Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Phon Coast

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Nathan Garvin
Apsara (Rare Game) • Archaeosaur • Bangaa • Iguion • Mandragora • Silver Lobo • Piranha • Pyrolisk.
Items In This Area
Adamant Hat • Adamant Vest • Aldebaran • Aldebaran (Drop from Bangaa) • Astrakhan Hat • Blazer Gloves • Bowline Sash • Carmagnole • Crystal Shield • Demon Mail • Diamond Sword • Dragon Shield • Empyrean Rod • Francisca • Fumarole • Halberd • Judicer’s Staff • Lamia’s Tiara • Leather Gorget • Long Bolts • Magick Gloves • Mirror Mail • Multiscale (Steal from Bagoly) • Murasame (Poach from Pyrolisk) • Nishijin Belt • Parallel Arrows • Poison Bombs • Silent Shot • Sorcerer’s Habit • Sorcerer’s Habit (Steal from Silver Lobo) • Steel Mask • Steel Mask (Steal from Piranha) • Survival Vest (Steal from Iguion) • Viking Coat.

The Phon Coast is a fairly large place, with a lot of wide open spaces. Thus, it will be hard to pinpoint the exact locations of every single noteworthy treasure, since some of them aren’t in vicinity of landmarks. Also, the majority of the enemies to be found in the Phon Coast will be present in most of the zones. That being said, there are a few enemies that are a bit rarer than the others, like the White Chocobo, but you’re not forced to kill one, due to all Chocobos sharing the same bestiary entry. Despite that, an explanation will be given on how to spawn it. When you first enter the Phon Coast, you will be in Kaukula Pass, a tiny area with a Save Crystal, so use this brief period to rest and save your game.

The Reseta Strand

As the first zone, you will actually encounter most of the enemies of the Phon Coast here. Pyrolisks are fliers, so make sure you are prepared to deal with them, especially since they are pretty common throughout the region. Iguions and Mandragoras are docile, so you can usually ignore them, unless you’re going after one of their drops. From where you enter, go south, down the hill and onto the beach portion of the zone. As soon as you do, turn northwest and head in the direction until you get to the far northwestern corner, where you’ll spot an Iguion. In that corner will a treasure that could contain a Bowline Sash .

Now, follow the coastline to the south until you spot the trees closest to the shore - there can be a treasure at the base of the trees that might have a Leather Gorget . There are two transitions in this zone, one to the southeast that leads to Pora-Pora Sands and the other to the southwest leads to The Mauleia Strand, your next stop. However, there’s a treasure just north of the Pora-Pora Sands one that can house Poison Bombs .

Mandragora :

Mandragoras are docile creatures that won’t attack you unless you attack first, thus they can mostly be ignored, if you want. They’re not too strong and should go down in a few hits. Being of the same general class as the Pumpkin Heads in Salikawood, they do have access to both Vespersong and Warsong, as well as the magicks, Cura and Esuna. One thing you need to be careful of is their Scream skill, as it can inflict either Blind or Silence. You can get a Succulent Fruit, Water Magicite, Vanishga Mote or Platinum Sword as drops, as well as Water Magicite, Succulent Fruit or a Virgo Gem as steals. For poaching, you will get either a Succulent Fruit or a Virgo Gem. Mandragoras are weak to fire.

Silver Lobo:

Silver Lobos are a stronger version of the wolf enemies you’ve been fighting throughout the game. They are probably one of the more common enemies in the Phon Coast, so you will be coming across them often, usually in packs. In addition to Lunge and Sonic Fangs, they have Eerie Soundwave, which is just a physical attack that hits around them, as well as Screech, which can inflict Confuse. They drop a Quality Pelt, Wind Magicite, Teleport Stone or Libra Gem. Should you steal from them, you may get some Eye Drops, a Libra Gem or a Sorcerer’s Habit . Poaching will always yield a Quality Pelt. They are weak to earth.

