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How to Beat Tree Sentinel in Limgrave

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to beat Tree Sentinel, one of the first bosses you’ll come across in Limgrave.

Runes Drops
2,100 Runes Golden Halberd

Tree Sentinel Location in Limgrave

Tree Sentinel is found right near where you first enter Limgrave - in the fields between The First Step site of grace and Church of Elleh. He’s pretty easy to spot as he’s a pretty large knight on a big horse - and they’re both clad in gold armor.

Even though he’s likely the first boss you come across in Limgrave you might want to come back to this one. He’s pretty tanky and has some pretty devastating attacks!

Tree Sentinel Attacks

The Tree Sentinel is a knight on horseback. He wields a large halberd that has a long reach. He’ll frequently charge and jab or swing the halberd so agility is necessary to dodging out of the way of his incoming attacks. Below you’ll find some information on some his special and more powerful attacks.

Heavy Halberd Attack

All of the Tree Sentinel’s attacks are pretty brutal, but occasionally he’ll swing his halberd extra high and bring it down with a lot of force. If you’re a lower level then you’ll almost be one shot by a heavy halberd attack. High dexterity or fighting on horseback will help get him

Be prepared to dodge his stronger attacks.

Horse Stomp

Occasionally, if you’re in close range to the Tree Sentinel, he’ll get his horse to raise up and stomp on you. It’ll knock you prone so you definitely want to avoid this attack as he’ll be able to easily follow up with a big halberd attack.

Shield Slam

Once you’ve done some real damage to the Tree Sentinel, he’ll start to slam his huge shield on the ground, which creates a small rumble in the ground and will knock you over if you’re in clear line of the shield or the area of impact. Sometimes he’ll combine the shield bash with a big horse jump, which makes for an even larger area of impact.

He will also shove his shield outwards or charge at you sideways to knock you over with his shield. This isn’t as impactful as the shield slam but will still knock you over.

Strategy to defeat Tree Sentinel

Even though this boss is one of the first you’ll spot when you first enter Limgrave, don’t think that this means he’s an easy fight or that you should take him on at such a low level. It’s advised that you wait a little bit to fight this boss as he’s a fair bit stronger than you would expect.

In fact, you should wait until you’ve at least got your mount, Torrent, as fighting him on horseback is definitely one of the easier ways to go about this boss fight. When you’re on horseback you’re a lot more agile and can move as quickly as Tree Sentinel. You can also jump or double jump to help navigate around his blows - use the rocky terrain to gain height and give yourself some time to heal if needed. Being on horseback also means you can have a sort of jousting match with him. As he runs at you, you can run at him and dodge his attacks whilst also trying to get in some hits on him. Running circles around him and hitting the side without the shield is a pretty solid strategy for this fight!

Looks like you'll be engaging in a bit of a jousting match!

Tree Sentinel does have a sort of second phase - it isn’t a major difference but he does seem to use his giant shield a lot more. He slams it into the ground. Make sure to steer clear of the shield and the area of impact to avoid being damaged or incapacitated. If you’re stunned or knocked off your horse you’re more likely to be hit by his big sword attacks as well.

Tree Sentinel Reward

For defeating Tree Sentinel, you’ll be rewarded the Golden Halberd - the same one that Tree Sentinel was wielding! You’ll also get 3,200 Runes.

(1 of 2) For defeating Tree Sentinel you'll earn the Golden Halberd

For defeating Tree Sentinel you'll earn the Golden Halberd (left), which is a pretty huge and heavy item! (right)


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