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How to Find and Complete the Dragon-Burnt Ruins in Limgrave

Nathan Garvin

Information and walkthrough for the Dragon-Burnt Ruins location in Elden Ring, including details about how to defeat the Flying Dragon Agheel and obtain its Dragon Heart, how to obtain a Swordtone Key, how to obtain the Twinblade, and a warning about the transporter trap in the ruins…

How to Find the Dragon-Burnt Ruins

The Dragon-Burnt Ruins can be found east of the Stranded Graveyard. Pick your way down some cliffs and be wary of some Giant Bats lurking around the edge of Lake Agheel. The Dragon-Burnt Ruins are along the southwestern edge of the lake.

Best Loot in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins

Item Location
Dragon Heart Defeat Flying Dragon Agheel.
Stonesword Key Found on a corpse inside a tower east of the cellar with a Transporter trap inside.
Twinblade Jump over a wall to reach the interior of some enclosed ruins and loot a chest in a cellar.

Enemies in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins

Enemies Runes Drops Notes
Aristocrat RunesEldenRing.png23 - Drops Vary by Enemy Armament
Flying Dragon Agheel RunesEldenRing.png5000 Dragon Heart -
Giant Bat RunesEldenRing.png57-887 Golden Rune -
Giant Crab RunesEldenRing.png318 Crab Eggs, Strip of White Flesh -
Poison Pod RunesEldenRing.png13 - -
Rat RunesEldenRing.png13 Golden Rune (1), Pauper’s Rune, Rune Arc -
Zombie Dog RunesEldenRing.png52-61 Thin Beast Bones -

(1 of 2) You can freely pummel the dragon with magic while retaining mobility on horseback.

You can freely pummel the dragon with magic while retaining mobility on horseback. (left), Defeating Flying Dragon Agheel to obtain a Dragon Heart. (right)

How to Complete the Dragon-Burnt Ruins

While the Dragon-Burn Ruins are located along the southwestern edge of Lake Agheel, they’re a small part of wider region, and your experience may vary depending on how much you explore, or sheer dumb luck.

The most dangerous wildcard in this area is, of course, Flying Dragon Agheel, who is normally content to roost along the eastern half of the lake. Traveling too far astray could lead to an unwanted encounter, and the dragon isn’t shy about roaming, so be wary. If you bring it down, you’ll obtain a Dragon Heart, which has uses at the Church of Dragon Communion, to the west. Flying Dragon Agheel can be a surprisingly manageable foe once you learn his tells - he’s most easily bested on horseback, especially if you have magic at your disposal. In that case, you can just keep a moderate distance, lock-on to the dragon’s head, and pelt it with spells (even the lowly Glintstone Stars will suffice). Having to engage in melee will, as usual, make things much more difficult.

Otherwise you’ll be pestered by the normal swamplife, including Giant Crabs, Giant Bats (mostly along the western shore), Poison Pods, Rats and Zombie Dogs (although the latter tend to dwell near the ruins themselves).

(1 of 2) Try to loot a chest in the ruins and you'll find yourself teleported to the Sellia Crystal Mines.

Try to loot a chest in the ruins and you'll find yourself teleported to the Sellia Crystal Mines. (left), This dungeon contains monsters far more dangerous than those in Limgrave, so be wary. (right)

Consisting of some stone walls and broken stone foundations, the Dragon-Burnt Ruins are hard to miss. In one of the relatively more intact ruins (relative being the operative word here) you’ll find several undead Aristocrats and their Zombie Dogs encamped near a cellar. All of the undead are of the weakest variety, with only a handful wielding any sort of weapon, and even then, only bearing mere torches. They’re easily routed, and if you explore the cellar they guard (which in turn is occupied by Rats) you’ll find a chest.

Do not open this chest! It contains a Transporter trap which will whisk you to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel dungeon, far to the east. The inhabitants in this dungeon are far stronger than most of the things prowling around Limgrave, and while with some trial and error you’ll probably be able to escape, you can avoid the hassle outright by just leaving the chest alone.

(1 of 2) Search inside a tower to find a Stonesword Key,

Search inside a tower to find a Stonesword Key, (left), a chest in another cellar contains the Twinblade. (right)

On the other hand if you search an enclosed tower to the east of the cellar you’ll find a corpse you can loot for a Stonesword Key. No strings attached.

From the cellar stairs look southeast and you’ll see another enclosed stone building. Summon Torrent and jump over the walls to find a different set of stairs leading underground, ending at another chest. No Rats, no tricks, just open the check to obtain the Twinblade, a double-bladed sword.


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