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How to Beat the Runebear in Earthbore Cave

Nathan Garvin

Information for the Runebear boss in the Earthbore Cave in Elden Ring, including details about how to find and defeat the Runebear.

Runes Drops
RunesEldenRing.png2600 Spelldrake Talisman

Where is the Runebear in the Earthbore Cave?

The Runebear can be found at the end of the Earthbore Cave in the Weeping Peninsula. The Earthbore Cave can be found along the northern edge of the Weeping Peninsula, between the Forest Lookout Tower to the east and the Demi-Human Forest Ruins to the west. You’ll need to approach from the east, where you’ll find a strip of land at the edge of the cliffs leading down to the cave entrance.

To reach the Runebear’s cavern you’ll have to progress through a series of tunnels and chambers largely occupied by rats. After clearing out their den, seek out a pit and drop down it, then continue down a passage to find the Runebear slumbering.


Runebears can be found throughout the Lands Between, from the Mistwood to Dragonbarrow to Mt. Gelmir. Only in the Weeping Peninsula’s Earthbore Cave, however, does one qualify as a boss. This specimen fights like any other Runebear, and it’s nowhere near the most powerful, statistically. Aside from the confined chamber you’re forced to fight in, there’s not a whole lot special about this dubious “boss”.

Double Paw Smash

The Runebear will rear back with a single paw, and after a short charge-up, will slam one paw into the ground twice in quick succession. Can be used to attack foes behind it.


The Runebear will perform a claw swipe with one paw, often following it up by immediately swiping with the other paw.


The Runebear will rear back with both paws, and after a short charge-up period, will slam the ground with both paws. Moderate AoE, often used to attack foes behind it.

Bear Hug

After rearing back, the Runebear will amble forward with its paws outspread. If it grabs a target, it’ll squeeze three times, dealing minor damage each time before tossing its victim to the ground.

Charging Leap

The Runebear will charge and flop forward, dealing moderate damage over a wide area. Can be rather difficult to dodge given the size of the Runebear, the limited space available in its cavern, and the relatively short time it takes for the Runebear to perform this attack.


Runebears are obnoxiously aggressive foes, and this one is no different. With most other Runebears, however, you can use the terrain to your advantage, or at least seek to put some distance between yourself and the Runebear. In the Runebear’s den in the depths of the Earthbore Cave, however, space is limited, and this makes dealing with the Runebear inside more difficult than it otherwise would be. Its Charging Leap attack can cover a significant portion of the chamber, and if you find yourself in trouble, the relentless bear and the confines of the chamber can make it tricky to find an opportunity to heal or perform ranged attacks.

The solution, as usual, is summons - if the Runebear is focusing on your summons, you’ll be free to flank it and attack from relatively safety. Other than that, staying close to the Runebear and trying to dodge under/beside it as it attacks will usually suffice.

The Runebear isn’t resistant to any forms of damage, and is somewhat weak to physical (slash) and fire.


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