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How to Beat Night's Cavalry in Limgrave

Scott Peers

This page details where to find and how to defeat Night’s Cavalry in Limgrave. Includes an overview of attacks and strategy to defeat the boss.

Runes Drops
RunesEldenRing.png2400 Ash of War: Repeating Thrust

Night’s Cavalry Location in Limgrave

You’ll find Night’s Cavalry patrolling across a large bridge near the centre of Limgrave, along the road southeast from Gatefront, as shown in the image below. However, it is important to note that the Night’s Cavalry will only appear at night, and there’s a chance they may disengage in battle if morning breaks while you’re fighting them. We therefore recommend that you pass time until night time at a nearby Site of Grace, then travel to the bridge and fight the boss as soon as possible. There’s no need to rush however, so long as you follow the below steps you should be able to kill the boss within 5 - 7 minutes.

The location of Night's Cavalry, on the bridge in the centre of Limgrave.


The Night’s Cavalry has relatively few special attacks, making it one of the most predictable bosses in the early game.

Swipe Attack

This is the most common attack that Night’s Cavalry will use. It consists of the glaive being used to swipe in an arc from the right side of the mount, which damages both your Torrent mount and yourself. This can be easily avoided if you’re close enough to the boss to strike him first while galloping past him.

The below gif shows the basic swipe attack, which can be avoided by riding close to the Night’s Cavalry and attacking as you pass by.

Leaping Slam

This attack consists of the Night’s Cavalry leaping into the air, often over you, and then slamming the glaive on the ground. It can be easily avoided by simply galloping under him.

The below gif shows the leaping attack, and how easy it is to avoid it by riding under it.

Drag Attack

This attack is less common than the others, but it occurs often enough for it to be a problem if you’re not prepared. You’ll easily notice it when the Night’s Cavalry begins to drag his glaive along the ground, inflicting damage if you’re caught in it. At the end of the drag period the boss will swipe upwards with the glaive. This attack is also sometimes followed by a slam attack into the ground, so you’ll want to avoid this by riding away from it.

The below gif shows the drag attack in its normal form.


The strategy for Night’s Cavalry is fairly simple and straightforward. If you’re on your Torrent mount, which we’d highly recommend for this fight, you can relentlessly attack the boss by jousting him continuously. So long as you ride towards him on his right side (to the left as you’re facing him), you can avoid most of his attacks and quickly strike as you pass by to inflict a chunk of damage. All you need to do is repeat this process to gradually whittle his health down, while avoiding contact with any other enemies in the area.

The only attack that you need to be more careful to avoid is the Drag Attack, since this can catch you off guard if the Night’s Cavalry moves slightly as he’s riding towards you, or if he finishes the attack with a slam attack on the ground. To ensure that you don’t get hit by the drag attack, it’s generally safer for you to run away from it rather than try to avoid it as you charge towards Night’s Cavalry for the next joust.

The below gif shows the basic technique for jousting with the Night’s Cavalry.

If you want to give yourself more of a challenge with this boss, you can always attempt to defeat him while dismounted. This will make it much more difficult to avoid most of his attacks, since you’ll be slower to move away from the strikes. The Leaping Slam attack will also be much more deadly if you’re dismounted, so you’ll need to carefully avoid it by paying close attention to where the slam attack is landing. If you’re attempting this boss dismounted and you’re a magic user, spells which track targets such as Glintstone Stars will be useful. You’ll find it much more difficult to hit the Night’s Cavalry with a bow, however.

(1 of 2) You can kill the small enemy groups on the bridge to replenish flasks if necessary.

You can kill the small enemy groups on the bridge to replenish flasks if necessary. (left), You'll need to avoid the caravan patrol over the bridge by goading the Night's Cavalry into the fields to continue the fight. (right)

Ultimately, the fight is much easier as a jousting contest, using your Torrent mount, so we’d highly recommend using this method to avoid any unnecessary frustration. There will be plenty of time for that with other bosses, so take this for what it’s worth as one of the easiest in the game.


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