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All Locations in Caelid

Scott Peers

This page contains everything you need to know about the locations in the Caelid region of Elden Ring.

How Many Locations Are There in Caelid?

Caelid is a mostly desolate region, plagued by the corruption of Scarlet Rot, a disease and status effect which is used by some of the enemies you’ll encounter in the region. Caelid is also home to a large number of undead, and many of the enemies here have been mutated by Scarlet Rot, as has the flora and fauna. There are 30 unique locations to be found in Caelid, and numerous Sites of Grace. You can access Caelid from the northeast of Limgrave, where it connects to the region. Although this is relatively close to the starting area, most of the bosses here will be challenging for a low level player.

List of All Map Locations in Caelid

Abandoned Cave

The Abandoned Cave can only be accessed by going through Dragonbarrow, a region in the northern part of Caelid. The cave itself is located just northwest of Sellia Evergaol. You’ll need to access the area from the west using the Spiritspring Jump near the Minor Erdtree in the northwest of Caelid. You can get to this part of the map by using the portal behind the Third Church of Marika in eastern Limgrave. The cave contains the Cleanrot Knight Duo boss, who drops the Gold Scarab. You can also find the Venomous Fang and Serpent Bow here.

Bestial Sanctum

The Bestial Sanctum is in the northeasternmost part of Dragonbarrow, Caelid. The area is guarded by the Black Blade Kindred boss, who drop the Gargoyle’s Blackblade and Gargoyle’s Black Halberd. You’ll also find Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman inside. You can access the area using the Sending Gate behind the Third Church of Marika in eastern Limgrave. Gurranq can be fed Deathroot eight times, in return for the following rewards:

Caelid Waypoint Ruins

The Caelid Waypoint Ruins can be found by following the Caelid Highway South. They’re just southeast of Gaol Cave and Fort Gael. There are no bosses here, but it’s a decent place to farm Rot Grease. You’ll also find the unique Meteoric Ore Blade here, inside a chest in a small room at the back of an underground hall filled with sarcophagi and Prawn Miner enemies.

Caelem Ruins

The Caelem Ruins can be found by following the Caelid Highway in the western part of the map. You’ll find the unique Visage Shield here after defeating the Mad Pumpkin Head Duo boss, who dwell at the back of the ruins. There isn’t much else to see here once you’ve defeated these two, and they don’t drop anything special other than a decent amount of Runes.

Cathedral of Dragon Communion

This unique site is in the southwestern part of Caelid, reached by following the Caelid Highway South. A Banished Knight roams the area, and players can interact with the dragon altar to obtain Incantations by performing the Ritual of Dragon Communion. This consists of offering Dragon Hearts in exchange for specific Incantations, so it functions more like a shop than a ritual. You can obtain six Incantations by default, but you’ll need to defeat seven bosses to obtain the others. The table below details the cost and requirement for each Incantation.

Caelid Catacombs

These Catacombs are located southeast of Cathedral of Dragon Communion. You’ll find the Miranda Sprout Ashes here, and you can obtain the Kindred of Rot Ashes by defeating the Cemetery Shade who dwells here. There isn’t much more to see once you’ve fought through the skeleton enemies, but you will find some Grave Violet, Root Resin, and Grave Glovewort [4] throughout.

Church of the Plague

This church is in eastern Caelid, just southeast from Sellia, Town of Sorcery. You’ll find the NPC Millicent here, a young woman stricken with an incurable case of Scarlet Rot. Gowry will send players to look for her in an attempt to cure her of the disease. There isn’t much else to see here, other than a Sacred Tear which can be found just beneath the Statue of Marika. There are some Prawn Miner enemies in the area, and you’ll find some Sacramental Bud and Smoldering Butterfly.

Deep Siofra Well

Not much to see here, though the well acts as a transportation device from the northeastern part of Siofra River. You’ll need two Stonesword Keys to activate the lift.

Divine Tower of Caelid

This tower can be found in the northern part of Dragonbarrow, Caelid. You’ll find a Godskin Apostle boss here, but it can only be reached by a series of platforming puzzles. There’s a Stonesword Key that can be found outside the tower walls, but you’ll need to be careful as a number of Blackflame Monks and Radahn Knights roam the area. The boss also drops the Godslayer’s Greatsword (Found in a chest behind the boss arena after defeating him) and the Godskin Apostle Set.

