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How to Beat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy in Volcano Manor

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to beat the God-Devouring Serpent and Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy in

Where to Find Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy in Volcano Manor, Elden Ring

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy is the big Demi-God boss of the Volcano Manor Legacy Dungeon. The closest site of grace Audience Pathway. There are a few different ways to get to Rykard:

Going through Volcano Manor

The first way in which you could reach Rykard is by going straight through Volcano Manor. First, enter into the entryway of Volcano Manor and take a right down the corridor. Unlock the first door on the right using the Drawing-Room Key then hit the wall in the back-right corner to reveal a hidden pathway through a fake wall.

Follow the hallway going left and keep going straight until you reach the stairs heading down. Head down the stairs and follow the path until you find the Prison Town Church site of grace. Open the doors at the back of the church, then head right and continue across the rooftops and jump down towards the fog gate. Head left past the fog door and follow the path down to the lizard enemy.

Continue by heading right to find a ladder against the building. Take the ladder up and enter the open window at the back of the steeple. Drop down and then take the stairs in the southern region of the building. Then, head north and go right to find the Guest Hall site of grace. Outside and to the east of the Guest hall room, you’ll be able to take a right and head down another set of ladders.

Follow the path east and up the stairs to the area covered in cages. Near the fireplace you’ll be able to find an elevator that you can take upwards. After exiting the elevator, head up the steps to enter into the church where you’ll find a Godskin Noble.

After taking out the Godskin Noble, you’ll need to take the elevator to the right, upwards. Follow the path around, cross over the bridge and drop down onto the path on the left. Follow the path up, cross over lava lake, and climb the mound up into an open window. Take the door on your right, head up the stairs into the room where you can then take a right to head down the hall. Go past the whip-wielding enemy into the room and open the door on the right. Head up the stairs and through the door on the left where you’ll then find a portal you can enter. From there, you’ll be able to head south into Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy’s boss arena.

Completing Tanith’s Contracts

Alternatively, you could complete three contracts for Tanith at the Volcano Manor, and she will ask if you would like to see Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. If you accept, she will teleport you directly outside of his fog gate.

Speak to Tanith after completing her contracts to be transported to see Rykard.

Getting there from Raya Lucaria Academy

And finally, if you don’t want to partner with Tanith, you could instead follow Patches’ directions, teleport to Volcano Manor through the Abductor Virgin at the bottom of the wheel in Raya Lucaria Academy. Once you spawn into the Manor, there is an area on the ledge behind you that you can drop down onto. Follow the ledge until you cross the lava. Continue onwards and you’ll find an elevator cage that takes you up to a platform. You can take another elevator cage that can be found straight in front of you. After taking this elevator, head up the stairs found ahead and you’ll end up in the Church with the Godskin Noble. You can then continue with the instructions outlined above to get through Volcano Manor and find Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

God-Devouring Serpent Attacks

During the first phase of this boss fight you’ll be fighting the God-Devouring Serpent. You’ll need to entirely kill the Serpent, meaning you’ll need to deplete his whole health bar before you can fight Rykard.

The God-Devouring Serpent can inflict poison as well as do fire damage and standard damage. He is also immune to poison, bleed and scarlet rot status effects.


The Serpent will lunge at you to try and bite you. Sometimes, the Serpent will do a series of bites in quick succession so try to roll backwards rather than to the side or forwards to avoid being caught out.

Serpent's bite attack.


You may not spot them at first but God-Devouring Serpent has some bony little hands that he’ll occasionally try to grab at you with if you’re in close enough distance!

Poison Attack

During this attack, the Serpent will spit out poison that spreads out in different directions, leaving a pool of poison on the ground for a few seconds. You’ll want to dodge out of the initial spray of poison as well as steer clear of the poison on the ground following the attack.

Head Slam

When the Snake slams his head into the ground, he’ll cause the lava to burst from the lake and you’ll have to dodge some flying magma and rocks.

The Serpent will slam his head onto the ground to cause lava to spray up.

Spin Attack

This is a slight variation on the attack above. Basically, the Serpent will spin around quickly causing the lava and rocks to spray up and out. It’s a larger spray of lava as well so you’ll need to be more cautious to dodge the debris and the fire.

Rykard Attacks

After you’ve killed the God-Devouring Serpent, you’ll need to now face Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. You’ll witness a brief cut scene in which Rykard pulls out a huge sword from the throat of the Serpent.

Sword Attacks

Rykard wields a huge sword which he will use in a variety of ways. Sometimes he will stab towards you and other times he will sweep his sword across the ground in an attempt to knock you over.

Occasionally, when he stabs his sword towards you you’ll need to be prepared to have to dodge a series of stabs. The area of impact around these sword stabs will also cause you to fall back so make sure to stay well back - the sword has a very big range.

Lava Jump

Rykard will jump up slightly and when he lands, it’ll send up lava and rocks. If you’re having issues with the lava and fire attacks, consider utilising some fire resistances. The Fire Prelate armor set is perfect for improving your fire resistance, but you could also consume some Fireproof Dried Liver as well.

Fire Breath

In addition to the pesky lava attacks, Rykard can also breath fire. Thankfully, the range on his fire breath isn’t actually that large in comparison to the dragon bosses in the game so you won’t have a difficult time dodging it. His long neck does mean he can maneuver himself pretty easily though.

Serpent Head Bite

Even though you’re now fighting Rykard, you’ll still have to deal with the snake, which is now on the back of Rykard’s head. Occasionally the snake will bite at you like the God-Devouring Serpent. He can follow up sword attacks with a snake bite so be on the look out!

Fiery Skull

A fiery skull will descend from the sky towards you and when it lands, it’ll be followed by a trail of several small-ish explosions. The skull will try to come into contact with you but you can dodge at the last minute. Just make sure to also move out of the way of the miniature explosions as well.

Rykard will summon a fiery skull to hit you and also cause some small explosions in its path.

Strategy to Defeat Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

This fight might seem very intimidating at first, especially since you have to fight two bosses one after the other. However, this fight can be a breeze if you get the secret OP serpent killing weapon! And even better, the weapon is found in Rykard’s boss arena!

Serpent Hunter.

As you enter into his boss fight arena, you can loot a corpse to the left for the Serpent-Hunter weapon. Using this weapon will give you unique conversations but will also make the fight much easier! Even if you have a great build, you should definitely consider using the Serpent-Hunter because it is uniquely powerful in this particular fight - it isn’t as strong against other bosses. It has a powerful laser beam that shoots out of the end of the sword and does lots of damage against the Serpent. And, what makes it even better is that you can summon your Mimic Tear and have him also wield the Serpent-Hunter!

The Serpent-Hunter allows even melee players to stay out of the way of the lava and use the laser-beam attack to whittle both the Serpent and Rykard down in no time! Having a general idea of the kinds of attacks both of them have in their arsenal is still useful so you don’t get caught out though!

The Serpent Hunter is perfect for the fight against the Serpent and Rykard.

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy Rewards

Upon defeating him, you’ll earn 130,000 Runes, Rykard’s Great Rune and Remembrance of the Blasphemous. Remembrance of the Blasphemous. Remembrance of the Blasphemous can be traded for Rykard’s Rancor or Blasphemous Blade.


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