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How to Find and Complete Stormveil Castle Main Gate

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for Stormveil Castle, starting at the Stormveil Main Gate and ending at the Stormveil Cliffside.

How to Find the Stormveil Main Gate in Elden Ring

After you defeat Margit, the Fell Omen, you’ll be able to advance west and northwest up the road to reach the Stormveil Main Gate. Claim the Margit, the Fell Omen Site of Grace and the Stormveil Main Gate Site of Grace if you want some redundant checkpoints.

Note that to the northeast and southwest of the Stormveil Main Gate Site of Grace you’ll find stairs and ledges you can descend to score some extra loot, none of which is particularly noteworthy.

Enemies Near the Stormveil Main Gate

(1 of 2) Gatekeeper Gostoc will open the main gate for you if you insist,

Gatekeeper Gostoc will open the main gate for you if you insist, (left), but a battery of ballistae makes a frontal assault dangerous to the point of suicidal. (right)

How to Open the Stormveil Main Gate

Alternatively, if you go through a gate to the west of the Stormveil Main Gate Site of Grace you’ll reach a room wherein you’ll find Gatekeeper Gostoc. This character seems conciliatory enough, and will advise you to avoid going through the main gate - good advice, it turns out, as it is well defended. Unless you’re capable of dodging (or weathering) attacks from several ballistae, you’re better off continuing through the hole in the wall to the southwest.

If you ask him to open the gate, however, he will. If you can get past the battery of ballistae, you’ll find this to be a shortcut deeper into the castle, and if you can get to the Limgrave Tower Bridge Site of Grace (go through the gate, uphill, then turn right (northeast) and run through a room with armor) you’ll have solidified your gains. While the ballistae are the primary threat, do be wary of the Lion Guardian enemy as you go - you should be able to run past it, however.

Given the difficulty of this approach, it’s not recommended, as for weaker characters it’s just a good way to waste Runes. Speaking of which, Gatekeeper Gostoc isn’t as benevolent as he appears - check out the Gatekeeper Gostoc page for more details. To be brief, however, he’ll actively subvert you at one point as you explore the castle and will steal 30% of your Runes when you die in Stormveil Castle. You can reclaim these runes by killing him, but if you show restraint he’ll open up a shop, and more importantly may eventually sell you a very rare upgrade component. Obnoxious as he may be, it’s in your best interests to leave him alive. For now.

Gatekeeper Gostoc will sell you ware after you obtain the Rusty Key.

What Items You Can Buy From Gatekeeper Gostoc

(1 of 2) Bladed Talon Eagles make their unwelcome appearance on the cliffs outside of Stormveil Castle.

Bladed Talon Eagles make their unwelcome appearance on the cliffs outside of Stormveil Castle. (left), Fight through them and you can obtain a Smithing Stone (3). (right)

How to Reach the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace

When you’re ready to advance, go through the hole in the wall southwest of Gatekeeper Gostoc and ascend the rocks and rubble to the west, then south, ultimately jumping off a wall to the west where you’ll find an obnoxious new foe - the Bladed Talon Eagle. These flying pests will attack relentlessly, and while their per-hit damage isn’t too bad, their constant attacks can rip through your HP bar. Like with Giant Bats, a good shield can halt them long enough for you to cut them down.

Defeat the bird, then go up a path to the northwest to find the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace. Alternatively you can go southeast from where you encountered the first Bladed Talon Eagle and drop down some cliffs. You’ll have to fend off two more birds, after which you can ascend some ledges to the west to find another trio of Bladed Talon Eagles. Kill them and loot a corpse to score a Smithing Stone (3) - the sole bit of semi-worthwhile loot on this detour - then drop down a ledge to the north to reach the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace.


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