Dragonbarrow Cave

The Dragonbarrow Cave can be found in the eastern part of Dragonbarrow. You can enter via the cliff face underneath the nearby Minor Erdtree. The Beastman of Farum Azula Duo bosses dwell here, who drop a Flamedrake Talisman and Bull-Goat’s Talisman. You’ll also find an abundance of Rowa Fruit, Crystal Cave Moss, Crystal Bud, Budding Cave Moss, and Beast Blood.

Fort Gael

A heavily guarded fort, home to a Lion Guardian boss. You’ll also find a number of unique items including Katar fist weapon, Starscourge Heirloom talisman, Partisan spear, Greatbow, Radahn Soldier Greaves, and Ash of War: Lion’s Claw (drop from the boss). The fort is guarded by a number of Soldiers, Radahn Knights, Radahn Soldiers, and Maneuverable Flamethrowers. You can also find the Flame, Grant me Strength spell behind the fort, on a body between two Maneuverable Flamethrowers.

Fort Faroth

The Fort Faroth is located in eastern Caelid, near to the Elder Dragon Greyoll boss. You can find the Radagon’s Soreseal talisman here, and the key item Dectus Medallion (Right). However, there isn’t much to see here aside from these key items, especially when compared with the amount of treasures you can find at Fort Gael.

Forsaken Ruins

These ruins are located in western Caelid, southeast of the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace. There are no bosses here, just some Giant Crows, but you’ll find the Sword of St Trina in the ruins. There’s also some Smithing Stones, Faded Erdleaf Flower and Trina’s Lily in the area.

Gael Tunnel

The Gael Tunnel can be found in the western part of Caelid, near the border to Limgrave and north of Fort Gael. You’ll encounter Alexander the Iron Fist here for the second time. The Cross-Naginata spear can be found in the tunnels, alongside a Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot and Grace Mimic. The Magma Wyrm boss also dwells here, who drops the Moonveil katana.

Gaol Cave

This cave can be found northeast of Fort Gael, in western Caelid. You’ll need two Stonesword Keys to enter the cave. The Frenzied Duelist boss dwells here, who drops the Putrid Corpse Ashes. There’s also the Regalia of Eochaid straight sword, the Pillory Shield, and the Wakizashi dagger.

Gowry’s Shack

This shack can be reached by following the Caelid Highway East, not far from Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Home to Gowry, who sells the Glintstone Stars, Night Shard, Night Maiden’s Mist. and Pest Threads spells.

Isolated Merchant’s Shack

The Isolated Merchant’s Shack is found in north Caelid, home to Isolated Merchant Dragonbarrow. The merchant sells the Land of Reeds armor set, Beast-Repellent Torch and other useful items such as Arrows, Bolts, and Gravel Stones. In addition, you’ll find a Sacrificial Twig Talisman here. You’ll also find a Bell Bearing Hunter nearby, who drop the Gravity Stone Peddler’s Bell Bearing.

Lenne’s Rise

A tower containing a Memory Stone in northeastern Caelid. The area is surrounded by poison and you’ll need to use a Spiritspring on the south side of the tower to land on the roof. You can then jump to the balcony below and enter the tower. The path to the stone is then as simple as any other tower. You can find some Glintstone Firefly and Faded Erdleaf Flowers in the surrounding area, but there are Arcane Sphere of Faces enemies roaming nearby, so you’ll need to be careful.

Minor Erdtree Catacombs

Found in the northwest of Caelid, near the border to Limgrave. The Erdtree Burial Watchdog Duo boss fight is here, who drop the Mad Pumpkin Head Ashes. You can also find the Imp Head (Wolf) helm here. In addition there are plenty of Grave Glovewort [4] in the area.

Redmane Castle

This castle is in the far southeast of Caelid. The Starscourge Radahn boss can be reached from here, but you’ll also find the Crucible Knight & Misbegotten Warrior boss fight, and two Lion Guardians. There are also NPCs to meet in the castle including Blaidd and Alexander the Iron Fist. You can also find the Flamberge greatsword on the ramparts, the Ruins Greatsword from the duo boss, and the Ash of War: Flaming Strike, which is dropped by a Teardrop Scarab near the cliff approach to the castle.

