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Elden Ring

How to Beat the Invader Recusant Henricus in Limgrave

Ben Chard

In Elden Ring, you’ll fight a large assortment of bosses, including Invaders that act much like Online Invaders. This page will detail where you can find and beat Recusant Henricus.

Recusant Henricus will invade you in the north of Limgrave.

Recusant Henricus Location in Limgrave

Recusant Henricus can be located in northern Limgrave. Make your way to the Warmaster’s Shack Site of Grace and head north to the collapsed bridge there, passing through to the northern cliffside. From here, head towards the large circular building to the east and Recusant Henricus will invade.

You can find Recusant Henricus to the north of Limgrave, past the collapsed bridge.


Leap Strike

Recusant Henricus will dash toward you and leap into the air before slamming his hammer into the ground, this will deal moderate damage should it strike you. You can easily avoid this by rolling into him so that he lands past you and leave himself wide open.

Roll toward Henricus when he uses his Leap Strike.

Two-hit Combo

Most of Recusant Henricus’ regular attacks will be a single strike, and they’ll hurt a lot still due to him two-handing a hammer. To make matters worse, he can perform a two-hit swing that will deal major damage if you get struck by both, or almost certainly drain all of your stamina if you’re blocking, dodge away from him to avoid this.

Getting struck by his hammer is enough to deplete most of your Stamina!

Flame Strike

Look for when you see fire on the end of Recusant Henricus’ hammer, this indicates he will plunge it into the ground before pulling it out with a large plume of fire. Both strikes of this attack can hit you and deal major damage if you get hit by both. This attack will also leave fire on the ground for a time, causing damage to you if you walk over it. Once you see the fire on his hammer, keep your distance.


Of the four invaders you can fight in Limgrave, Recusant Henricus is arguably the easiest, so long as you don’t overcommit and avoid his Flame Strike, he should go down quickly. One thing to note however is that Recusant Henricus is wearing full heavy armor, this means he has high poise making him tougher to flinch.

Henricus’ attacks are slow, but powerful, so don’t get overconfident and punish him once you dodge through one of his slow attacks. The best time to strike him is by baiting him into his Leap Strike, this is easily avoided, and you can roll toward him while he’s in the air to find yourself behind him. The biggest threat from Henricus comes from when you’re up close and he uses the Flame Strike, it’s easy to get caught in it and the damage can really start to add up if you stand around in the fire after so be sure to quickly roll away as soon as you see fire on the edge of his hammer.

Recusant Henricus doesn’t have a whole lot of HP, and his slow nature makes him a much easier foe than Bloody Finger Nerijus. Once you finally manage to bring him down, he’ll drop the Hammer Talisman which enhances stamina-reducing attacks against blockers.

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