Pyrolisk :

As flying creatures, you will need ranged weapons, poles/spears, magick or the Telekinesis technick in order to deal damage to the Pyrolisk. It’s not really any different than the other flying creatures you’ve faced thus far, as it only knows Lunge and Kamikaze, the latter of which will usually be performed when it’s low on health, but it sometimes uses it straight away. They drop Bundles of Feathers, Storm Magicite, Lightning Fangs or Taurus Gems. You can steal a Bundle of Feathers, Gold Needle or a Balance Mote from the feathery fiends, and poaching will yield either a Bundle of Feathers or a Murasame . They are weak to ice.

Piranha :

Belonging to the Ichthon family of enemies, the Piranha is actually hostile and will attack you on sight. You will really only find them in The Reseta Strand and The Vaddu Strand. They have the usual Lunge, and Power Spin does physical damage to multiple characters while also having a chance to inflict Slow. The only other attack besides those two is Water Ray, which hits a single target for water damage. You can grab a Water Magicite, Eye Drops, Ichthon Scale or Pisces Gem as drops, and a Chronos Tear, Remedy or Steel Mask as a steal. Poaching will yield either an Ichthon Scale or a Pisces Gem. They are weak to lightning.

Iguion :

This docile toad will not attack unless you attack it first, so most of them can be ignored. It is not too much different from the other toads you’ve fought up to this point, as it typically uses Angelsong to cast Regen on itself. It can also use Magick Ballad to restore its HP, as well as Aqua Bubbles to possibly inflict Sap on characters. There is a chance for Iguions to spawn under Confuse and Sleep ailments, although you might never see the former due to them hitting themselves right away. They can drop a Pointed Horn, Ice Magicite, Eye Drops or Aries Gem. Stealing from them can get you a Phoenix Down, Aries Gem or Survival Vest, while poaching can yield either a Pointed Horn or Frogspawn, the latter of which is also a Monograph drop. Iguions are weak to lightning.

The Mauleia Strand

You’ll find pretty much the same enemies here as in The Reseta Strand, barring the Piranhas, as they seem to have disappeared and won’t really show up again until a later zone. Two Mandragoras here can be replaced by Bangaa Pirates, who are hostile. Despite that, there is a Rare Game that spawns here that is related to the Piranhas, Apsara. It will spawn after killing ten Piranhas, but there aren’t enough in The Reseta Strand, unless you go two zones away to respawn them. Even then, it’s just easier to wait until you get to The Vaddu Strand. There are three noteworthy treasures here, so start from the northern end of the zone. Follow the eastern edge of the zone and you should see a chest by a tree a little less than halfway down - this one can contain an Adamant Hat . Continue south from there and look for a rock surrounded by three trees - the treasure will be slightly northwest of this and can contain a pouch of Silent Shot. The last treasure is located west of the Silent Shot, near a rock on the western edge of the map - it can contain a Lamia’s Tiara. Your next zone to explore is east, the Pora-Pora Sands.

Bangaa Pirate:

The Bangaa Pirate only appears in The Mauleia Strand, replacing some Mandragoras, although all Bangaas share the same bestiary entry. They can use Jump, which is a physical attack against a single character, as well as Ram and Lunge. In addition to that, they can cast Berserk on a character with Provoke and while Tempest may look fancy, it’s just a wind-elemental attack. The Bangaa Pirate has nothing for a common drop, but the others include a Fire Crystal, Remedy or Aldebaran . Stealing from them will get you 80 gil, Bacchus’s Wine or a Hi-Potion, and poaching will always yield a Pebble. Despite being pirates and spawning close to the water, they are weak to water.

Apsara :

Apsara spawns at the southern tip of The Mauleia Strand once you’ve killed ten Piranhas in the Phon Coast without leaving. There’s no need to chain them, so your best bet is to make it to The Vaddu Strand, kill the Piranhas there and then come back here to find Apsara. You might mistake this Rare Game for another Piranha, until you realize Apsara is docile, unlike the Piranhas. It has the same exact skills as a Piranha (Lunge, Power Spin and Water Ray), so there’s nothing different there. Its drops include a Fish Scale (common) and Pisces Gem (rare), while you can steal an Empyrean Rod from it, and poaching it can net either a Pebble or Dorsal Fin. It is weak to ice and absorbs lightning.

