Type Petitioner Location Reward
Notice Board Balzac (Rabanastre: Lowtown) Dalmasca Westersand, Windtrace Dunes 200 Gil, Moon Ring, Icebrand


Lv HP Weakness Steal
32 128648 Fire Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion, Water Magicite


Resistances Status Immunities
Water (Absorb), Dark, Earth, Holy, Ice, Lightning, Wind (Halves) Disable, Disease, Doom, Lure, Oil, Petrify, Poison, Reverse, Sap, Silence, Sleep, Stop


The petitioner for this hunt happens to be none other than Balzac, who can, of course, be found sitting in front of the entrance to the Resistance base in Lowtown. More specifically, look for him along the southwestern edge of the North Sprawl. Talk to him to get the details of the bill, where he suggests you can find the Mark troubling him in the Windtrace Dunes section of the Westersand… provided the weather is right.

Make your way to the Westersand via Rabanastre’s Westgate and zone in until there’s a sandstorm. Failing that, make your way north through the Galtea Downs area, then east through the Corridor of Sand to reach the Wyrm’s Nest area, which will spawn a sandstorm. After a sandstorm spawns, simply make your way west to the Windtrace Dunes zone and search the southeastern end of the area. Don’t worry if the sandstorm appears to subside in The Midfault zone - if there was a sandstorm in the Corridor of Sand or the Galtea Downs, there should be one in the Windtrace Dunes.

Speak to Balzac in Lowtown to learn about his Mark, the Ring Wyrm (left). You’ll find Ring Wyrm in the Windtrace Dunes zone, as long as there’s a sandstorm active (right).

For the Ring Wyrm battle, magick will go a long way. The monster has access to three elemental magicks - Blizzara, Fira and Thundara, so there’s no good way to neutralize all of its attacks. That being the case, a White Mage with a Cura Gambit will be useful for restoring injured characters - if you have 2,000 HP or so per character, the common Gambit “Ally: HP Cura” should suffice to keep you alive. In addition to that, Ring Wyrm also has Immobilizega, which can inflict your entire party with Immobilize. Again, if they’re mages this is hardly much of a handicap.

Start the battle out by having your White Mage cast Dispel to remove Ring Wyrm’s buffs (especially Shell), as your Red Battlemage and Black Mage pelt it with Fira. This Mark has over 120,000 HP, so even if you’re dealing 3,000+ damage per Fira, it’ll take a few castings to bring him down. On top of that, Ring Wyrm will cast Restore once during the battle, healing it a substantial amount. While the Ring Wyrm has plenty of magicks at its disposal, it seems to prefer attacking in melee, so casting Blind is a fine way to limit its offense - especially since its physical attacks can inflict Confuse. In addition, its Breath attack deals a hefty bit of Fire damage and can inflict Sap. Set your White Mage up with the Gambit “Ally: any –> Esuna” and they should keep you out of danger from any of these attacks. Ironically, Ring Wyrm isn’t immune to any of the status effects (Confuse, Immobilize, Sap) that it can inflict, although they’re arguably more inconvenient for you than for it.

Belias is also a viable tactic here, as he absorbs Fire damage and takes half damage from both Ice and Lightning, making him rather well protected from Ring Wyrm’s magicks. You can also use Quickenings to shave some of Ring Wyrm’s HP down quickly, if the need or desire arises.

Ring Wyrm can be inflicted with Blind, and Fira will do obscene damage to him (left). Just be wary of Immobilizega, which can inflict Immobilize on the entire party (right).

When Ring Wyrm falls, return to Balzac in Rabanastre to claim your reward.

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