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Elden Ring

How to find the Legendary Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash

Matt Chard

This page will tell you how to find the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash location.

The Black Knife Tiche in Elden Ring

With the balance changes in patch 1.03, Mimic Tear was knocked off the top spot for best Spirit Ash and Black Knife Tiche claimed the spot for itself. Black Knife Tiche is especially good for the final boss as she moves throughout the battlefield quicker whilst also being harder to hit, thus keeping her alive longer.

Black Knife Tiche costs a hefty 132 FP to cast, and she’ll jump in and out of melee range of the enemy producing quick combos when she’s close and a draining ranged attack when afar. Fun fact, Tiche is the daughter of Alecto, the Black Knife leader and was killed for protecting her mother during their flight from the Leyndell, Royal Capital after she killed Godwyn the Golden.

Black Knife Tiche Location

For a Spirit Ash this good, you’d expect it to find it somewhere tough, and you wouldn’t be wrong. You’ll need to defeat Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader at the Ringleader’s Evergaol which is located in the Moonlight Altar sub-area in Liurnia of the lakes.

This area can only be accessed after progressing Ranni’s quest line to the point of obtaining the Dark Moon Ring. You can follow Ranni’s quest here. Once you’re in the Moonlight Altar, head to the far northwestern corner of the area where you’ll find the Ringleader’s Evergaol. Interact with it to start the boss fight: Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader.

(1 of 2) Ringleader’s Evergaol can be found in the far northwest from Moonlight Altar.

Ringleader’s Evergaol can be found in the far northwest from Moonlight Altar. (left), Ringleader’s Evergaol Map Location. (right)

How to Defeat Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader

Alecto is a formiddable opponent who’ll dash towards you and use a variety of quick combos before evading your attacks, and retreating before unleashing her next barrage. She has access to a ranged attack where she’ll throw a dark projectile at you from her dagger which drains your health if you’re hit by it. Worst of all, as it’s in an evergaol, you won’t be able to summon a spirit or any online player to help you beat it. It’ll just be you and her in a fight to the death!


Alecto has a few tricks up her sleeve which you’d expect from the Black Knife Ringleader. Here is a list of what she can do, and how to counter them.


Starting with the obvious. Alecto will lunge at you and perform a backstab for significant damage, and depending on your Vigor it could one-shot you.

If you pay close attention to her, she’ll pull back her left arm just before she attempts the lunge. Dodging this attack is all about timing and your position, if you’re somewhat close to her, wait until the lunge is about to connect and dodge towards her. If you’re at range, keep rolling away from her.

Blade of Death

This is the same attack you get with the Black Knife weapon you got from one of her underlings in Altus Plateau. She’ll imbue her knife in dark energy and leap into the air whilst unleashing a blade-like projectile that’ll deal some instant damage and continue to drain your health afterwards.

She’ll mainly use this attack if you’re far away from her, although she can use it when you’re close to her too. When you see the projectile, dodge to either side of it and be ready in case she follows it up with another attack.

Overhead Strike

Alecto has two variations of this attack, one of them will be a standard overhead attack whilst the other is a stronger, potential one-shot imbued version. She’ll leap into the air and slam down dealing significant damage. The imbued version will have her coat her blade first with dark energy similar to the Blade of Death attack.

You’ll want to either run/roll forward or run/roll away from the impact zone depending on your positioning.


She’ll dodge to the side and leap in with a lunging stab attack. This is normally followed by another attack so be ready to dodge the attacks that follow.

You can dodge to the side to avoid the initial lunge, then get ready to roll backwards from the following attacks.

Spinning Slash

Alecto will aggresively close the distance to you before performing a series of slashes and swipes whilst she spins around. This attack can also be followed up with another.

Ideally you’ll want to keep your distance from this attack, but if she manages to get close to you, roll away multiple times from the attack, and be ready for any potential follow-up.

Sweeping Slash

For this attack, Alecto will plunge her blade into the ground and perform a sweeping kick in a circular motion before unleashing an attack with her blade in a wide arc.

Avoid this attack the same way you would with the Spinning Slash attack. You can also get a hit or two on her after this attack if you’re close enough.


This is a tough battle no matter what way you look at it, but it can be more manageable if you have the right setup. For melee, having a weapon that can produce wide arcing attacks at a decent speed is great. Weapons like the Bloodfang Sword is ideal for this fight as you can get in and out relatively quickly and still deal decent damage to her. Rivers of Blood is another great weapon for this fight as you can get a couple of attacks from its special and take minimal damage in doing so. Eleonora’s Polearm is another great weapon, and made this battle significantly easier because if you can time the special as Alecto rushes in, you can stun lock her briefly and get a lot of hits in.

Hand of Malenia can make this fight a lot easier, but it’s unlikely you’ll have it at this point as it’s at the end of the optional area with an equally tough boss. There are alot of good weapons to use against her, but weapons that are quicker make the fight a lot easier as you won’t get too many attacks on her every time you attempt to hit her. Your best opening is when she uses her lunge or the Sweeping Slash attacks as her recovery is a little slower after using them.

For the most part, dodging is better than blocking as her multi-hit combos will deplete your stamina quickly, leaving you open. Having a lighter load will make your attempts at dodging a lot easier as you’ll gain more distance with your rolls. She is somewhat susceptible to being staggered, but if you’re using a slow heavy Colossal Weapon it may be hard to get the attack in without losing significant damage with each swing.

If you’re using a magic or ranged build, multi-hit spells like Glintblade Phalanx are good for this battle as you can cast them whilst you focus on avoiding her attacks. Try to keep it up at all times, and it’ll slowly chip away at her health. Other great spells to use against her are Carian Greatblade and Adula’s Moonblade as they have a wide arc.

Finally, you can exploit a rock in the arena which is to the left of where she spawns. For the most part, she won’t be able to hit you on there providing one of her attacks doesn’t make her land on the rock. From there you can pelt her with magic with relative safety. Expect his to be patched at some point.

When you finally better her in this grueling battle, you’ll be rewarded with the Legendary Spirit Ash: Black Knife Tiche.

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