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The Occuria, god-like beings who have meddled in human affairs for centuries untold, have decided the course of history is going awry, and to correct the matter they have chosen Ashe as their next Dynast-King. Gifted with the Treaty Blade, she’s been directed to cut some pieces of Nethicite off the Sun-cryst, and so armed destroy the Empire and the rogue Occuria, Venat.

There are a number of troubling prospects about this development, being mere puppets for immortal beings, the extreme response they demand against the Empire, and of course the fact that the chief source of their anger seems to be that Venat, the heretic “set rose of knowledge in Man’s hand”. Anybody who doesn’t want you to have too much knowledge or autonomy likely doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Still, Venat’s gift to the Empire did prompt the destruction of Nabradia and Dalmasca, and now Vayne threatens all of Ivalice with his manufactured Nethicite. Perhaps there’s a way to stop Venat and Vayne without utterly subjugating yourself to the Occuria?

That’s not the only obstacle you face, another, more pedestrian challenge lies in the very nature of your task. Immortal beings are prone to being vague, it seems, and although the Occuria gave you the tools and a task, they did not tell you where, exactly, this Sun-cryst is aside from “In tower on distant shore dreams the Sun-cryst”. Unless the Sun-cryst’s dreams come true, and it’s dreaming about a map, that isn’t very helpful. The sky pirate Reddas did mention about seeking another path, however, so perhaps he knows something? At the very least, such an accomplished and well-traveled rogue might just have the geographical information you currently lack. Either way, it’s a fine place to start.

You’ll find yourself near the Way Stone you used at the southern end of the Gate of the Wind Area. Simply use it to return to the Gate of the Earth, then use the Gate Crystal there to fast travel back to The Port at Balfonheim. When you’re back in town, note that some of the merchants now stock new goodies. In particular, be sure to visit the Quayside Magickery merchant, as he now sells Arise (White Magick 10), a superior form of Raise that also fully heals the target, Shock (Black Magick 11) which despite its name is non-elemental, dealing heavy damage to one foe, and Graviga (Time Magick 10) which deal damage to all targets in an area equal to half their maximum HP… but it won’t work on critters with the Safety augment. In other words, it won’t work on most bosses and Marks.

Bargains at the Bazaar VIII

While you’re doing your shopping in Balfonheim, it’s worth noting that you’ve gain an absurd amount of loot since the last “Bargains at the Bazaar” section. You might as well sell some of it off now, and given how much new loot there is, expect this to be a rather long entry. Below are all the items of loot you may have obtained, and how many you should sell: Aquarius Gem x4, Aries Gem x3, Behemoth Steak x1, Cancer Gem x3, Coeurl Whisker x2, Dark Crystal x10, Demon Tail x7, Earth Crystal x8, Fire Crystal x8, Gemini Gem x3, Ice Crystal x7, Insect Husk x2, Iron Ore x5, Libra Gem x3, Malboro Flower x7, Mirror Scale x2, Moondust x2, Mystletainn x2, Mythril x3, Prime Pelt x9, Prime Tanned Hide x7, Quality Lumber x4, Sagittarius Gem x4, Screamroot x7, Sickle-Blade x2, Sky Jewel x8, Wind Crystal x9, Windslicer Pinion x5. On the other hand, keep ahold of your Hell-Gate’s Flames and Serpent Eyes, as you’ll sell them later. This should unlock the follow Bazaar bundles:

