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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 30-08-2017 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:27 GMT
Version: 1.12 (????) 14-10-2019 / 16:35 GMT

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Guide

8 months ago · Guide Information

Chapter 2 - Rescue in the Skies

Back in Bhujerba

Basch Lives!

Your job now is simple: run about and press the [Square] button to spread rumors about Basch’s continued existence. Is it silly to spread a lie about something that’s true? Well, maybe, but it also muddies the waters, so it’s not all bad. Besides, who in their right mind would believe Vaan’s claims? He’d be more convincing if he ran around claiming to be the late princess Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca.

Anyway, this minigame is simple enough, just run around Bhujerba looking for crowds of people and press [Square] near them to shout vile truths. The Imperial blockades are now lifted, so you have more places to visit, if you wish, but be especially sure to peddle your lies in shops, as they have a relatively large concentration of bodies to hear your words. If you shout near the people holding clipboards, your gauge will be boosted enormously. Just be sure not to cause a ruckus near a Bhujerban Sainikah, as they can retard your progress if they catch you. The more people that "heed your words" at time, the more your Notoriety gauge will fill, but it’s a pretty random process, overall. Just keep it up until you make enough noise, at which point you’ll be politely asked to accompany some strangers.

Balthier and Basch will conspire to get an audience with Ondore (left) for which purpose they'll employ Vaan to cause a commotion (right).

Exploring Bhujerba

Watch the scenes that follow and afterwards you’ll find yourself in The Cloudborne, a tavern in the previously-inaccessible Cloudborne Row area. Better yet, you’ve got a meeting with the Marquis and you didn’t need a single dreadnought to get it! Take that, Empire! Of course, now that you have freedom to explore the city, you might as well use it. First up, you can chat to the other patrons in the tavern in which you currently find yourself, to reinforce the fact that Bhujerbans aren’t very good at the whole spy-craft thing. More interestingly, however, is the Notice Board, from which you can pick up the hunt " Marauder in the Mines ". The beast this hunt sets you after - the Nidhogg - isn’t too challenging at this stage in the game, but it’ll be even easier shortly, so pick up the hunt, then put it on the back-burner for a bit. You’ll be back for it soon enough.

Exit the tavern and enter onto Cloudborne Row, where you’ll find plenty of people to talk to, if you wish. Along the southern end of the area you’ll find The Staras Residence, which currently isn’t terribly interesting. The southeastern-most area, Kaff Terrace - the area east of Miner’s End - is also open to exploration, but it has little of interest aside from NPCs to talk to. Instead make your way to the previously-blocked area west of Travica Way, Khus Skygrounds, where you’ll find more NPCs and a Street Vendor, who sells an expanded list of basic curatives, now including Chronos Tears, Gold Needles, Prince’s Kisses and Handkerchiefs.

Looks like the Imperials weren’t blocking off much of interest, but hey, at least Bhujerba has been explored for future reference. Speaking of which, many of the stores you previously visited now sell new wares, if you care to return. Expect to find new tier 3 armor at Rithil’s Protectives, new tier 2 and tier 3 weapons at Targe’s Arms. Mait’s Magicks also sells three new spells, Raise (White Magick 4), Aqua (Black Magick 3) and Disable (Time Magick 2). You’re only as good as your arsenal, and this goes double for mages, so buy what you want or can afford. You can always go hunting down undead in the Lhusu Mines for more cash.

Status Effect - Disable: Like Immobilize, Disable is a half-measure on the road to Stop. Immobilize prevents afflicted from characters from moving, while Disable prevents afflicted characters from taking actions, effectively making them useless in combat. This status can be cured with Esuna magick, or by consuming a Remedy after the Remedy Lore 1 license has been purchased.

Meeting the Marquis

When you’re done with all the business you currently care to do in Bhujerba, it’s time to meet with Marquis Ondore. To do so, simply return to the Travica Way area and exit via the northern end - there’s no area transition, just walk up to the two Bhujerban Sainikah blocking the road near Rithil’s Protectives and they should let you pass. Be sure you’re ready to leave before you confirm such to the guard, as you won’t be able to immediately return afterwards. Once you’re in the Marquis’s company, Basch and Ondore will talk politics, Vaan will again be thwarted in his desire to rescue Penelo, and after a bit of apparent innuendo between Basch and Ondore, you’ll find yourself leaving Bhujerba in a manner quite similar to the way you left Rabanastre earlier.

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