Pora-Pora Sands

You will be reintroduced to a familiar enemy here, the Bagoly, who you might remember - or not, since it’s been quite a while - as an enemy in the Nam-Yensa Sandsea. They retain all of the same attacks as back then, although their loot is different. They can now drop Wind Magicite, Bundles of Feathers, Teleport Stones or Aries Gems. Steal can net you a Bundle of Feathers, 480 gil or a Multiscale , while poaching you yield either a Bundle of Feathers or a Bent Staff, the latter of which is also a Monograph drop.

As soon as you enter Pora-Pora Sands from The Mauleia Strand, look to your north to spot a treasure along cliffside, which can contain a Sorcerer’s Habit . A little bit east/southeast from that one is another chest that can contain a Nishijin Belt . Continue east from that to find the source of the big hole on the map, a big rock pillar of sorts. On the western side of this oddly-shaped pillar will be another chest, which could possibly yield an Empyrean Rod . Take the southwestern exit to Cape Tialan next.

Cape Tialan

Head southwest from the entrance, to the cliffside, and look for the chest that can spawn there for a chance at a Crystal Shield . From there, head east and around that divide on your map, then west and follow the cliff until you get to the northwest corner. There will be another chest here, by a tree, that may yield a Halberd . Now, look at your map for the big, giant hole on it and navigate to the southwestern side. There is one final chest that can spawn here, which may contain a Viking Coat . Head to the southeast corner of this map and take the transition that leads northeast to get to Cape Uahuk.

Cape Uahuk

Entering this zone from Cape Tialan will have you starting from the southwest corner of the map. Follow the southern coastline until you get to the base of the cliff, where there will be a treasure with some Parallel Arrows inside. Continue north and east into the eastern half of the zone, stopping by where the transition is located there. Stick to the eastern edge as you go south and you should come across another treasure, which may yield a Demon Mail . From the previous treasure, look to the west/southwest to spot some ruins, including one that looks like a door. The next treasure will be next to the piece laying on its side, which may yield a Astrakhan Hat . The next zone you will be visiting is The Hakawea Shore, which is easily accessible by taking the eastern exit to Hunter’s Camp, then going south a tiny bit and then west through that transition.

The Hakawea Shore

There is a Wayward Chocobo in this zone, which can be fed a Gysahl Green to allow you to ride it. Travel to the western exit to make the first two treasures easier to find. From that exit, run east to a big rock, which has a tree just north of it - the treasure is next to that tree and may contain some Magick Gloves . Now, move southeast, past one rock and to the rock overlooking the cliffside here, where there will be another treasure that can cough up a Carmagnole . The last two can be found on the thin stretch of land to the southeast, but there are a lot of other chests also here. It’s probably easier to go from the transition line, so do that. Follow the northern cliff to the west and just before it opens up is where the treasure with the Dragon Shield will be. Southwest of that, past a little rock with another treasure, is a ledge with a tree below you - the treasure with the Alderbaran will be there. Now take the exit to Hunter’s Camp.

Hunters Camp

Upon your first arrival to the Hunter’s Camp, you will witness a scene with Ashe and Balthier having a little “heart-to-heart” talk. Plus, you also get a brief history about his past, which is quite interesting, to say the least, as well as another scene about Ashe’s past. Once those are over, it’s time to take a little sightseeing tour. The Hunter’s Camp won’t be much of a use right now, but once you progress a little farther, it will be the initiative for the Trophy Rare Games, so remember it well.

Make sure you touch the Gate Crystal in the middle of the camp, then check out the wares of the shop to the east. Some of this is stuff you can find in the Phon Coast, so make any necessary purchases and work your way towards the northern exit. Don’t forget to purchase the new magicks - Confuse, Firaga, Aeroga and Vanishga. This is also a good time to sell off some of that loot you may have found…

Bargains at the Bazaar VI:

It hasn’t been terribly long since the last Bargains at the Bazaar section, but you’ve already found a good bit of new loot, and with it you can unlock a few more goodies. The new items you may have found (and if so, should now sell) include three Bent Staffs, six Bundles of Feathers, one Eye of the Hawk, two sacs of Frogspawn, four Malboro Fruit, two units of Stardust and one unit of Throat Wolf Blood. If you got all of these and sell them, you should unlock the following bundles:

