Type Petitioner Location Reward
Clan Centurio Elite Mark Montblanc (Rabanastre: Clan Hall) The Ridorana Cataract, Colosseum 30,000 Gil, Godslayer’s Badge


Lv HP Weakness Steal
73 50,112,254 Dark Stone, Holy Magicite, Bone of Byblos


Resistances Status Immunities
Holy (Absorb) All but Oil and Sap


Yiazmat is one of the toughest challenges in the game and can be found by finishing the majority of the other hunts, particularly the Rank VII ones (omitting Shadowseer). In addition to that, you will have to do a few other things, like reach the Knight of the Round clan rank (which will come with doing the Hunts) and defeat another creature known as Hell Wyrm. While they fight the same, the Yiazmat in Trial Mode is easier due to having a lot less HP, since the normal one has a whopping 50 million HP, compared to the ~3.7 million HP in Trial Mode (both will unlock the Yiazmat associated Trophy)

This fight is no joke and will take a good long while to do, with Yiazmat adopting various strategies at certain HP thresholds. It should be noted that he has a small chance of killing any character with his normal attack, which will become a problem later on when he starts comboing a lot more. In addition to that, Yiazmat also has access to a skill called Death Strike, which it will always perform if his target is out of attacking range, like in the hallways of the colosseum; this skill is a 100% KO, but you can half that with Shell, so it will be important to have it on your party at all times. Otherwise, he will begin using Death Strike when he has around 60% health remaining.

One of the added perks about Yiazmat is that you can leave the arena at any time to regroup, stock up on items again and even save your game. However, it should be noted that he will cast plenty of buffs on himself, including Protect, Bravery, Faith and Regen, so remember to always dispel those when you return. Regen is the most troublesome one, especially if he manages to cast it before you leave, since it will still take effect while you’re gone. Basically, if you need to exit the arena, do it fast before he has a chance to use Regen.

In addition to the above skills/magicks, Yiazmat has a number of other ones in his arsenal. Cyclone is a wind-elemental attack that he will use at set intervals, regardless of HP; it has a chance to inflict Sap. White Breath can inflict Stop, while Stone Breath can inflict Petrify. At some point, Yiazmat will use Growing Threat on himself, making the battle even more hectic, as his damage will increase. When he gets very low on health, he will begin using Reflectga on your party, so you will want to be careful about using specific magicks on yourself, as you don’t want to accidentally reflect Renew and replenish Yiazmat back to full health. As already mentioned, too, his combo rate goes up when low on health, which will be troublesome with the added KO on his normal attacks.

The battle against Yiazmat is that of attrition for the most part, but you can do a few things to make it a lot easier. First of all, he is weak to dark and absorbs holy, while halving all other elements. If you managed to snag a Yagyu Darkblade, then a Shikari will be very useful in the battle, even moreso if they have access to the Black Robes to increase their damage. Physical weapons with a high combo rate are ideal in the battle, especially when paired with a Genji Glove. While Yiazmat ignores evasion, making shields pretty much useless, a Shell Shield could be useful to lessen the chance of Death Strike hitting. Note that Yiazmat is susceptible to Expose, Wither, Shear and Addle, so using them until they no longer work will make the fight a lot easier.

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