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Elden Ring

How to Beat Patches in Murkwater Cave

Ben Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll fight a large assortment of bosses, many of which are optional. This page will detail where you can find and beat Patches in Murkwater Cave, Limgrave.

Patches is a boss in Elden Ring.

Runes Drops
Golden Rune [1] x2, Grovel For Mercy Gesture, Unlocks Patches Shop

Where is Patches in Elden Ring?

Patches is easy enough to locate, if you look north from Lake Agheel, you’ll see a stream leading toward the Murkwater Cave. Beware however, as you head down toward that path, Bloody Finger Nerijus will invade and block the entrance to the cave. Note that you cannot use Spirits in the battle against Nerijus but you will be aided by an NPC, Yura, who will appear once the battle begins.

Once inside, be sure to use the Site of Grace and you’ll have to battle through some Bandits before you reach the boss room to the right at the intersection.



Patches will attempt to blow a cloud smoke at you, this make it difficult to see Patches and he’ll usually attempt to attack through it. It does however leave him wide open; this is a great opportunity to get behind him for a Backstab.


Shield users will need to be careful about standing in front of Patches with your Shield out, if you’re not careful, he’ll kick the shield which will break your guard and he’ll follow up with a Riposte, dealing hefty damage.

Triple Poke

Patches will attempt to poke his spear forward three times in quick succession, this can deal moderate damage should you get hit by all three attacks. This is simple to avoid however, keep medium range and then roll to the side to avoid it.


Patches will leap into the air and come crashing down with his spear, dealing moderate damage. To avoid this, roll towards Patches to avoid this attack.


Patches is a rather odd Boss battle, since you don’t need to deplete all of his HP to win the battle, instead, you must drain his HP to around half and he’ll call for mercy and grovel on the ground. Cease your attacking at this point to bring the battle to an end and receive your rewards.

Still, you’ll need to deal enough damage to reach this stage and you’ll be pleased to know that Patches is something of a pushover, with all his attacks easily telegraphed and him being nothing more than a beefier regular Godrick Soldier. He’ll usually begin the battle with Smoke attack, this will see him spew a cloud of smoke in the air which he uses to cloud your vision and try to get the jump on you. It’s also your best time to attack him, his back is completely open during the animation, allowing you to get behind for a Backstab.

(1 of 3) You can get behind Patches for a backstab when he uses his smoke

Patches isn’t without his threats however, although his Triple Poke and Leap attacks are easy enough to avoid by simply rolling out of the way, you’ll want to avoid standing directly in front of him with a shield out as he will attempt to kick it, causing you to stagger and following it up with a Riposte, dealing moderate damage. By the time you reach Patches however, you should be acustomed to dealing with the Knight type of enemy and once you lower his HP to half, he’ll call time on the battle, where he’ll agree to start selling his wares to you the next time you visit.

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