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How to Find and Complete the Coastal Cave in Limgrave

Nathan Garvin

Information and walkthrough for the Coastal Cave location in Elden Ring, including details about how to defeat the Demi-Human Chiefs and obtain the Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools. Information about how to find the Nomadic Merchant, and how to obtain the Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep).

The entrance to the Coastal Cave.

How to Find the Coastal Cave

The Coastal Cave can be found west of the Stranded Graveyard, but taking the direct route will just lead to some cliffs. Aside from abusing Torrent’s double jump to descend quickly, you’ll have to follow the cliffs north to find a slope leading down to the beach (be wary of a Troll lurking about), at which point you can switchback south along the beach while keeping your eye out for a cave entrance to the east.

Best Loot in the Coastal Cave

Item Location
Ash of War:Stamp (Sweep) Defeat an invisible entity along the northern end of the beach.
Sewing Needle Defeat the Demi-Human Chiefs.
Tailoring Tools Defeat the Demi-Human Chiefs.

Enemies in the Coastal Cave

Enemies Runes Drops Notes
Demi-Humans RunesEldenRing.png42 Falchion, Glowstone, Rainbow Stone, Rickety Shield, String -
Demi-Human Chief BOSS RunesEldenRing.png900 Sewing Needle, Tailoring Tools Optional Bosses.

(1 of 2) The darkness that pervades the Coastal Cave will make exploration far more dangerous.

The darkness that pervades the Coastal Cave will make exploration far more dangerous. (left), Bring a torch and the Demi-Humans infesting the cave become far more manageable. (right)

How to Complete the Coastal Cave

Shortly after entering the cave you’ll find the Coastal Cave Site of Grace. Rest up then proceed down a passage to the south - if you don’t have a torch or other light source, it’s going to get really dark and make this next area more dangerous.

Eventually you’ll reach a chamber with a dropoff to the south, at the edge of which is a Demi-Human. This cave is infested with these beasts, and while not difficult individually, in a group they can be a nuisance, and if you can’t see them easily, it can be outright dangerous.

You can drop off the cliff to the south if you want to get down quickly, but you’ll find yourself surrounded by Demi-Humans. Alternatively you can turn west and you’ll find a tunnel that wraps around to the lower part of the chamber. You’ll have to fight two Demi-Humans in the tunnel, but you’ll find yourself in a better position to fight the Demi-Humans which were below you. Kill them, then drop down a ledge into a chamber to the south.

(1 of 3) AoE attacks and summons will help deal with the Demihumans who accompany the Demihumand Chiefs.

You’ll find two Demi-Human Chiefs dwelling in this chamber, along with a host of Demi-Humans. None of these enemies are terribly dangerous on their own, but in numbers they can become a nuisance… but on the plus side, you can dispense with your torch. Summons are incredibly useful here, especially ones that summon multiple enemies. Even if your summons don’t kill anything, distracting some of the lesser Demi-Humans will be enough of a boon to justify the FP cost. AoE attacks and spells are also useful here - a Glintstone Arc that passes through several enemies was a well cast spell, indeed.

Defeat the two Demi-Human Chiefs and you’ll obtain the Sewing Needle and Tailoring Tools items. Some of the Demi-Humans may become demoralized when their chiefs are defeated, making them easier to mop up, but even if something goes awry, once the chiefs are gone, they won’t be respawning, making subsequent trips through this area much easier.

Clear out the chamber, then continue up a passage to the southwest, kill a handful more Demi-Humans up these dark tunnels, and you’ll eventually emerge outside on an island southwest of where you entered. There’s probably not much you can do here right now, but seek out the Church of Dragon Communion Site of Grace so you can fast travel back here later. Better than having to run through the Coastal Cave every time.

How to Find the Ash of War: Stamp (Sweep)

Along the northern end of the beach the Coastal Cave is on you’ll find some rock spires sticking out of the sand, and if you ride around them you may spot a trail of white lights circling the area. These lights function like a trail being left some entity circling the area. Try to get to the front of the light trail and attack and you may be able to strike the entity, which will drop then Ash of War:Stamp (Sweep).

You'll find a Nomadic Merchant camped near the entrance to the Coastal Cave.

What Items You Can Buy From the Nomadic Merchant

If you continue north along the shore from the entrance to the Coastal Cave you’ll find a campfire under a massive ruin, near which is a Nomadic Merchant. He’ll sell you a variety of wares, as follows:

Item Cost (Souls) Notes
Neutralizing Boluses 600 -
Staunching Boluses 600 -
Stimulating Boluses 1500 -
Armorer’s Cookbook (2) 600 -
Broadsword 1800 -
Club 600 -
Shortbow 600 -
Arrow 20 -
Bolt 40 -
Iron Roundshield 900 -
Note: Land Squirts 200 -
Note: Stonedigger Trolls 400 -


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