Type Petitioner Location Reward
Clan Centurio Elite Mark Dania (Giza Plains: Nomad Village) Giza Plains, Giza’s North Bank 1000 Gil, Amber Armlet, Rainbow Egg


Lv HP Weakness Steal
15 7509 Earth Small Feather, Wind Stone, Taurus Gem


Resistances Status Immunities
Wind (Absorb) Confuse, Doom, Oil, Petrify, Poison, Sleep, Slow


Make your way to The Clan Hall in the North End of Rabanastre, talk to Montblanc and accept the Cluckatrice hunt.

Once done make your way back to Southgate and head south to enter Giza Plains, then make your way straight for Nomad Village where you will want to speak with Dania in the Cockatrice pen to officially start this hunt. The Cluckatrice will spawn in Giza’s North Bank, which is one zone to the east of the Nomad Village, but there’s a catch. When you enter the zone and explore it, you see no sign of the feathery fiend. In order to make it appear, you will have to kill everything in the zone, then exit and re-enter. This includes every single thing that is moving, yes, even the cute little bunnies.

Approach any of the Chickatrices (left) and Cluckatrice will come stampeding towards you (right).

Once you do this, you should see some lovely little Chickatrices running around, but when you decide to approach one, their mother will come stampeding out and start attacking you. Depending on your levels and equipment, Cluckatrice might be a bit of a letdown for you, but it can still be annoying. The first thing you should do is get rid of the Chickatrices, although they can do nothing but just attack you. All of them absorb Wind, so that shiny new Gladius you might have obtained is useless in this fight. Cluckatrice is a bit more problematic, as it can inflict Slow and Petrify with its physical attacks, plus it has Stone Gaze and Mucus to double up on those same ailments. It also has access to Purify, should you try to inflict ailments on it.

Of course, inflicting ailments is one of the easier ways to tackle the Cluckatrice. It is vulnerable to Blind, Immobilize and Disable, with the last one being the most devastating. Put Disable (Red/Time Battlemage) on it, then concentrate on the Chickatrices until they go down, reapplying Disable if needed. Having a Gambit that uses a Gold Needle in case someone gets Petrified is useful here. None of the enemies drop anything and you can steal a Small Feather, Wind Stone or Taurus Gem from the Cluckatrice; the Chickatrices will yield a Potion, Small Feather or Large Feather when using Steal. All of the enemies need to be defeated in order to complete the hunt; if you leave the zone having just beaten Cluckatrice, it will respawn.

When all of the enemies are defeated, return to the petitioner in Nomad Village to receive your reward.

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