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How to Find and Complete the Bridge of Sacrifice in Limgrave

Nathan Garvin

Information and walkthrough for Bridge of Sacrifice location in Elden Ring, including details about how to obtain the Great Epee and how to acquire Irina’s Letter.

How to Find Bridge of Sacrifice

The Bridge of Sacrifice is along the southern end of Limgrave, and it connects the former region to the Weeping Peninsula, to the south. Just follow the road south from the Waypoint Ruins and you’ll reach this bridge.

Best Loot in the Bridge of Sacrifice

Item Location
Great Epee Loot a chest in an enemy camp east of Agheel Lake South.
Irina’s Letter Talk to Irina south of the Bridge of Sacrifice.
Stonesword Key Loot a corpse along the southern end of the Bridge of Sacrifice.

Enemies in the Bridge of Sacrifice

Enemies Runes Drops Notes
Godrick Soldiers RunesEldenRing.png64-77 Bolt x5, Brass Shield, Godrik Soldier Gauntlets, Godrik Soldier Greaves, Godrik Soldier Helm, Lordsworn’s Bolt x5, Lordsworn’s Straightsword, Smithing Stone (1), Tree-and-Beast Surcoat, Warpick Drops Vary by Enemy Armament
Kaiden Sellsword RunesEldenRing.png282 Dismounter, Frozen Raisin, Kaiden Armor, Kaiden Gauntlets, Kaiden Helm, Kaiden Trousers -
Undead Soldiers RunesEldenRing.png19 Aristocrat Coat, Aristocrat Garb -

Raid an undead camp northeast of the Bridge of Sacrifice to obtain the Great Epee.

How to Complete the Bridge of Sacrifice

Before you actually get to the Bridge of Sacrifice, there’s a detour worth making nearby. North of the Bridge of Sacrifice is a road running through a cleft. While mounted, use a Spiritspring to reach the top of the cliffs to the east, where you’ll find a camp nestled between some ruins. Kill the undead (these consist of Undead Soldiers, Aristocrats, Godrick Soldiers and Kaiden Sellswords), the most annoying of which are likely to be some spellcasting Aristocrats atop some ruins, which require you to go out of your way to reach and kill. Once all the undead have been smote, loot a chest in their camp to obtain the Great Epee.

(1 of 2) Deal with an undead soldier operating a ballista to make clearing the bridge easier.

Deal with an undead soldier operating a ballista to make clearing the bridge easier. (left), Loot a corpse south of the ballista to obtain a Stonesword Key. (right)

Return to the road and ride your way south to reach the Bridge of Sacrifice, which is fortified by and guarded by Undead Soldiers and Godrick Soldiers. A particular nuisance is an Undead Soldier manning a ballista, who will happily shoot explosive bolts at you as long as you leave him free to do so - try to draw his fire and dodge the first bolt, then run and jump past the fortifications on the bridge to reach the undead artillerist and cut him down. Defeating the rest of the undead should be much easier once the ballista is removed from the equation.

After the bridge is clear, loot two corpses - one hanging off the eastern end of the bridge will yield a Smithing Stone (1), while another south of the ballista holds a Stonesword Key.

Cross the bridge and turn right (west) to find the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace, which will allow you to fast travel past the bridge and never have to worry about crossing it on foot again.

Talk to a woman named Irina south of the Bridge of Sacrifice to get Irina's Letter.

Continue south on the road and keep your eyes to the left (east) to spot a woman sitting on a rock. Talk to this woman - Irina - and she’ll tell you about the rebellion at Castle Morne, a location on the southern end of the Weeping Peninsula. Talk to her a second time and she’ll ask you to deliver a letter to her father - accept and she’ll give you Irina’s Letter.


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