Smoldering Church

The Smoldering Church is located in the northwest of Caelid, near the border to Limgrave. This is the site of an NPC Invader battle with Anastasia, Tarnished-Eater, who drops the Sacred Scorpion Charm. You can also find Missionary’s Cookbook [3] and Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [14] here.

Shack of the Rotting

This shack is located in the northwest of Caelid, southeast of the Smoldering Church. There isn’t much here aside from some skeletons and Preserving Boluses. You’ll need to be careful of the skeletons who roam the area, since they can sometimes take you by surprise if you’re farming the boluses.

Street of Sages Ruins

The Street of Sages Ruins are located near the centre of Caelid. You can find the Meteorite Staff here early on, the Traveler’s Slops, Perfumer’s Traveling Garb, Traveler’s Hat & Gloves, and the Perfume Bottle key item. There’s also the Rock Sling spell, found in a chest in an underground cellar just north of the Street of Sages Ruins icon. It is surrounded by poison mages, but otherwise is free to be picked up. If you’re interested in the staff, see our guide on How to Get the Meteorite Staff Early.

Sellia Evergaol

The Sellia Evergaol is located just north of the Swamp of Aeonia. It is the site of the Battlemage Hugues boss fight, who drops the Battlemage Hugues Ashes.

Sellia Crystal Tunnel

This tunnel is near the centre of Caelid, north of the Swamp of Aeonia. The Fallingstar Beast boss dwells here, who drops the Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [1]. You can also find the Faithful Canvas Talisman in the tunnel. In addition, the Rock Blaster spell can be found in a chest inside a storage shed in the upper levels of the main cavern.

Swamp Lookout Tower

This tower is on the eastern shore of the Swamp of Aeonia. There isn’t much in this tower, but you can find the Eternal Darkness sorcery here, on a corpse inside the jail cell.

Sellia, Town of Sorcery

This is a major location in Caelid where the Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest boss fight can be found, who drop the Nox Flowing Sword. You can also find the Rotten Stray Ashes north of Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace, inside a building with a corpse and a rotten dog nearby. Lusat’s Glintstone Staff can be found in a chest north of the Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest boss duo’s chamber after defeating them, the Staff of Loss can be found on a corpse leaning over a building’s balcony in the west, accessible by jumping across the rooftops. The Night Comet can be found in a chest in the central section of town. This location is initially sealed by a barrier that can be dispelled by lighting a brazier atop a tower in the southwest of town. There’s also a Golden Seed near the top of the tower at the northern side. The Cerulean Tear Scarab helm can be found on a corpse on top of a roof in the northeast section of town, accessible by jumping across the rooftops. Finally, the Ash of War: Double Slash can be found is dropped by a Teardrop Scarab found high above on a very large root in the western end of town, accessible by jumping across the rooftops.

Sellia Gateway

This gateway is located on the southeastern shore of the Swamp of Aeonia. This is more of a landmark area that you encounter just before the Sellia, Town of Sorcery.

Sellia Hideaway

The Sellia Hideaway can be found northeast of the Sellia, Town of Sorcery. It is the site of the Putrid Crystalian Trio boss fight, who drop the Crystalian Ashes, Crystal Spear, and Crystal Torrent. There’s also plenty of Budding Cave Moss and Crystal Cave Moss to be found here, and the Stars of Ruin spell, which is given by Master Lusat when interacted with inside the Sellia Hideaway, behind an arcane ward in the second pit. Requires the Sellian Sealbreaker to get through arcane ward (Acquired during Questline).

War-Dead Catacombs

These Catacombs are located in the northeast of Caelid, southwest of Lenne’s Rise. This is the site of the Putrid Tree Spirit boss fight, who drops the Redmane Knight Ogha Ashes and a Golden Seed. You’ll also find the Radahn Soldier Ashes and the Collapsing Stars sorcery here. The sorcery can be looted from a chest in the room with the enemies fighting each other. Drop down to the lower level filled with scarlet rot and look for the chest.


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