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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Gil Snapper

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Nathan Garvin


Type Petitioner Location Reward
Clan Centurio Elite Mark Nanau (Giza Plains: Crystal Glade) Giza Plains, Tracks of the Beast 3000 Gil, Phobos Glaze


Lv HP Weakness Steal
37 86,956 Lightning 1000 Gil, 2000 Gil, 4000 Gil


Resistances Status Immunities
Ice (Absorb), Dark, Earth, Fire, Holy, Water, Wind (Halves) Disable, Doom, Lure, Oil, Petrify, Poison, Reverse, Sap, Sleep, Stop


Head to Montblanc in the Clan Hall in Rabanastre and then set off for the Giza Plains. When you finally get the rains falling there, make your way to the Crystal Glade area along the southern end of the map, where you’ll find your petitioner, Nanau. Chat with her and it’ll quickly become apparent - through the interjections of her brother Roaklo - why Gil Snapper has returned to the Giza Plains. After you accept her request to kill Gil Snapper she’ll give you the “Silent Urn”, which you can use to trap Gil Trapper’s soul once you’ve vanquished the beast. Awful lot of work to deal with a turtle.

Gil Snapper can be found in the Tracks of the Beast area, which can only be reached if you knocked down all the Withered Trees throughout Giza Plains earlier and thus created a debris bridge in the Gizas South Bank zone. If not, check out the Rains in Giza Plains section to find all the Withered Trees, then make your way to the Gizas South Bank area, where, southeast of the bridge in the center of the zone you’ll find the debris bridge.

Talk to the Petitioners in the Giza Plains to learn about the Gil Snapper (left). When you reach the Tracks of the Beast area, Bansat will join up and let you know when the weather is right (right).

When you enter the Tracks of the Beast you’ll find your fellow hunter, Bansat, the Seeq roused to action when you picked up the Gil Snapper license. Seems like he’s eager to join the hunt, and will help you take down Gil Snapper… once the pesky beast shows up, of course. The rainy season in the Giza Plains has three weather conditions, cloudy, light rains, and heavy rains. Cloudy weather should be pretty obvious - it’s the only time during the rainy season where there won’t actually be any rain, and the difference between the two degrees of rainfall is pretty easy to spot, either, as heavy rains has more rain density and lighting roiling through the clouds. Gil Snapper will only appear during heavy rains, so you’ll need to zone in and out of the Tracks of the Beast until the weather is right. Don’t worry, Bansat will tell you and remove any doubt.

Unfortunately for you, the the Silicon Tortoises that prowl the Tracks of the Beast zone haven’t abandoned their range now that Gil Snapper is about. That being the case, you may want to avoid Gil Snapper and eliminate the lesser Testudinidae, first. You need not fear mistaking Gil Snapper for his lesser cousins, as Gil Snapper has a distinctive red shell. When all the Silicon Tortoises are gone, go find Gil Snapper, who should be prowling near the center of the area.

Gil Snapper can seem pretty potent on paper, possessing over 80,000 HP and a fairly high Attack Power. It can cast Blizzara and Blizzaga, preferring the former until its HP are low, at which point it’ll start utilizing the latter. Most dangerous, however, is its Disablega magick, which can neutralize your entire party. Hitting Gil Snapper will prevent this, but it’ll also encourage it to use its technicks more, including Flatten (which can do 800~ damage to all characters in its area-of-effect) and Purify (which can remove Silence and other status effects). That being the case, it’s best to just equip Ninja Belts to immunize yourself to Disable. As mentioned earlier, it also has technicks at its disposal, including Flash, Flatten, Meditate and Purify.

Gil Snapper will fight back with a variety of attacks, including Blizzara (left). It’s also susceptible to a host of status effects, and is weak to Lightning (right).

Despite Gil Snapper’s high damage output, healthy HP reserves, and general buffs to to defense and Magick Power when its HP are low, it’s got numerous, glaring weaknesses. First, it’s susceptible to Blind, Confuse, Immobilize, Silence and Slow, most of which will not bother to remove with Purify. Immobilizing it will force it to attack at range, which it’s more than happy to do with Blizzara, but you can mitigate this with Ice-resistance gear, while Blind will make its physical offense less impressive. They’re a good combination, and together should make Gil Snapper easier to take down. Gil Snapper is also weak to Lightning, so a Black Mage with Thundara will do great damage, as will an Uhlan with a Storm Spear, or an Archer using Lightning Arrows, the latter of which you can obtain by completing the Vorpal Bunny hunt - a fine bonus if you find yourself having to pass time during the dry season.

Speaking of which, after killing Gil Snapper return to the Crystal Glade only to find a note where your petitioner once was. Seems the nomads had such faith in you (or were so discomforted by the weather and the presence of monsters without their precious urn) that they decided to turn in, promising a reward should you meet them during the dry season. Either wait the time out, or go kill the Vorpal Bunny in the meantime (see the section “Vorpal Bunny” below). When the weather is right, return to the Nomad Village to find Nanau and her brother Roaklo near the tents in the northwestern end of the area. Talk to her and after you present the urn with Gil Snapper inside of it, the two siblings will bicker before being interrupted by Elder Brunoa, who bores you with a moralistic lesson before you finally get your reward.

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