To acquire the Famfrit Esper, you’ll need to continue the story until you reach the end of Pharos - Third Ascent. As you venture higher up, you’ll encounter Famfrit and Doctor Cid and you must defeat them to be able to call upon Famfrit in battle.


Lv HP Weakness Steal
52 149,060 Fire Aquarius Gem, Elixir, High Arcana


Water (Absorb), Lightning, Earth, Ice, Water, Wind, Holy, Dark (Immune)


The battle will start out with Doctor Cid alone, who will pretty much just use ordinary attacks on your party. Eventually, around 75% or so, he will bring out one of his special attacks, Gatling Gun. This hits in a cone shape and it does Fire damage, so it’s very possible to completely nullify it. Doctor Cid is weak to Holy, absorbs Dark and takes half damage from all other elements. Not long after that, at around 50% of his health, Cid will summon a new friend to join him, Famfrit, as well as toss up palings to completely null all damage to him. Of course, these palings will stay up until Famfrit is defeated, so you’ll need to turn your attention over to it.

At 50% health, Cid will summon Famfrit (left). He will erect palings on himself to nullify all damage until Famfrit is defeated (right).

This is where that “highest max HP” gambit comes into play, as your party should turn their blades towards Famfrit, instead of whacking away at an invincible Cid. You will see Cid occasionally buff Famfrit with Haste, Protect and Shell, so use Dispel to get rid of those. First and foremost, Cid will still attack you while you concentrate on Famfrit, but there’s nothing you can do about that, except keep your heals up. Famfrit is weak to Fire, absorbs Water and is immune to all other elements, so you’ll need to readjust some things to the new battle here. Firaga will work wonders on Famfrit or even your newly acquired Ardor, should you snatched it while ascending the Pharos.

Famfrit does have quite a bit of HP under its belt, but not too much else. Its normal attacks can inflict Silence and Briny Cannonade can only hit one character for Water-elemental damage. That’s about the extent of its attacks, too - except, you know, its ultimate attack of Aquaja. This deals heavy Water-elemental damage to the party and can also inflict Silence. If you have Viking Coats, Famfrit will be greatly frustrated in his attempts to do telling damage to you. Keep pelting it with attacks and the beast will eventually go down, leaving you to face Doctor Cid again. If Cid hasn’t started his other attack by now, he will after Famfrit perishes. This is S-85 Cyclotrone, an upgrade to the S-27 Tokamak attack he used in the first battle.

Also, with Famfrit gone, Cid will drop his palings for the remainder of the fight, so you are free to attack him without abandon. If Cid rebuffed himself, don’t forget to use Dispel to get rid of them again. There isn’t really much more to the fight after Famfrit goes, as Cid will stick to normal attacks while tossing in the other two skills now and then.

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