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Best Late Game Rune Farming Spot

Nathan Garvin

How to find the best grinding spot in Elden Ring - how to get the most Runes in the least amount of time. How to reach Mohgwyn Palace and farm Albinaurics.

Best Late Game Rune Farming Spot in Elden Ring

While stalking Vulgar Militiamen outside of the Bestial Sanctum will get you enough levels to equip whatever gear you want and boost your Vigor high enough so you’re not dying when every enemy sneezes in your general direction, it won’t be long before the 1000~ Runes per kill isn’t quite worth the time to reap… save for when you’re finishing off levels after accumulating Runes by playing the game normally.

The good news is there’s a better place to farm, capable of earning you 100,000 Runes every few minutes. The bad news is that the enemies you’ll need to farm can be fairly dangerous, and the location where they lurk may require significant progress through the game to reach.

The fastest way to reach Moghwyn's Palace is by advancing White-Faced Varre's questline.

How to Reach Moghwyn Palace

There are two ways to reach Moghwyn Palace, and one is significantly faster than the other.

First, the fast route: You’ll need to complete White-Faced Varre’s questline until he gives you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, which you can use to reach Moghwyn Palace. This still requires you to deal with some running about in Liurnia, but you’ll reach Moghwyn Palace far sooner than if you opt for the alternative route.

(1 of 2) where you'll find a wayportal leading to Moghwyn's Palace.

where you'll find a wayportal leading to Moghwyn's Palace. (left), Once you reach the Consecrated Snowfield, search the western edge of the region, (right)

Speaking of which, the alternative route requires you to make significant progress through teh game, including:

Once you go through the wayportal, you’re there!

Obviously not taking the route offered by White-Faced Varre is quite a bit of doing, but on the plus side, after all that work you’ll probably be strong enough to deal with the enemies in Mohgwyn’s Palace to make farming them practical.

(1 of 3) Near the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace you'll find a dozen nearly-helpless gray Albinaurics you can slaughter for roughly 2,000 Runes each.

How to Farm Moghwyn’s Palace

However you managed it, once you’re inside the Moghwyn’s Palace region you’ll want to make your way to its southeastern corner, where you’ll find the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace, which is right next to a prime farming spot.

From here, make your way northeast to find a tribe of Albinaurics. There are two types of Albinaurics here: four red-skinned ones which are alert and actively hostile, and gray-skinned ones which are asleep, and harmless unless roused. The red Albinaurics can expel an array of spikes from their skin and perform a rolling dash attack, which can one-shot all but the most hardy of characters (we’re talking over 1,000 damage, here), but if you dodge into it the iframes should keep you safe. Unfortunately the gray-skinned Albinaurics present a unique challenge - their sheer numbers make it annoying to lock-onto your chosen target, as the numerous slumbering Albinaurics will likely have to be cycled through to target the red-skinned threats. On the plus side, if you dispose of the four red-skinned guards, you’re free to massacre the dozen gray-skinned sleepers. All are worth over 2,000 Runes, closer to 2,500 Runes if you have the Gold Scarab equipped. All in all, with the Gold Scarab clearing this group will earn you just shy of 40,000 Runes, and it can be done relatively quickly and easily for characters strong enough to need that many Runes.

(1 of 2) Provoke a distance Giant Crow with ranged attacks,

Provoke a distance Giant Crow with ranged attacks, (left), then watch as the (apparently flightless) bird derps itself off a cliff, leaving you over 10,000 Runes richer. (right)

That’s the easy and quick part, but you can extend the run further for more gains, depending on your preferences and your character’s potency. If you look off the cliffs to the west you should spot a Giant Crow stalking around far below you. With a ranged weapon or sufficiently rangey spell (Rock Sling and Loretta’s Greatbow both work) you can hit the bird and provoke it into charging at you and off the cliff. Those wings are apparently just for show, as they won’t save it - one dead bird later (you can imagine the cartoonish splat it must make) and you’ll earn well over 10,000 Runes (13,000~ if you have the Gold Scarab). Not a bad reward for a little ranged aggro, and a fine addition to the pile you got from the Albinaurics.

Speaking of which, if you continue north past the first sixteen Albinaurics you massacred, then turn north, northwest and head downhill you’ll find another four red-faced Albinaurics. Beyond them is a bloody swamp, which is filled with Albinaurics. There are around two dozen of them prowling about here, in two somewhat distinct groups, and in addition there are six more hiding in two caves, for a total of thirty Albinaurics. Killing these will net you over 70,000 Runes (with the Gold Scarab), and while they’re all red-skinned variants, you can use a summon here to help draw fire, which helps immensely.

If you kill all fifty Albinaurics and the Giant Crow you’ll amass over 130,000 Runes, and if your character is fit enough to have made it here (roughly level 120~), you should likely be able to kill all these foes fast enough and reliably enough to grind up quite a bit… hitting level 150+ here is trivial, with 200~ being overkill, but doable.


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