . Continue following the southern edge, until it starts going north and you end up in a dead end, where you can find another treasure that might yield a Zephyr Pole . Return to the main area and as you move north, there might be yet another chest smack dab in the middle of the area, which could either give you a Dragon Shield or Crystal Shield .

Looking at your map, you should three small “holes” on your map in the central part of the northern section. Southeast of those three “holes” is a square-shaped one and just southeast of that is a smaller circular one. There will be another treasure by the last thing mentioned, which can yield either a Diamond Helm or Mirror Mail. Note that one of the money methods in an area you will be visiting shortly will cough up a lot of Mirror Mails, plus their use is purely situational. Ok, it’s time to wrap up the last two treasures in this zone. Look northwest of the last treasure to find a little nook along the northern edge, where you’ll find another treasure ( Leather Gorget or Bangle ). There are two transitions on the west side, both leading to The Highlands. There is one more treasure along the western edge, in between those two transitions ( Gaia Hat ). Take the northern of the two exits.

Earth Elemental:

Initially docile, like all elementals and entites, they will become hostile if you attack them directly or use magicks near them. This Elemental only spawns in cloudy weather in either Realm of the Elder Dream or Sundered Earth. Despite being an earth elemental, it has full use of the mid-tier Black Magicks, mainly Fira, Blizzara and Thundara, as well as Protect, Shell, Sleep and Silence. Attacking it will damage you character for damage (always a percentage of the damage you do), plus it can become immune to physical damage for a duration by erecting a Magick Shield at lower health. Earth Elementals can drop an Earth Stone, Earth Magicite, Feystone or Earth Crystal, plus you can steal an Earth Magicite, Feystone or Earth Crystal. It is weak to wind, absorbs earth and immune to all other elements.

Seeq Thief:

Although all Seeqs share the same bestiary entry, whether they are friend or foe, this is still a new enemy encounter. Seeq Thieves live up to their name, as they can steal gil from your characters, plus they can also pick up loot bags on the ground if you leave them there. Other than that, their attack repertoire is rather limited, since they only really have Heave (can inflict Immobilize), Lunge and they have use of Remedies. They have no common drop, but others include a Dagger, Echo Herbs and Ice Crystal. Stealing from them will give you 80 gil, a Gold Needle or a Water Mote, and poaching will always yield a Pebble. They are weak to fire.

The Highlands

You should be at the northern transition of The Highlands, at least from Sundered Earth. Follow the southern edge as you enter and it turns around a corner, heading to the dead end to your east to find a chest that could contain an Orichalcum Dirk . To your south is a ruined building, where you’ll find the usual assortment of Malboros roaming about. There is a pillar in the northwest area of the ruined building that will be the location of the next treasure, which could be a Diamond Armor or Francisca . West of the previous chest is a small hill overlooking said ruined building, and you’ll find the next treasure here ( Black Garb or Steel Mask ).

There are two more treasures in this area, both fairly close now. Southwest a bit from the previous treasure is a weird looking tree/plant, with the chest spawning at its base ( Stun Bombs ). Continue west and then north to the corner of this little area (south of the dividing line), where you will spot the final treasure in this area, possibly coughing up a Barrel Coat . Take the northwestern exit to The Chosen Path, where there will be two things, a Gate Crystal and the son of the Archadian Wayfarer you encountered earlier. Despite him looking for his son, there’s nothing you can do to push him back to his father, so talk to him if you wish, use the Gate Crystal to heal/save, then continue to The Skytrail.

The Skytrail

From where you enter, you might find a chest just north of your entry, which could contain either a Chaos Mace or Astrakhan Hat. To the west of that is a dead end, where you can find another chest, this one possibly containing either a Giant Stonebow or Adamant Vest . Follow the eastern edge of the map down to the south and about halfway, there might be another chest, which might cough up a Penetrating Crossbow. Thankfully, there is only one treasure left to be had in this area, which is along the southern edge of the map. It’s about midway, just south of a tree and can contain either a Gokuu Pole or an Agate Ring . Return to The Highlands and take the northern exit to get to Fields of Eternity.

Fields of Eternity

Ah, you’ve arrived at the final zone before Sochen Cave Palace, where you need to got to continue the story. The first chest here is located in the southeastern corner, in the little notch there on the map ( Power Armlet ). Travel to the western half of the zone now and look for the “peninsula” in the southwest corner. There can be two chests in close proximity here, one a little northwest of the rock and another west. You want the chest west of the rock, which might contain a Nishijin Belt . There’s a ruined building to you east/southeast, with another chest on the western side ( Poison Bombs ) and yet another on the eastern side ( Blindga magick). The last two chests on this map are on the northern/southern sides of the rock in the northwestern corner, with the northern chest containing a Platinum Armor and the southern a Rose Corsage . You are finally finished with Tchita Uplands, so take the exit nearby to arrive at Sochen Cave Palace.

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