Loot Sold Bazaar Bundle Cost
Aries Gem x3 Bomb Fragment x3 Frog Oil x2 Devastating Incendaries (Castellanos) 12,000 Gil
Behemoth Steak x1 X-Potion Pack (X-Potion x10) 4,444 Gil
Cancer Gem x3 Coeurl Whisker x2 Sickle Blade x2 Serpent Blade (Mesa) 90,000 Gil
Dark Crystal x7 Prime Pelt x8 Prime Tanned Hide x7 Gigas Gear (Gigas Chestplate) (Gigas Hat) 17,800 Gil
Dark Crystal x7 Blood Wool x9 Prime Tanned Hide x7 Black Vestments (Black Mask) (Black Robe) 12,800 Gil
Dark Crystal x10 Broken Sword x3 Demon Tail x7 The Leering Blade (Deathbringer) 8,800 Gil
Fire Crystal x3 Bomb Shell x1 Noisesome Incendiaries (Fumarole) (Poison Bombs) 3,280 Gil
Loot Sold Bazaar Bundle Cost
Fire Crystal x3 Quality Pelt x6 Tanned Giantskin x4 Emboldening Arms (Chakra Band) (Power Vest) 7,980 Gil
Fire Crystal x3 Bomb Ashes x3 Book of Orgain Oil-Soaked Incendiaries (Oil Bombs) (Tumulus) 10,625 Gil
Gemini Gem x3 Dorsal Fin x2 Great Serpent's Fang x2 Arrows of the Moon Goddess (Artemis Arrows) 1,280 Gil
Insect Husk x2 Storm Magicite x6 Tanned Giantskin x5 Platinum Gear (Platinum Armor) (Platinum Helm) (Platinum Shield) 9,800 Gil
Malboro Flower x3 Phials & Philters (Serum x8) (Nu Khai Sand x16) 1,980 Gil
Malboro Flower x7 Wind Crystal x9 Windslicer Pinion x5 Double-bladed Knife Zwill Crossblade 7,500 Gil
Quality Lumber x4 Demon Feather x6 Storm Crystal x7 Mystic Staff (Cloud Staff) 3,600 Gil
Screamroot x3 Potion Crate (Potion x30) (Hi-Potion x20) (X-Potion x10) 7,480 Gil
Windslicer Pinion x5 Phoenix Flight (Phoenix Down x50) 8,750 Gil

Artemis Arrows have an Attack Power of five and deal Earth elemental damage, giving a damage boost to whatever bow your Archer is wielding. Black Vestments (Black Mask, Black Robes) are potent Mystic Armor and should be an upgrade to whatever your Mages are wearing. The Zwill Crossblade is a Wind elemental dagger that’s superior to the Platinum Dagger in pure Attack Power. The real win here is the Mesa blade, a potent Ninja Blade that can inflict Poison. It boasts an Attack Power of 102, which could very well make it the most powerful weapon you have… aside from Seitengrat, of course.

Reddas will point you to the Ridorana Cataract (left), and give you the means to fly there despite the pervasive jagd (right).

In Tower on Distant Shore

When you’re done shopping, make your way to the western-most area in Balfonheim (Saccio Lane) and head to its southern end to reach Reddas’s mansion. Talk to the Manse Watch outside and have your meeting with Reddas, who you’ll discover has been kept rather busy by a naval accident. Ashe will tell the story of what happened in Giruvegan, after which opinions will be given as to what to do concerning the Sun-cryst and Nethicite. Eventually, as luck would have it, it turns out that where Reddas’s fleet foundered is the very same “tower” - or rather, a lighthouse that houses the Sun-cryst. Having provided the location of the Sun-cryst, Reddas then provides the means to reach it before joining the party as a guest.

After that’s settled, Vaan will chat with Rikken a bit about the upcoming task before a Moogle shows up and informs you that you can take off in the Strahl by visiting the Aerodome. Your ultimate goal is the Pharos, which stands on an island near the Ridorana Cataract. Simply head to the southeastern-most area in Balfonheim - Chivany Breakwater - enter the Aerodome and talk to the “Private Airships” clerk to board the airship. Finally, after traveling with a “sky pirate” for most of the game, you can finally use his ship to travel around as you please. Select “The Ridorana Cataract” as you destination and away you go!

Did You Know?: Pharos was an island off Alexandria, Egypt, upon which a lighthouse was built. It was one of Seven Wonders of the World, and so emblematic of lighthouses was Pharos that the word Pharos is sometimes substituted for lighthouse, hence “The Pharos at Ridorana”.

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