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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

How to Obtain

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
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Nathan Garvin


To acquire the Belias Esper, you’ll need to continue the story until you reach the Tomb of Raithwall. As you venture into the depths, you’ll encounter Belias, the first Esper in the game, and you must defeat him to be able to call upon him in battle.


Lv HP Weakness Steal
20 15,943 Water Aries Gem, Ether, High Arcana


Fire (Absorb), Lightning, Ice, Earth, Wind, Holy, Dark (Halves)


Belias can be a challenging boss, simply because he can put out a lot of damage, especially once he applies Oil on you with his ultimate move. At the beginning of the battle, Belias tends to stick with physical attacks, Fire and Saber. The last one will basically double his attack, at the expense of depleting some of his own health. As you can guess, he absorbs Fire and is weak to Water, as well as taking less damage from all other elements. He is also immune to every single ailment, except for Sap and Slow, and funnily enough, you just happened to find a sword that can inflict Sap (although you might not have a class that can equip it).

So, it looks pretty easy so far? Well, Belias gets a little mean once you get his health down to like 50% or so, as he’ll break out Firaja, his ultimate move. Not only does this move do some major damage, but it has a chance to inflict Oil on your party. Naturally, Oil and Fire are going to be a great combination, so you better hope you have some Handkerchiefs handy to wipe it away. Knowing this, Shell is a great protective magick to have on your characters, as it can reduce the damage a little bit. That’s pretty much Belias’s entire moveset, although he also has Fira and Greater Barrier in his pocket. The latter will give him Protect and Shell, as well as reduce some of the damage he takes.

Unfortunately, other than Shell, there’s no other way to reduce the damage taken from Belias’s fire skills. He can use Firaja more than once and if you’re oiled when it happens again, you might find your party suffering a rather crispy wipe. If you have a character with access to Aqua, use that against Belias to take advantage of his weakness and deal extra damage. He gains a few augments, such as Ignore Evade and no MP cost, once his current HP falls below 50% and 20% of his maximum HP, respectively. Be wary of this, and as you see his HP bar depleting, be ready to withstand his desperation onslaught. Belias doesn’t drop anything, but you can steal an Aries Gem, Ether or High Arcana from him. While the last item is very valuable, it might not be worth the time to try and get the steal off of him.

Belias is guarding the Dawn Shard (left). His ultimate skill, Firaja, can be dangerous (right).

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