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Elden Ring

How to Find and Complete the Stormveil Cliffside

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for Stormveil Castle, starting at the Stormveil Cliffside and ending at the Rampart Tower. How to find the Marred Leather Shield, the Hookclaws, the Rusty Key, the Curved Sword Talisman and the Brick Hammer. How to defeat the Banished Knight.

How to Find the Stormveil Cliffside in Elden Ring

You can reach the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace by heading into the gatehouse west of the Stormveil Main Gate Site of Grace - this is the same room where you’ll find Gatekeeper Gostoc. Exit through a hole in the wall to the southwest and follow the linear path ahead, drop off a wall, kill a Bladed Talon Eagle, then turn northwest to reach the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace.

Best Loot in the Stormveil Cliffside

Item Location
Brick Hammer Climb a ladder through the door opened by the Rusty Key, turn right (southeast) and kill two Commoners. Jump to a platform to the southwest and exit through a hole in the wall, descend some stairs and enter a tower, killing two Castle Guards along the way, then loot a corpse.
Curved Sword Talisman Loot a chest in the Banished Knight’s Chamber.
Hookclaws As soon as you enter the castle, kill two Commoners, then head into a room by heading northwest along some stairs. Kill an axe-wielding Castle Guard, then loot a corpse in the western corner.
Marred Leather Shield Loot a corpse on some stairs north of the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace.
Rusty Key Loot a corpse in the Banished Knight’s chamber.

Enemies Near the Stormveil Cliffside

Loot a corpse near the Stormveil Castle Site of Grace to find the Marred Leather Shield.

How to Find the Marred Leather Shield in Stormveil Castle

From the Stormveil Cliffside Site of Grace, head up some ledges and stairs to the north and northwest, stopping to loot a corpse for a Marred Leather Shield as you go. Atop the stairs you’ll encounter a Castle Guard who can summon a few allies by sounding his horn - if you can kill him without him raising the alarm, you can engage two other Castle Guards more easily. Defeat them, then enter the tower they guarded, being wary of another Castle Guard on a ledge to the northwest - he’ll pelt you with Fire Pots if you get too close.

(1 of 2) Search the wine cellar beyond the stairs to find the Hookclaws.

Search the wine cellar beyond the stairs to find the Hookclaws. (left), Be wary of Fire Pot throwing enemies as you ascend through the wine cellar. (right)

How to Find the Hookclaws in Stormveil Castle

Enter the tower, go through a doorway to the north, kill two Commoners sitting on the ground, then note some stairs to the northwest. Ignore them for now and instead head alongside them to reach a chamber filled with miscellaneous crates and barrels, around which an axe-armed Castle Guard prowls. Axe-armed Castle Guards are a bit sturdier than other types, so be wary. Kill him and loot a corpse in the corner to obtain the Hookclaws.

Backtrack and go up the stairs you ignored, but be cautious near the top, as some Commoners will throw Fire Pots at you. Or more accurately, at the explosive barrels atop the stairs. If you provoke them into throwing and back away, you can get them to safely detonate the barrels, allowing you to rush up and kill them.

Once the pyromaniacal Commoners are dealt with, note a locked door to the northwest - you’ll need a key to advance. Go up a short flight of stairs to the southeast and the path will fork again. If you go through a hole in the wall to the southwest you can drop down onto a lower platform and kill some Castle Guards, including the Fire Pot throwing pest from earlier. Climb a ladder and kill a third Castle Guard, then go through another hole in the wall and you can drop down into an area southeast of the fork - behind another Fire Pot abusing Commoner. If you’d rather not take this detour of dubious utility, just go down the passage southeast from the fork, provoke the Commoner into throwing a Fire Pot at some explosive barrels, then charge in and kill him.

Smash some crates to reveal some stairs to the northwest, then note another flight of stairs further northwest. You can drop down onto a lower floor near these stairs, but the Golden Rune (2) you can get isn’t much of a reward. Go up the stairs, kill another Commoner sitting by the edge of said stairs, then turn right (northeast) to spot a doorway.

(1 of 3) Defeat the Banished Knight - on subsequent visits you can backstab him,

How to Find the Rusty Key and Defeat the Banished Knight in Stormveil Castle

If you go inside and Gatekeeper Gostoc is still alive he’ll lock you in - your forbearance in the face of his betrayal is a price you’ll have to pay for a rare item later on. Inside this dark room is a Banished Knight, whom you’ll have to fight. It’s a tough foe, especially given the subpar lighting situation, but if you die, don’t worry - you can return here and fight him on more even terms. Gatekeeper Gostoc will not lock you in a second time, and on a subsequent trip you can sneak behind the Banished Knight and start the fight out with a backstab, greatly improving your odds.

After the Banished Knight is defeated, loot a corpse along the eastern end of the room to obtain a Rusty Key, then plunder a chest in the northern corner of the room to find the Curved Sword Talisman.

With the Rusty Key in hand, return to the locked door from earlier (exit the Banished Knight’s room and drop down to the northwest), beyond which you’ll find a ladder. Climb it and go through a doorway to reach a fork.

(1 of 2) You can take a detour to find a Brick Hammer on a corpse.

You can take a detour to find a Brick Hammer on a corpse. (left), Wait for a Banished Knight in a tower to leave himself vulnerable. (right)

How to Find the Brick Hammer in Stormveil Castle

If you go southeast you’ll find some Commoners across a gap, both of which are fond of tossing Fire Pots. Jump the gap and kill the Commoners, then perform a running jump onto a platform to the southwest. Go through a doorway to find yourself outside the castle, turn left (southeast) and kill a Castle Guard, then descend some stairs to reach a tower, wherein another Castle Guard dwells. Kill him and enter the tower, where you’ll find a corpse you can loot for a Brick Hammer.

How to Reach the Rampart Tower Site of Grace

Backtrack to the fork and this time continue northwest, but be wary of a Commoner to your right waiting in ambush. Sprinting ahead will cause him to miss. Kill him, then go upstairs and kill a second Commoner and loot the corpse it was contemplating to obtain a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot. Go through a tunnel to the southwest and turn left (south) to spot some stairs. Following the walkway along the edge of the stairs will just lead to a corpse with a Mushroom you can loot, so climb the stairs.

Atop the stairs you’ll find a doorway leading back inside. Sneak and wait for a Banished Knight inside to turn his back to you and backstab him, then finish him off. When he’s dead, go up a flight of stairs and when you see a room to the northeast, head there instead of continuing upstairs. Go through a doorway to the left (northwest) to find the Rampart Tower Site of Grace. With this checkpoint activated, you can more safely turn your attention to the stairs you ignored a moment ago.

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