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How to Find and Complete Summonwater Village in Limgrave

Nathan Garvin

Information and walkthrough for the Summonwater Village location in Elden Ring, including details about how to defeat the Tibia Mariner and how to obtain the Skeletal Militiaman Ashes and the Green Turtle Talisman.

Summonwater Village, as seen from the west.

How to Find Summonwater Village

The Summonwater Village can be found east of the Saintsbridge, west of the Smoldering Church. From the Stormhill Shack, follow the road northeast past the Warmaster’s Shack, through an undead camp (unmarked) then turn east and cross the Saintsbridge. Keep following the road east until you find the Summonwater Village Outskirts Site of Grace, which will serve as your staging point for exploring the flooded village to the northeast.

Best Loot in Summonwater Village

Item Location
Skeletal Militiaman Ashes Defeat the Tibia Mariner
Green Turtle Talisman Find some stairs along the eastern edge of the village. Use a Stonesword Key to dispel a mist wall, then head into the underground chamber. You’ll find this item in a chest.

Enemies in Summonwater Village

Enemies Runes Drops Notes
Skeleton RunesEldenRing.png56 - -
Tibia Mariner BOSS RunesEldenRing.png2400 Skeletal Militiaman Ashes Optional Boss.

(1 of 2) Defeat the Tibia Mariner,

Defeat the Tibia Mariner, (left), and you'll gain the Skeletal Militiaman's Ashes. (right)

How to Complete Summonwater Village

Summonwater Village is little more than stone ruins sinking into a swamp, and aside from a handful of Skeletons lurking in said ruins the only noteworthy foe here is the Tibia Mariner, who can be found rowing around the shallow water in his boat.

Approach the Tibia Mariner to provoke a boss encounter. Unlike most bosses, the Tibia Mariner isn’t inclined to attack directly, instead preferring to summon various Skeletons to engage on his behalf. These are in addition to the Skeletons normally populating the ruins, and while most of them will wield spears you can find the odd scythe and crossbow wielder lurking about. The Skeletons aren’t too powerful or durable, but unless you finish them off with a coup de grace after putting them down, they’ll rise again at full health. Allow the Tibia Mariner to summon too many Skeletons and things can get hectic, so indulge in some crowd control from time to time to keep the numbers manageable.

While the Tibia Mariner is content to row around the village and summon Skeletons (use Torrent to catch him and put distance between yourself and Skeletons), he can attack himself, using his oar and boat as weapons. His attacks are generally easy to dodge, especially if you’re mounted.

The Tibia Mariner is very vulnerable to physical (strike) and holy damage, but is also fairly receptive to slash damage, as well. The Tibia Mariner is strong against thrust and lightning damage. When defeated, he’ll drop the Skeletal Militiaman Ashes summon.

(1 of 2) Use a Stonesword Key to dispel the fog blocking the entrance to a cellar,

Use a Stonesword Key to dispel the fog blocking the entrance to a cellar, (left), then enter the turtle-infested cellar to find the Green Turtle Talisman. (right)

Once the Tibia Mariner is defeated, search the ruins along the eastern end of the ruins to find some stairs leading down into a cellar. Alas, the doorway is blocked by a mist barrier, and you’ll have to use a Stonesword Key at the imp statue near the stairs to dispel it. Once done, head down into the cellar and pass through a room which is full of… turtles? Whatever, they won’t bother you, allowing you to continue north into a smaller room with a chest. Loot the chest to obtain the Green Turtle Talisman.

A Nomadic Merchant past the Saintsbridge will sell you various wares.

What Items You Can Buy From the Nomadic Merchant

After crossing the Saintsbridge, keep an eye to the south of the road and you should spot a campfire, near which is a Nomadic Merchant. He’ll sell you a variety of wares, as follows:

Item Cost (Souls) Notes
Pickled Turtle Neck 800 -
Smithing Stone (1) 200 -
Cracked Pot 600 -
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (3) 500 -
Short Sword 600 -
Halberd 1200 -
Arrow 20 -
Bolt 40 -
Bandit Mask 1500 -
Note: Flame Chariots 300 -


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