Type Petitioner Location Reward
Notice Board Hymms (Mt Bur-Omisace: Sand-strewn Pass) Paramina Rift, Spine of the Icewyrm 1500 Gil, Hunting Crossbow, Teleport Stone x2


Lv HP Weakness Steal
28 22559 Earth Pebble, Quality Pelt, Prime Pelt


Resistances Status Immunities
Wind (Absorb), Dark, Fire, Holy, Ice, Lightning, Water (Halves) Disable, Lure, Petrify, Oil, Poison, Sap, Sleep, Stop


When you arrive at Mt. Bur-Omisace, talk to the monk named Hymms just southwest of the Gate Crystal to start this hunt, after which you’ll be instructed to seek the Feral Retriever out in the Spine of the Icewyrm zone of Paramina Rift.

To get there, leave Mt. Bur-Omisace and continue south through the Freezing Gorge zone, then take the southwestern exit in the Frozen Brook area to reach the Path of the Firstfall. Take advantage of the Save Crystal here, then continue west to the Spine of the Icewyrm zone, where you’ll find the Feral Retriever lurking along the northern reaches.

Feral Retriever’s offense is entirely based on inflicting status effects, and bringing along a White Mage will go far to frustrate the Mark. Start out the first with Dispel (a common tactic from here on out) then have your White Mage sit back and counter Feral Retriever’s many attacks with Esuna. The Feral Retriever can inflict Sap with its attacks, Petrify with its Stone Gaze technick, and worst of all, Blind, Silence, Sleep and Slow with its Blaster technick.

It can also remove status effects inflicted upon it with Purify, making the attempt to inflict Blind and Slow upon it dubious propositions. Its most dangerous attack, however, is Balance, which it may use when its HP are low. Feral Retriever isn’t well protected by HP, having just over 20,000 or so, but when it uses Balance it’s almost certain to have sustained more than 10,000 damage, meaning this attack will one-hit-kill its target. Just another job for the White Mage!

Feral Retriever is weak to Earth, absorbs Wind and takes half damage from every other element. This being the case, your best bet is to engage with two melee characters (Shiraki/Foebreaker, Knight/Bushi) to draw its attention and whittle its HP down while your White Mage sits comfortably in the back. Larsa can, of course, help out with Bubble and Cura, as needed.

Like all Coeurl-type enemies, Feral Retriever will attempt to inflict a variety of status effects on the party (left). Despite that, he can easily be over-powered if you’ve been doing even a little work to keep your gear current (right).

Once Feral Retrieve is smote, return to Hymm in Mt. Bur-Omisace for your reward.

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