Type Petitioner Location Reward
Clan Centurio Elite Mark Montblanc (Rabanastre: Clan Hall) Lhusu Mines, Tasche Span (1st battle), Site 7 (2nd battle) 10,000 Gil, Excalipur, Masamune


Encounter Lv HP Weakness Steal
1st 45 123,103 Ph.1: Potion, X-Potion, 1000 gil; Ph.2: Potion, X-Potion, 2000 gil; Ph.3: Genji Shield; Ph.4: Genji Gloves
2nd 70 473,246 Ph.1: Hi-Potion, X-Potion, 3000 gil; Ph.2: Hi-Potion, X-Potion, 4000 gil; Ph.3: Genji Helm; Ph.4: Genji Armor


Resistances Status Immunities
All (Halves) Petrify, Stop, Doom, Confuse, Stop, Disease, Reverse, Disable, Immobilize, Silence, Blind, Poison, Lure, Berserk


Gilgamesh is a two-part fight, both taking place in Lhusu Mines, but in areas inaccessible at the beginning. To go deeper, you will first need to do the [Antlion] hunt, after which, the Site 11 Key appears on a body in the Hunters’ Camp in Phon Coast. Gilgamesh is level 45 in the first fight and accompanied by Enkidu, who you should take out first to make things a little easier.

The fight is separated into four different phases, with a cutscene occuring at certain HP thresholds (60%, 40% and 20%). It should be mentioned that Gilgamesh holds two important pieces of equipment during the first bout, the Genji Shield and Genji Gloves. While the first one is a good shield, the Gloves are one of the better accessories in the game; these items become available after the cutscenes that occur at 40% and 20%. So, make sure you steal those items from him before you trigger the next cutscene/defeat him, as they don’t carry over to the next phase.

For the majority of the first battle, Gilgamesh will use Kick, Slice Thrice and his normal attack, while he can command Enkidu to do two physical attacks. It isn’t until the final phase that Gilgamesh will start tossing out other tricks, starting with Perfect Defense, making him invulnerable to all damage. There’s nothing you can do here, other than stay alive, so ignore Gilgamesh until he does two Ultimate Illusion attacks, after which the palings will fall. Don’t forget to steal the Genji pieces of armor at the correct thresholds. He halves all elements throughout the entire fight and is only vulnerable to Slow.

The second fight occurs in the far reaches of Lhusu Mines, which requires the Site 11 Key mentioned above. Luckily, there is a Save Crystal right before this second encounter, as Gilgamesh is definitely a lot more powerful and challenging, coming in at level 70 this time. As with the first battle, take out Enkidu first to avoid his skills, such as Crushing Fangs and the same Growl (Protect, Shell and Haste), as well as the moves Gilgamesh can make him perform. Gilgamesh himself also has some new skills in this battle, all centered around your party’s levels. Level 2 Sleep will hit anyone with the ailment that has a level divisible by 2, with Level 3 Disable and Level 4 Break also doing the same thing.

This makes an even-numbered level for your party members a bad thing, so you might want to have one or two members with a level like 61, 65, 67 - basically, an odd number that isn’t divisible by three will work. Every cutscene (yes, he will do these at the same intervals as the first battle) will have Gilgamesh with buffs, so make sure you dispel them. Not that far into the fight, he will begin using Bitter End, which has a chance to inflict Sap, so counter this with Regen. Once he gets low enough, he will erect Perfect Defense and use Monarch Sword twice before it will drop. It also doesn’t help that his normal attacks have a small chance of inflicting Stop, which might happen as he unleashes combos on your group.

It goes without saying that Gilgamesh is definitely a challenging boss here, as his strength is pretty high and the addition of status ailments can make things troublesome. You will want someone with a Remedy Lore 3 present to toss out Remedies, as well as some back ups for Chronos Tears, Prince’s Kisses and Gold Needles as Gambits on everyone, just in case. Don’t forget that Gilgamesh has the other two pieces of Genji equipment as steals, with the Genji Helm at 40% (Tournesol/Sunflower sword) and Genji Armor at 20% (when he uses Perfect Defense).

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