Loot Sold Bazaar Bundle Cost
Bent Staff x3 Large Gloves (Blazer Gloves) 2,000 Gil
Bundle of Feathers x3 Soul of the Fire-bird (Phoenix Down x25) 5,980 Gil
Eye of the Hawk x1 Chronos Tear Pack (Chronos Tear x10) 333 Gil
Frogspawn x2 Exquisite Ring Opal Ring 7,800 Gil
Malboro Fruit x4 Survival Set (Antidote x12) (Eye Drops x12) (Echo Herbs x12) 1,500 Gil
Stardust x2 Wing Cord (Pheasant Netsuke) 2,000 Gil
Throat Wolf Blood x1 Black Harness (Battle Harness) 600 Gil

Anyway, when you’re done doing business with the two merchants, look around for a lone Moogle here, who happens to be from the Cartographer’s Guild. Pick the first option to be able to purchase a map of the Phon Coast for 1800 gil. If you pick the second option, he will give you a brief tour of how to get to either Salikawood or Tchita Uplands. When you’re finished with him, head out the western exit to The Vaddu Strand.

The Vaddu Strand

This long stretch of shoreline is home to absolutely nothing, as of yet, with all of the enemies found here being ones you’ve fought already on the Phon Coast. Note that there are a lot of Piranhas here in the The Vaddu Strand, which will be helpful in spawning Apsara back in The Mauleia Strand, so if you still need any of the ten, go two zones away to respawn them. On the eastern end of the zone, you will find a total of 16 treasures lined up along the shore. All of these only spawn once and contain items/pieces of equipment that aren’t really worth anything, so open them if you wish. Note that there’s a secret path in the central portion of the northern end, which leads to Limatra Hills, but when you’re ready to continue, go a little west of there to find the transition to Caima Hills.

Caima Hills

This zone will introduce you to a new enemy, the Archaeosaur, a dinosaur similar in vein to the Wild Saurian from the beginning of the game. It has the most HP out of the normal enemies in the entire Phon Coast, so be prepared for a fight. From where you entered, follow the southern edge of the map to the first rock nearby, which is where you’ll find this treasure that could hold a Steel Mask in it. Keep following it, until you hit the edge of the little lip separating the eastern section - in the southeast corner right there could be the treasure with the Mirror Mail . Be careful about using this, as your character will naturally always have Reflect. Continue north and straight north, along the northern edge, is another treasure that could contain a Diamond Sword . One last treasure that can be found is by going to the northern transition line and then following the eastern edge south, with this chest possibly coughing up a pair of Blazer Gloves . Double back to that northern transition to enter Limatra Hills.

Archaeosaur :

The Archaeosaur, like its other brethren, are some of the strongest normal enemies in their respective areas. It has Ram for a non-normal attack, as well as Sonic Fangs, which has a very small chance to instantly KO a character. It’s when it gets lower on health that it will unleash Screwtail, an attack that can hit multiple characters for some good damage. The Archaeosaur can drop a Storm Magicite, Gold Needle, Tanned Tyrant Hide or a Leo Gem, while you can steal a Storm Magicite, Tanned Tyrant Hide or a Fumarole from it. Poaching will yield either a Tanned Tyrant Hide or a Prime Tanned Hide. It is weak to ice.

Limatra Hills

This is the final zone of Phon Coast, which doesn’t have anything really new, although you will find another Archaeosaur here. Look at the map and you should see some “dots” as you venture northeast, which are really rocks. In between the third and fourth ones is the treasure that could contain the Francisca and in between the fourth and fifth ones is the treasure that could yield the Long Bolts . Continue a little more east and then south to access the southern half of the zone. Go all the way to the southwestern corner of this half to find another treasure, with this one containing the Adamant Vest . If need to, there is a secret path nearby that connects with The Vaddu Strand that can be used to reset this treasure. For the final treasure, go to the northeast corner, where the transition line is located, and follow the southern edge to find the chest, which may yield the Judicer’s Staff . Exit to the northeast to Rava’s Pass, where a Save Crystal awaits you, as well as the exit to Tchita Uplands.

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