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How to Find and Complete the Church of Elleh in Limgrave

Nathan Garvin

Information and walkthrough for the Church of Elleh location in Elden Ring, including details about the Tree Sentinel, the merchant [Kale] and how to get the Spirit Calling Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes from Renna.

How to Find the Church of Elleh

A ruined church north of The First Step Site of Grace, it’s the first area you’ll be directed to after you leave the Stranded Graveyard.

Best Loot in the Church of Elleh

Item Location
Spirit Calling Bell After reaching the Castleward Tunnel Site of Grace, return to the Church of Elleh at night to find Renna. Talk to her to get this item.
Lone Wolf Ashes After reaching the Castleward Tunnel Site of Grace, return to the Church of Elleh at night to find Renna. Talk to her to get this item.

Enemies in the Church of Elleh

Enemies Runes Drops Notes
Godrick Soldiers RunesEldenRing.png64-77 Bolt x5, Brass Shield, Godrik Soldier Gauntlets, Godrik Soldier Greaves, Godrik Soldier Helm, Lordsworn’s Bolt x5, Lordsworn’s Straightsword, Smithing Stone (1), Tree-and-Beast Surcoat, Warpick Drops Vary by Enemy Armament
Tree Sentinel BOSS RunesEldenRing.png3200 Golden Halberd, Erdtree Greatshield, Hero’s Rune (1) Optional Boss

The Tree Sentinel wanders south of the Church of Elleh, and is best avoided at first.

How to Complete the Church of Elleh

The Church of Elleh itself is pretty tame - inside you’ll find the Church of Elleh Site of Grace merchant Kale, a Smithing Table on which you’ll find a Smithing Stone (1) and the merchant Kale sitting near a fire. The Smithing Table will allow you to upgrade gear, albeit only up to a paltry +3, and Kale will sell you various starter gear.

Outside, you can find significantly more danger in the form of Godrick Soldiers on the road to the north and the Tree Sentinel on the road to the southeast. All these enemies are easily avoided.

Kale will sell a variety of starter gear and basic key items.

What Items You Can Buy From Kale

Item Cost (Souls) Notes
Throwing Dagger -
Telescope 500 Allows you to use Birdseye Telescopes.
Furlcalling Finger Remedy 1000 -
Cracked Pot 300 Required to craft certain items. Reusable.
Crafting Kit 300 Allows you to craft items.
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (1) 500 -
Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (2) 500 -
Missionary’s Cookbook (1) 1000 -
Arrow 20 -
Bolt 40 -
Torch 200 -
Large Leather Shield 600 -
Chain Coif 1000 -
Chain Armor 1500 -
Chain Gauntlets 1000 -
Chain Leggings 1000 -
Note: Flask of Wondrous Physick 200 -
Note: Waypoint Ruins 200 -

(1 of 2) Ask Kale about the howling in Mistwood,

Ask Kale about the howling in Mistwood, (left), and he'll teach you the "Gesture: Finger Snap". (right)

How to Learn the Finger Snap Gesture from Kale

Kale can offer up more than mere wares, but it’ll take a bit of work on your part. You’ll need to travel to the Mistwood Ruins, which are a ways east. To get there, you’re best off heading to the Gatefront Ruins, then resting at the Gatefront Site of Grace to acquire the Spectral Steed Whistle from Melina. With this you’ll be able to traverse the world quicker and avoid fights more easily.

Follow the road southeast from the Gatefront Ruins, cross a bridge, then at a fork turn north and follow the road northeast to reach the Third Church of Marika. From here, follow another road south into the Mistwood Forest until you find the Mistwood Ruins to your right (west). Explore the ruins, but be careful not to disturb the slumbering bear, and when you hear a wolf howling exploring just outside the ruins to the north works, although you may have to idle a bit to hear the howling), fast travel back to the Church of Elleh.

Talk to Kale and pick the option “About the howling in Mistwood and he’ll teach you the [Gesture: Finger Snap].

Find Renna at night. She'll give you the "Spirit Calling Bell" and the "Lone Wolf Ashes".

How to Find Renna in the Church of Elleh

An easily missable NPC, Renna, can be found at the Church of Elleh, sitting on the wall just east of the Site of Grace. She’ll only appear at night, and only after you’ve both acquired Torrent and have reached the Castleward Tunnel Site of Grace, which can be found to the northeast (follow the road from the Church of Elleh through the Gatefront Ruins and [Stormgate] areas).

When you find her, talk to her and she’ll give you the Spirit Calling Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes items. The Spirit Calling Bell allows you to summon entities to fight alongside you, with the Lone Wolf Ashes being a starter summon.


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